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Jun 9 2017 2:00pm

Setting a Mystery: Where Do You Like Your Mysteries to Take Place?

Read an exclusive guest post from R. Jean Reid about the importance of setting in mysteries, and then make sure to sign in and comment below for a chance to win a copy of her latest novel, Perdition!

I’m a sucker for a windswept, desolate, craggy coastline, far from civilization and safety. At least when I’m safely sitting in my armchair reading about it in a book. In real life? Maybe backed up by a close-by car in good working condition and a few stalwart friends. (Perhaps I enjoy these books because it’s the sort of setting that seems to call for an amber glass of aged single malt to sip while reading.) Books such as Tana French’s Broken Harbor and Aline Templeman’s Dead in the Water. Or Vera, the British TV series. 

What is setting, and why is it so important to mysteries? Other books as well, but I’d argue that setting is a crucial element in the mystery. What would happen to Miss Marple if she was taken out of her English village? Much of what drives those books is the seemingly safe and bucolic setting and what secrets can be hidden in such places. Some locations—221B Baker Street—are as iconic as their detectives. Nick and Nora, with their martinis, wouldn’t be the same without Manhattan. 

[Where do you like your mysteries set?]

Jun 8 2017 9:00am

Perdition: New Excerpt

R. Jean Reid

In Perdition by R. Jean Reid, a town and a mother are forced to confront their worst fears (available June 8, 2017).

What happens when a killer who can’t be caught threatens to kill your children next?

Newly widowed mother Nell McGraw struggles with her outsider status as she runs the newspaper founded by her husband’s grandfather. But a paper can’t turn away from the stories that others ignore, like the body of a child found in the Gulf. At first it seems tragic, a child lost because of carelessness.

Then another child goes missing.

Disgusted by the turf war between the sheriff and the police chief, Nell barely manages to keep her journalistic distance ... until the killer contacts her, telling her that her children could be next. Now Nell must match wits with a psychopath who taunts her, daring her and the police to catch him before he can kill again.

[Read an excerpt from Perdition...]