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Oct 10 2016 3:00pm

How I Build the World of Hattie Davish

Read this exclusive guest post from Anna Loan-Wilsey about the research that goes into each Hattie Davish Mystery, and make sure you're signed in and comment below for a chance to win a copy of A March to Remember!

In my Hattie Davish Mysteries series, we follow Miss Hattie Davish, a traveling secretary who solves crimes in each American town that she visits. So far, the towns have included: Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Galena, Illinois, Newport, Rhode Island, St. Joseph, Missouri, and Washington, D.C. The series is set in the 1890s.

As I aim to be as authentic as possible, I have had the opportunity to conduct a great deal of research, both of time and place. There is a great deal I am able to glean from both my own personal library (such as Sears & Roebuck catalogs, an encyclopedia of poisons, and a book of 19th-century menus) as well as from the internet. However, the most important aspect of researching my series is the site visit.

[See the research that goes into each Hattie Davish Mystery!]

Oct 3 2016 9:00am

A March to Remember: New Excerpt

Anna Loan-Wilsey

A March to Remember by Anna Loan-Wilsey is the 5th Hattie Davish Mystery, where traveling secretary Hattie Davish takes her singular talents to Washington, D.C. to help Sir Arthur Windom-Greene research his next book, but in the winding halls of the nation’s capital, searching for the truth can sometimes lead to murder.

Hattie is in her element, digging through dusty basements, attics, and abandoned buildings, not to be denied until she fishes out that elusive fact. But her delightful explorations are dampened when she witnesses a carriage crash into a carp pond beneath the shadow of the Washington Monument. Alarmingly, one of the passengers flees the scene, leaving the other to drown.

The incident only heightens tensions brought on by the much publicized arrival of “Coxey’s Army,” thousands of unemployed men converging on the capital for the first ever organized “march” on Washington. When one of the marchers is found murdered in the ensuing chaos, Hattie begins to suspect a sinister conspiracy is at hand.

As she expands her investigations into the motives of murder and closes in on the trail of a killer, she is surprised and distraught to learn that her research will lead her straight to the highest levels of government...

[Read an excerpt from A March to Remember...]