5 New Police Procedurals to Heat Up Your Winter

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If you love to read police procedurals, you’re going to have many new titles to choose from this fall and winter. I had a chance to preview some of them, and here are five that I’m wholeheartedly recommending.

A Season to Lie

by Emily Littlejohn

Readers first met small-town Colorado police detective Gemma Monroe in Littlejohn’s acclaimed series launch, Inherit the Bones. In this stellar follow-up, the detective is a new mother who has just returned from her maternity leave. The novel opens on a cold February night. A blizzard is raging. She and her partner, Finn, are called to the local private school where someone has reported a possible prowler. What they find is the dead body of a renowned author visiting the town, an ominous message stuffed into his mouth. The ensuing plot is strong, but the talented Littlejohn doesn’t stop there. In her hands, Gemma Monroe is a complex, honest, and flawed character struggling to balance her dual identities as a new mother and a detective. I loved the moment when she arrives home late at night from the murder scene, stares into the eyes of her infant, and admits, “She scared me more than all the murderers and rapists and thieves in the whole world.” Gemma is a character you want to follow from book to book. 

Available November 14, 2017

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The Shadow District

by Arnaldur Indriðason

This author is a master of the genre. I sat down to read a chapter or two of his new series launch, and I couldn’t stop. The writing is tight and economical. The mood is tense and suspenseful. The story is immediately consuming. In 1944, a young woman’s body is found in a trash heap in the dangerous “Shadow District” of Reykjavik. Decades later, a 90-year-old man appears to have died in his sleep—until the autopsy results come in. In his bedside drawer are clippings about the wartime murder. Following this intriguing beginning, the plot moves seamlessly between past and present, immersing readers in the country’s history and culture while building to a very satisfying conclusion. You won’t be disappointed.

Available November 7, 2018

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A Cold Day in Hell

by Lissa Marie Redmond

Redmond is a retired cold-case homicide detective, and her debut novel is fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining. Lauren Riley is both a police detective and a licensed private investigator. When an 18-year-old teen is accused of murder, his uncle wants Riley’s help. This uncle is a bombastic defense attorney Riley doesn’t like, but she’s pretty sure the accused is innocent, so she agrees. Redmond brings her deep knowledge of investigative and court-room procedures to the pages. Her detective is a tough but likable 38-year-old. She has survived an abusive marriage, raised a child on her own, and takes pride in being self-sufficient and tenacious. But digging for answers in this case puts her in grave danger.  

Available February 8, 2018

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by Ragnar Jónasson

Jónasson is another immensely talented Icelandic author, and Nightblind is the second book in his Dark Iceland series. It’s definitely dark, in all the best of ways. We’re transported to a remote fishing village on the northernmost coast of the island. The sunless Arctic winter is coming. What better place could there be for noir fiction? Ari Thór is one of two police officers in the village. As the story opens, he’s a new father. His protective instincts are strong. He loves his family, but his marriage isn’t thriving. His wife is thinking of leaving him. On top of everything else, he’s sick with the flu. But when his senior officer’s wife calls to say her husband hasn’t come home, he crawls out of bed. The missing officer has been shot at point-blank range, and what follows is an engrossing murder investigation with a gripping pay off. Ari Thór is one of those crime novel characters who stick with you. He’s introspective, insecure, brooding, and compelling. This is a novel you shouldn’t pass up.

Available December 5, 2017

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Bury the Past

by James L’Etoile

In his debut novel, At What Cost, L’Etoile introduced crime readers to Sacramento detectives John Penley and Paula Newberry. The pace of his book was breathtaking. The plot was original. And the stakes were high for the upright Penley, who had to face down his temptation to compromise ethics for the sake of his dying son. L’Etoile is a former assistant prison warden, and his criminal justice expertise shines through in his writing. In his second novel in the series, the details are authentic, the interplay between his law enforcement characters is engaging, and his complex, twisting plot keeps you guessing. At the heart of this novel are dirty cops and illegal drug trafficking, and this time, Detective Paula Newberry is in the criminals’ crosshairs.

Available December 12, 2017

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Carrie Smith is the author of Unholy City, the latest Detective Claire Codella mystery (November 7, 2017; Crooked Lane Books). Her previous books are Silent City, Forgotten City (Silver Falchion finalist), and the literary novel Forget Harry. She is the recipient of three Hopwood Awards from the University of Michigan, a fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, and Killer Nashville’s Readers’ Choice Award. Carrie is also senior vice president and publisher of Benchmark Education Company, a literacy publisher. She lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. You can find her online at www.carriesmith.nyc and @carriesmithnyc.


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