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Nov 13 2017 3:00pm

Jupiter! Why I Love 1900s Slang

I write the Anna Blanc mystery series about a saucebox socialite turned police matron turned gum shoer who takes on LA’s Chinatown. Famous for her beauty spot, Anna uses her killer mind to dope it out and catch criminals, but everybody treats her like a vampire. Then, there’s Joe Singer, a hawkshaw who just wants to hook up. He’d make a spanking fine husband, but Anna’s no dill pickle. She knows marriage means obedience. She’s not interested (though she’s curious about his cock stand). It’s bedoozling, and she’s reached a point of severe flummoxation. To make matters worse, Joe’s huffy about it.

Anna and Joe find a deado stuffed in a trunk in Chinatown, LA’s center for fan tan, benzene, and split-arse mechanics. They look from hell to breakfast for someone to jerk up, but they can’t make a collar. Also, Anna’s hunting for two missing singsong girls stolen from the tong, but then, Jupiter, Joe gets thrown in the hoosegow...

[While you told me fortunes, in American Slang...]