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Sep 30 2017 11:00am

Crime Spree: Free Story Giveaway!

Read Chris Ewan's exclusive guest blog about his Good Thief, Charlie Howard, and follow the link at the bottom to claim several free stories from internationally bestselling authors!

A strange thing happens when I begin working on a new book. I get a short way in—maybe a couple of paragraphs or a handful of pages, sometimes as far as two or three chapters—and I hear a familiar voice in my head. Usually, the voice is trying to make a flippant aside or a snappy remark, and I have to stop myself and recognize what’s happening: it’s the Good Thief, Charlie Howard, trying to break his way into my book.

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Sep 26 2017 12:00pm

Chris Ewan Excerpt: The Good Thief’s Guide to Murder

Chris Ewan

The Good Thief's Guide to Murder by Chris Ewan is a short story in the Good Thief's Guide series featuring master thief Charlie Howard. Read our exclusive excerpt and learn how you can read the entire story for free! 


Cat burglars are pretty cool, right? I’ve always thought so. They climb in through high windows. They dangle from ropes. They scale rooftops. They’re agile. Added to that, they’re usually suave, sophisticated and cunning, and they always get away with the goods and evade the police.

Well, not me.

I don’t like heights. I’d rather smoke a cigarette than hone my climbing skills. I’m actually allergic to cats.

But we do have something in common because the truth is I like to steal things and I usually get away with it, too. The only difference is I prefer to go in and out the front door.

[Read the full excerpt from A Good Thief's Guide to Murder...]

Feb 8 2017 2:00pm

My Top 5 Books About Disappearance

I’m a fan of all kinds of crime novels, but a lot of my favorites tend to be linked by one thing: unexplained disappearances. The idea of somebody vanishing fascinates me because it throws up so many intriguing questions: How and why do people disappear? Where do they go? How do they stay lost? What is life like for those they leave behind? What if they come back?

One reason, I think, for the appeal of these types of stories is that they offer a sense of hope. If a detective is hunting down a murderer, we can get caught up in the thrill of the chase—but we know the victim is never coming back. Whereas with missing person stories, a loved one or a detective is searching for someone who might still be found.

Another reason, I think, is that these stories speak to something we all think about from time to time. When the going gets tough in a job or a relationship, who hasn’t fantasized about quitting and just starting afresh? It’s not so hard for any of us to imagine the parallel lives we might lead, the places we might go, the responsibilities and ties we might leave behind.

[Wanna get away?]

Feb 7 2017 10:00am

Long Time Lost: New Excerpt

Chris Ewan

Long Time Lost by Chris EwanChris Ewan's Long Time Lost is a fast-paced, standalone thriller (available February 7, 2017).

“Don’t call anyone else and stay inside the house. Pack a small bag. Just one.”
“You’ll come, then?”
“I’ll be there soon. But remember, Kate: there’s no going back.”

Nick Miller and his team provide a unique and highly illegal service, relocating at-risk individuals across Europe with new identities and new lives. Nick excels at what he does for a reason: he himself spent years living in the shadows under an assumed name.

But when Nick steps in to prevent the attempted murder of witness-in-hiding Kate Sutherland on the Isle of Man, he triggers a chain of events with devastating consequences for everyone he protects. Kate—and now Nick—are under attack by Connor Lane, a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means tearing Nick’s entire network apart…

[Read an excerpt from Long Time Lost...]

Feb 2 2017 2:00pm

Q&A with Chris Ewan, Author of Long Time Lost

Chris Ewan is the critically acclaimed and bestselling author of The Good Thief's Guide to... series and several successful thrillers. His latest, Long Time Lost (available February 7, 2017), is a fast-paced standalone thriller that features a protagonist who specializes in the unique and highly illegal service of relocating at-risk individuals across Europe with new identities and new lives.

Read this exclusive Q&A with Chris Ewan about his latest novel, what he's currently reading, and whether we might see a return of the good thief Charlie Howard—make sure to sign in and comment at the bottom for a chance to win a copy of Long Time Lost!

[Read the full Q&A below!]

Dec 4 2015 3:20pm

Dark Tides: New Excerpt

Chris Ewan

Dark Tides by Chris Ewan is a standalone thriller, set in the landscape of the Isle of Man, following Claire Cooper through a series of dark and eerie happenings centererd around the Manx Halloween tradition of Hop-tu-naa (Available December 8, 2015).

When Claire Cooper was eight years old her mother mysteriously vanished during Hop-tu-naa, Halloween on the Isle of Man. At fourteen, Claire is still struggling to come to terms with her disappearance when she's befriended by a group of five teenagers who mark every Halloween by performing dares. But Claire's arrival begins to alter the group's dynamic until one year a prank goes terribly wrong, changing all their futures and tearing the friends apart.

Six years later, one of the friends is killed on Halloween in an apparent accident. But Claire, now a police officer, has her doubts. Is a single footprint found near the body a deliberate taunt? As another Halloween dawns, bringing with it another death and another footprint, Claire becomes convinced that somebody is seeking vengeance. But who? And which of the friends might be next? If she is going to stop a killer and unlock the dark secrets of her past, Claire must confront her deepest fears, before it's too late.


31 OCTOBER 2001

Chapter One

Sometimes I think about how it all started for me and I’m struck by an odd paradox: that the kindest of intentions can lead to the cruellest of outcomes. Call it fate, if you like. Call it destiny. But I prefer to think of it as plain bad luck. I know there are people who believe in reincarnation, karma, all of that stuff. Some people say that the misfortunes we face in this life are payback for our past sins. All I can tell you is if that’s true, then I must have been a seriously bad soul to know the last time around, and be sure to stay out of my way if I come back again. While you’re at it, you’d also be wise to keep clear of Rachel Cormode, because when we were both fourteen years old, it was her kindness that doomed me to the worst outcome of all.

Rachel was everything I wasn’t. She was provocative, not plain. Blonde, not mousy. She dated older boys, smuggled vodka and cigarettes into school, applied make-up while I was scribbling notes in class. If my life were one of the black-and-white movies that I loved to watch on rainy weekend afternoons, then Rachel would be the Veronica Lake to my Doris Dowling. Never heard of Doris Dowling? Well, exactly.

[Read more of Dark Tides here...]

Aug 2 2014 11:00am

Dead Line: A New Excerpt

Chris Ewan

Dead Line by Chris Ewan is a standalone thriller featuring a hostage negotiator who must locate his kidnapped wife (available August 5, 2014).

If you're a security expert, what do you do if your fiancée suddenly goes missing, presumably kidnapped?

If you're Daniel Trent, a highly trained specialist in hostage negotiation, the answer is simple: You find out who took her and you make them talk. But what if your chief suspect is taken as well? How do you get him back quickly—and alive—so you can find out what really happened to your fiancée?

Set in Marseille, Chris Ewan's Dead Line is a fast-paced stand-alone thriller that pitches the reader into Daniel's world, as he tries desperately to secure the release of Jérôme Moreau from a ruthless gang in order to interrogate him on the whereabouts of his fiancée. When things don't go according to plan, Daniel must use all his skills and instincts to find the answers he's looking for, but will he be in time?

Chapter One

Daniel Trent sensed a tremor in his finger. He was a patient man. It was an attribute he prided himself on. But even he had his limits. His denim shirt was wet at the collar, adhering to his back. His shirtsleeves were rolled past his elbows, exposing forearms slick with sweat. A tendon pulsed beneath his skin. There it was again – the temptation to drum his fingers.

[Continue reading Dead Line by Chris Ewan...]

Dec 10 2012 9:30am

Safe House: New Excerpt

Chris Ewan

Chris Ewan, Safe HouseSafe House by Chris Ewan is a suspenseful thriller set on the Isle of Man (available December 11, 2012).

When Rob Hale wakes up in a hospital after a motorcycle crash, his first thought is for the gorgeous blonde, Lena, who was on the back of his bike. The doctors and police, however, insist that he was alone at the scene. The shock of the accident must have made him imagine Lena, especially since his description of her resembles his late sister, Laura.

Convinced that Lena is as real as he is, Rob teams up with Rebecca Lewis, a London-based PI who has a mysterious connection to Laura—and learns that even a close-knit community like the Isle of Man can hide dangerous secrets that will not stay safe forever.

Part I
I don’t remember much about the accident. It happened too fast. Motorbike crashes usually do. Most of what I can remember is noise. A loud pop followed by a judder. The thud of the front forks collapsing. The squeal of the engine as the rear wheel kicked up and pitched me over the bars.

And I remember Lena’s scream.The way her hands pinched my waist before slipping away. The crunch of our helmets colliding.

Or at least, I think I do . . .

Chapter One
The doctor was young. Too young. She looked pale and frazzled, as if really she was the one in need of hospital rest. The skin beneath her eyes was tinged purple and she gripped my chart with unsteady hands, studying it like the script of a play she was aiming to memorise. Her lips moved as she traced the words.

‘You were in a motorbike accident.’ She glanced up, her spectacle lenses magnifying her bloodshot eyes.

I pulled the oxygen mask away from my mouth. ‘ No kidding.’

[Read the full excerpt of Safe House by Chris Ewan]