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Aug 23 2016 2:30pm
Original Story

“Monopoly: Go Directly to Death”

Lance Hawvermale

In accordance with the release of his debut novel, Lance Hawvermale has written a short story exclusively for Criminal Element! Read “Monopoly: Go Straight to Death” and make sure to grab your copy of Face Blind—out today!

“Monopoly: Go Straight to Death”

I found him dead at St. James Place, just east of the rails of the old Pennsylvania line. He lay in a pool of orange light.

Standing on the pale green ground, I stared at the body and reached for my lighter. Too bad I’d quit smoking, because now thumbing the lighter’s striker wheel was as close as I could get to the real thing.

“You ever going to give that up?” Ramsey asked.

I turned the wheel with another satisfying scrape, bringing a flame to life. “Old habits.”

“Yeah, so my wife was an old habit, and she wasn’t so hard to give up.”

This time I didn’t take the bait. Usually Ramsey and I go on for hours trading what he calls old wives’ tales. My particular old wife lives around two hard right turns on ritzy Pacific in a patch of sweet emerald real estate. She married a lawyer. Most folks think that’s a step up from living with a cop. Most folks are right.

[Read the full story here!]

Aug 17 2016 10:00am

Face Blind: New Excerpt

Lance Hawvermale

Face Blind by Lance HawvermaleFace Blind by Lance Hawvermale follows a man with a neurological disorder, prosopagnosia, that prevents him from recognizing human faces as he confronts an enigmatic killer in Chile's Atacama desert—the most lifeless place on earth (Available August 23, 2016).

Gabe Traylin is face-blind, unable to tell one person from the next. Content to earn his living well away from civilization, he works as an astronomer at an observatory in the earth's driest desert, where no rain has fallen in 400 years. But when he witnesses a murder that he's unable to stop or comprehend, Gabe finds himself drawn into an investigation with disastrous consequences. Unable to provide a description of the killer to the police or explain his own erratic actions, he becomes their suspect in a series of horrific and unexplained mutilations. To discover the truth before he's arrested for crimes he didn't commit, he must put his trust in three strangers: a young traveler with a purpose, a washed-up novelist who believes he's bulletproof, and an alluring woman with a face he'll never see.

Together they unearth the secrets of Chile's fascist past, a time of kidnappings, torture, and political turmoil and venture further into the desert, discovering the secrets of revenge as well as the secrets of themselves. Moody, atmospheric and compulsively readable, Lance Hawvermale's Face Blind is in a class of thriller all by itself.


No rain has fallen here in four hundred years.

Gabe knew this was true, knew it even though he stood on a stretch of ground where knowing anything for certain was iffy. The desert did that to you, especially this one, where there were no Gila monsters, no cacti, no Arabs gliding majestically on camels. You couldn’t be sure about anything in a place that hated you. It fooled you every time.

[Read the full excerpt from Face Blind...]

Aug 10 2016 3:30pm

Homicide and My Other Hobbies

Read this exclusive guest post from Lance Hawvermale, author of Face Blind, and then make sure you're signed in and comment below for a chance to win a copy of his new thriller!

I haven’t always killed people for a living. For one thing, those people are fictional. Besides, I balance it all out with heroes and heroines who inspire me with their bravery, their ingenuity, and, most of all, by their ability to overcome the incredible forces I send against them.

Those forces are never more potent than in my thriller Face Blind. Whenever I stepped away from the manuscript during the writing process, I went down to my beehive and tried to forget about plotting murders and planting red herrings to distract the unwary reader. That’s my respectable hobby: beekeeping. In the real world, I meditate on the complexity of bee society, which makes me peaceful, but about as exciting as a porch swing on a Sunday afternoon. Nobody wants to read about my moments of tranquil introspection.

So, when I leave the bees and return to my office and its fictitious mayhem, I have to become a participant in a dangerous world. Over there in the shadows, I’m sure I’m guilty of something. Let’s examine the evidence.

[Get out your magnifying glasses...]

Aug 3 2016 3:30pm

Q&A with Lance Hawvermale, Author of Face Blind

Could you even imagine living with a brain disorder that affected your ability to recognize faces from one another? It's called “prosopagnosia,” and it's as scary as it is hard to say.

Lance Hawvermale drew on this disorder as inspiration for his upcoming thriller, Face Blind. Lance was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to talk with CrimeHQ about prosopagnosia, the Atacama Desert, astrology, and more!

[Read the full Q&A below...]