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Oct 16 2017 3:00pm

Discount: The Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker

October is a time for horror stories. What better way to feed the monsters inside than with a digital copy of The Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker—the conclusion to the Hellraiser horror series featuring the collision of tattooed paranormal detective Harry D'Amour and the Cenobite known as Pinhead—for only $2.99 (offer ends November 6, 2017)!

The Scarlet Gospels takes readers back many years to the early days of two of Barker's most iconic characters in a battle of good and evil as old as time: The long-beleaguered detective Harry D'Amour, investigator of all supernatural, magical, and malevolent crimes faces off against his formidable, and intensely evil rival, Pinhead, the priest of hell.

Barker devotees have been waiting for The Scarlet Gospels with bated breath for years, and it's everything they've begged for and more. Bloody, terrifying, and brilliantly complex, fans and newcomers alike will not be disappointed by the epic, visionary tale that is The Scarlet Gospels. Barker's horror will make your worst nightmares seem like bedtime stories.

The Gospels are coming. Are you ready?

Read an excerpt from The Scarlet Gospels while sipping a “Scarlet Cosmos,” inspired by Clive Barker's book!


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Oct 16 2017 1:00pm

Watch the Final Trailer for Stranger Things 2

Eleven days until the world is turned upside down again. On October 27, Netflix will drop the second season of the surprise breakout hit, Stranger Things. In Season 2, the gang of lovable losers is reunited—though Will isn't quite right after his terrifying trip to the upside down. It appears the barrier between the two dimensions is thinning, and it will take everyone working together to make sure evil isn't unleashed onto the entire town of Hawkins, Indiana. 

Stranger Things 2 is released just in time for Halloween—though, let's face it: who among us isn't going to binge the entire series before the 31st?

[Watch the final trailer for Stranger Things 2...]

Oct 12 2017 3:00pm

Ben Stiller to Direct True Crime Series for Showtime

It’s not every day the name Ben Stiller tops the news of true-crime entertainment. Known more for his silly comedies (Zoolander, There’s Something About Mary), Stiller is toning down the humor for his new Showtime miniseries, which will dramatize the escape of David Sweat and Richard Matt from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY. 

Filmed in upstate New York where the escape took place, Escape from Dannemora stars Paul Dano as Sweat, Benicio Del Toro as Matt, and Patricia Arquette as Joyce Mitchell, the prison seamstress who helped them escape. 

Escape from Dannemora is scheduled to premiere in 2018. Head over to Entertainment Weekly to view the first-look photos of the series, the cast, and Stiller behind the camera!

Oct 11 2017 12:00pm

5 New Books to Read this Week: October 10, 2017

Every Wednesday, we here at Criminal Element will put together a list of Staff Picks of the books that published the day before—sharing the ones that we are looking forward to reading the most!

This week, it's cozies and historical mysteries galore! See what we're reading:

[See this week's Top 5...]

Oct 10 2017 1:00pm

Discount: The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury

In anticipation of Jay Bonansinga's latest zombie thriller in Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead series, Return to Woodbury, get a digital copy of The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury for only $2.99 through October!

The zombie plague unleashes its horrors on the suburbs of Atlanta without warning, pitting the living against the dead. Caught in the mass exodus, Lilly Caul struggles to survive in a series of ragtag encampments and improvised shelters. But the Walkers are multiplying. Dogged by their feral hunger for flesh and crippled by fear, Lilly relies on the protection of good Samaritans by seeking refuge in a walled-in town once known as Woodbury, Georgia.

At first, Woodbury seems like a perfect sanctuary. Squatters barter services for food, people have roofs over their heads, and the barricade expands, growing stronger every day. Best of all, a mysterious self-proclaimed leader named Philip Blake keeps the citizens in line. But Lilly begins to suspect that all is not as it seems. . . . Blake, who has recently begun to call himself The Governor, has disturbing ideas about law and order.

Ultimately, Lilly and a band of rebels open up a Pandora's box of mayhem and destruction when they challenge The Governor's reign . . . and the road to Woodbury becomes the highway to hell.

Read an excerpt from Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury!


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Oct 9 2017 3:00pm

Watch the Official Trailer for DC’s Justice League

Batman. Wonder Woman. Aquaman. Cyborg. The Flash. Superman ... sort of. After months of waiting, fans were finally treated to a trailer for the upcoming Justice League. After Superman seemingly sacrificed himself for humanity, a newly reenergized Batman teams up with Wonder Woman to assemble a team of superheroes in order to save the world from Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons.

With the massive success of Wonder Woman, let's hope DC continues to up their cinema game with Justice League!

[Watch the trailer below...]

Oct 9 2017 1:00pm

Discount: Operation Napoleon by Arnaldur Indriðason

A mesmerizing international thriller that sweeps from modern Iceland to Nazi Germany, get a digital copy of Arnaldur Indriðason's Operation Napoleon for only $2.99 through the month of October!

In 1945, a German bomber crash-lands in Iceland during a blizzard. Puzzlingly, there are both German and American officers on board. One of the senior German officers claims that their best chance of survival is to try to walk to the nearest farm. He sets off, a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist, only to disappear into the white vastness.

Flash forward to the present. The U.S. Army is clandestinely trying to remove the wreck of an airplane from an Icelandic glacier. A young Icelander, Elias, inadvertently stumbles upon the excavation and then promptly disappears. Before he vanishes, though, he manages to contact his sister, Kristin. She embarks on a thrilling and perilous adventure, determined to discover the truth of her brother's fate. Kristin must solve the riddle of Operation Napoleon, even if it means losing her own life.

Read an excerpt from Operation Napoleon!


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Oct 5 2017 4:00pm

5 True Crime Books from 2017 You Should Be Reading

From Netflix's The Keepers to HBO's Mommy Dead and Dearest to NBC's Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, true crime has had quite a year. But the documentary format isn't the only thing sweeping true crime by storm—true crime books are, for lack of a better term, alive and well. To prove it, we've compiled five of the best true crime books from 2017 for your reading pleasure:

[See the full list!]

Oct 4 2017 12:00pm

5 New Books to Read this Week: October 3, 2017

Every Wednesday, we here at Criminal Element will put together a list of Staff Picks of the books that published the day before—sharing the ones that we are looking forward to reading the most!

The first in a new series from Ellie Alexander combines with M. C. Beaton's 28th Agatha Raisin Mystery and Dan Brown's latest for a killer week of books! See what else we're reading:

[See this week's Top 5...]

Oct 3 2017 4:00pm

Vote for Your Favorite Edgar Allan Poe Story


Don't see your favorite Poe story? Let us know which is your favorite in the comments below!

Sep 29 2017 1:00pm

Discount: Psycho: Sanitarium by Chet Williamson

Psycho: Sanitarium by Chet Williamson tells the story of Norman Bates's time in a mental institution during the 23-year hiatus between Robert Bloch's original Psycho and the sequel that sees Bates go on a killing spree in Hollywood—get a digital copy for only $2.99 through the month of October!

The original Psycho novel by Robert Bloch was published in 1959 and became an instant hit, leading to the smash movie only a year later, which brought Norman Bates's terrifying story into the public consciousness where it still remains (proven by the success of the tv series, Bates Motel). It took Bloch 23 years to write another Psycho novel, revealing that Norman had been in a mental institution the entire time. In that sequel, Norman quickly escapes the sanitarium and goes on a killing spree in Hollywood.

But what happened in that asylum during those two decades? Until now, no one has known.

It's 1960. Norman Bates is in the State Hospital for the Criminally Insane and it's up to Dr. Felix Reed to bring him out of his catatonic state.

But Norman and Dr. Reed have obstacles in twisted fellow patients and staff members who think of the institution as a prison rather than a place of healing. And the greatest obstacle is the building itself, once a private sanitarium, rumored to be haunted. A wildcard appears in the persona of Robert Newman, Norman's twin brother, taken away at birth after the attending doctor pronounced him brain damaged. As Robert and Norman grow to know each other, Norman senses a darkness in Robert, even deeper than that which has lurked in Norman himself.

Soon, murders begin to occur and a shocking chain of events plunge us even deeper into the deranged madness inside the walls of Psycho: Sanitarium.

Read an excerpt from Psycho: Sanitarium!


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Sep 28 2017 3:00pm

Discount: Blood Game by Iris Johansen

Blood Game by Iris Johansen is the fifteenth book in the Eve Duncan series, which brings Eve closer to discovering her daughter's killer … and into a web of danger from which she may not be able to escape—get a digital copy for only $2.99 through the month of October!

When a Georgia senator's daughter is found dead and drained of blood, Eve Duncan enters the world of a twisted psychopath―a man whose name appears on Eve's shortlist of killers connected to her own missing daughter, Bonnie.

Then Eve receives a terrifying trophy―and the games have begun. Soon she must enlist the help of those she loves and trusts the most―Joe Quinn and Jane MacGuire―even if it means putting them in the path of someone whose thirst for blood is only growing stronger.

Eve believes this psychotic mind holds the answers to the questions that have tormented her for years. But like a spider hunting its prey, he is waiting for the perfect moment to strike―when Eve least expects it. And when she has the most to lose…

Take a visual tour of Iris Johansen's latest thriller, Mind Game, with GIFnotes!


To learn more or order a copy, visit:

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