5 New York Gangster Nightclubs

Join Michael Cannell as he lists several popular hangouts for flappers and mobsters alike in a speakeasy-filled 1920s New York. Michael's new book—A Brotherhood Betrayed—relates the rise of Murder Inc. and the one man who played a key role in its collapse. Plus, comment for a chance to win a copy!

When Prohibition shut off the taps on January 17, 1920, everything changed. The roaring twenties came on “with a bang of bad booze, flappers with bar legs, jangled morals and wild weekends,” the singer Hoagy Carmichael said.

For mobsters, the explosion of speakeasies and illicit nightclubs was an unexpected windfall. Men who had scrabbled for lowly thug wages now counted their bootleg money by the pile. They were fixtures at New York nightclubs, where they jigged to jazz with flappers and drank champagne with blinged out chorus girls. Here’s a look at five New York nightspots where you could party with gangsters if you went out for a rave in the roaring twenties:


Hotsy Totsy Club

The Irish-American bootlegger Legs Diamond owned a share of the second-floor Hotsy Totsy Club, at 1721 Broadway, in order to unload unsold whiskey, and because he loved to dance. The good times cam to an end on July 14, 1929 when he shot two men to death after they threatened a bartender. Diamond was charged with murder, but acquitted after five hundred witnesses all claimed their backs were turned.


Club Intime

To walk into Club Intime, hidden in the basement of the Hotel Harding, was to enter an exotic and vaguely dangerous world lined with red velvet and dimly lit by hanging Chinese lanterns. The club was presided over by wisecracking actress Texas Guinan, the queen of New York nightlife. Dutch Schultz eventually bought the club and renamed it Club Abbey, which was known for its transvestite review. The club closed in 1933 after a mobster brawl. Two years later Dutch Schultz himself would die after a shooting in a Newark chop house.


Casa Blanca Club

Mobster Larry Fay supplied his Casa Blanca Club, on West Forty-Seventh Street, with liquor smuggled from Canada in a fleet of taxis he owned. In the hours after a New Year’s Eve party, in 1933, a doorman shot him dead after a dispute over pay cuts.


The Stork Club

An Oklahoma bootlegger named Sherman Billingsley opened the Stork Club, on East 53rd Street, in 1929 as a speakeasy where he could play cards with friends. It served for years as a gangster clubhouse, a night spot where toughs mingled with debutantes, senators, home run hitters, and leading men. The exalted gossip columnist Walter Winchell filled his columns and radio show on chatter and hearsay brought to him at his private table.


The Cotton Club

In 1920, Jack Johnson, the first African-American heavyweight boxing champion, opened Club Deluxe in the heart of Harlem.

Three years later bootlegger Owney Madden, newly released from Sing Sing Prison, took it over and renamed it the Cotton Club. No nightclub could compete with the Cotton Club when it came to raucous music. Duke Ellington, and later Cab Calloway, performed nightly surrounded by half-naked dancers. Uptown was where the party crowd went to hear jazz performances by Lena Horne, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and others. The Cotton  Club may have been a favored stage for the great African-American talent of the time, but the audience was strictly for whites only.

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For a brief moment before World War II erupted, America fixated on the delicate balance of trust and betrayal on the Brooklyn streets. This is the story of the one man who tipped the balance.

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