365 NeRDS to Infiltrate U.S. Navy Submarines

For members of the U.S. Navy aboard submarines, quarters are cramped, and thus, the pickins are slim when it comes to books. Until now, eReaders have posed a threat to submarines, whether it be via webcam hacking or positional-disclosure with GPS tracking, and have been banned. But now, thanks to the Navy's General Library Program, that's all about to change, courtesy of 365 NeRDs, or Navy eReader Devices.

NeRDs will be preloaded with 300 books for members to enjoy, with titles from Navy-favorites Tom Clancy and James Patterson, classics, and nonfiction (with an emphasis on the Navy's history).

The implementation of the devices will start slowly, with each submarine receiving about five NeRDs. No word has been given if these devices will become customizable. If military preferences are any hint, we'd wager no, as they can now add reading to the list of habits they control, joining dietary and sleep.

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