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Oct 10 2017 12:00pm

Life: The Ultimate Choose Your Own Adventure Mystery

Read C. S. Farrelly's exclusive guest post about how Choose Your Own Adventure novels helped prepare her for life, then make sure you're signed in and comment below for a chance to win her debut novel, The Shepherd's Calculus!

In 1987 in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, there were certain incontrovertible truths: 

  1. Being a Penn State football fan was a core part of your identity. 
  2. If it wasn’t, then you were probably from an alien species.

Into this framework entered the Farrelly family and their four unruly children, fresh off a move from Wyoming (who the hell lives in Wyoming?), confusingly not Mormon (that’s who lives in Wyoming), and perhaps most confusing of all, not cable television subscribers—by choice. 

By the time I showed up for Halloween at my elementary school as Sherlock Holmes—even without our complete disinterest in Penn State football—our status as an alien species was almost permanently established.

[C. S. phone home...]