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May 19 2011 4:00pm

Harry Fabian from Night and the City: Friend or Foe?

Richard Widmark as Harry Fabian from Night and the CityAbout my relationships with fake people:

I have good friends and bad friends.  And worse friends.   They fill different needs in my life – people to encourage me, people I’m glad to know but even gladder not to be, and people I end up not liking whatsoever.   These are all people I have some connection to, something in common with, even when they do something I would never do.  

When I watch crime, noir, or thriller movies, I often wonder if I would have found myself in the same situation as the protagonist.  Would I have made the same decisions—usually mistakes—as the protagonist?  Would I have believed the charismatic villain?  How much of a patsy am I?  Would this guy have been my friend?

[The answers aren't black and white. . .]