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Mar 19 2014 10:00pm

What Would Kurt Russell Do? Making the Case for Tango & Cash (1989)

Tango & Cash (1989) starring Sylvester Stallone and Kurt RussellWhere exactly does Tango & Cash belong in the pantheon of cop movies?  Let's take a moment to review the accolades it received on its release in 1989. A negative review in the New York Times that damned the plot, screenplay, and acting. Three nominations for the Golden Raspberry Awards, including both Worst Actor and Worst Screenplay. And to this day it maintains a 39% rating on rotten tomatoes.  

Wait... What the hell are we doing here?

I may be 25 years too late, but I am here to make the case for Tango & Cash being (possibly) the single most entertaining cop movie ever made. Not the “best cop movie,” by the way. I'm not a madman. I wouldn't ever argue that Tango & Cash is actually a good movie.  But there's a difference between good and fun.

[Spoiler Alert! Perhaps you slept through the end of the 20th century?]