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Nov 21 2017 4:00pm

Q&A with Catherine Richards, Editor of The Other Woman

Read the second installment of The Life of a Book, where we sit down with the editor, Catherine Richards, to discuss an editor's role in the publication process. Then, make sure you're signed in and comment below for another chance to win an early copy!

Being an editor sounds like a fairy-tale dream job. Tell us a little about your career: was this always your plan? You're also relatively new to Minotaur Books—what excites you about working for Minotaur?

Yes, I am a stealthy Brit in NYC! I moved to Minotaur Books about nine months ago from our sister company Pan Macmillan in the UK, where I had been for eight years. I originally wanted to be a journalist, but while I was at university, a literary agent approached final year English Lit students to see if anyone wanted to read through her slush pile. I found myself reading dozens of submissions and writing reader reports—one morning a week, in her cozy office, with two black Labradors curled up at my feet—and thought, this is the life! Of course, in reality, working in a big house is rather different (disappointingly no dogs, nor much time for reading during the working day).

[Read the full Q&A below!]