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Apr 10 2017 10:00am

Review: A Twist in Time by Julia McElwain

A Twist in Time by Julia McElwain is the 2nd book in the Kendra Donovan series, where—stranded in 1815—the former FBI agent must clear the name of the Duke of Aldridge's nephew, who has been accused of brutally murdering his ex-mistress.

I am a sucker for a novel featuring a strong female lead involved in law enforcement. Add some wibbly wobbly time travel and a good dose of feminism, and you have an irresistible combo. So when I first read Julia McElwain’s novel A Murder in Time, featuring the brilliant and prodigal FBI profiler Kendra Donovan, I knew I was in for a treat. 

In McElwain’s 1st novel, Kendra goes on a rogue investigation that lands her (via wormhole) in 1815’s England. She finds herself wrapped up in the hunt for a serial killer. It was hard to wait a year to read McElwain’s follow up, A Twist in Time. Both novels are fairly long, but the 400-page length isn’t daunting. Once you get into the mystery, you want to experience Kendra’s world as long as you can.

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