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Mar 9 2018 2:00pm

Murder and Mayhem in Chicago: Conference Co-Founders Lori Rader-Day and Dana Kaye Discuss Chicago’s Vibrant Crime Fiction Scene

We're thrilled to welcome Lori Rader-Day and Dana Kaye to CrimeHQ as they discuss the upcoming Murder and Mayhem in Chicago crime fiction conference. 

Lori Rader-Day: When you approached me about the idea of bringing Murder and Mayhem to Chicago, it seemed like such a natural fit. Chicago is such a rich crime fiction city, and yet there wasn’t an event like this in town. Chicago is such a writer’s city, I knew we’d have no shortage of speakers to invite.

Dana Kaye: Exactly! Chicago is so flush with crime fiction talent that hosting a crime fiction conference here seemed like a no-brainer. With veteran Chicago authors like Mary Kubica and Jamie Freveletti paired with new voices like Danny Gardner (A Negro and an Ofay) and Cheryl Reed (Poison Girls), we have a dynamic and diverse group of local authors. And, of course, we have Gillian Flynn whose novel Gone Girl must have hit every bestseller list imaginable.

While we have so many talented authors here, Chicago still seems to be the city that most publishers overlook, and I was hoping that this conference could help change that.

[Read more about the Murder and Mayhem conference in Chicago!]