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March 16, 2018
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March 13, 2018
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March 9, 2018
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March 9, 2018
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March 6, 2018
50 Years of Reading Mysteries
Patricia Abbott
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Mar 6 2018 4:00pm

50 Years of Reading Mysteries

Fifty years, huh? There were the predictable Nancy Drew mysteries at age 10. Then, there was a long pause. The librarians at the Philadelphia Public Library-West Oak Lane branch—where I checked out all my reading material—were not eager to put mysteries in front of me. Instead, I read lots of Steinbeck, Lewis, Wharton, Cather, Golding, Godden, John Marquand (does anyone remember him?), and other popular mid-century writers. I can’t remember a teacher, librarian, or even a friend steering me toward mystery fiction. Mysteries had more status than a comic book, but just barely. Those spinner racks at the drugstore? I didn’t go near them.

But then I was newly married and in Ocean City, NJ, for a vacation. My husband took along course-related books from his graduate program, and I probably packed a novel—Hardy, Fitzgerald, or Austen. But there came a day later in the week when we stumbled sun-burned, sun-blind, and bored onto the boardwalk and came upon tables of coverless mysteries.

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Apr 27 2017 1:00pm

Q&A with Patricia Abbott, Author of Shot in Detroit

Patricia Abbott is the author of more than 150 short stories that have appeared in print and online publications. She won the Derringer Award in 2008 for her story “My Hero.” She is the co-editor of the e-anthology Discount Noir. Collections of her stories, Monkey Justice and Other Stories and Home Invasion, were published by Snubnose Press.

In 2015, Polis Books published the novel Concrete Angel. They are also the publisher of Shot in Detroit, which has been nominated for an Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original. 

Ms. Abbott was generous enough to answer some questions about her latest novel, her Edgar nomination, and what’s next for her!

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