Jump Street Goes to College: 22 Jump Street Trailer

If it's about masquerading as college freshmen, you know it'll be profane and crass, right?

Crime is skipping a few grades when 22 Jump Street, the sequel to the film adaptation of 2012's 21 Jump Street have moved up in the world—and up the street from their old digs—as the partners head off to college. We've all had that moment while watching a film or TV show set in high school when we're left wondering in what world a 34-year-old could look like a high-schooler, so for that reason alone, we're excited to see the Jump Street boys moving up in age range.

What did you think of the 21 Jump Street reboot from 2012? Are you glad to see its sequel? What do you think of the recent trend to remake '70s and '80s crime dramas and police procedurals into comedies?


  1. Joe Brosnan

    What made the reboot of 21 Jump Street so great was that it knew it was a remake. They made fun of themselves and even noted in the film that they lacked creativity in coming up with this idea and were simply reusing old ones. The irony in this is that in doing that, the movie was creative.

    I am looking forward to 22 Jump Street. My only hope is that they now make fun of Hollywood’s obsession with sequels. If it does that, it should be able to retain the creativeness that worked so well in the first place.

  2. Terry Payne

    what a great movie! i watched it back when i spent all my time at http://paulpeeples.bloopist.com/posts/achieving-a-high-level-of-professional-smu-mba-career, and to this day, this is the best comedy I’ve watched! such a pleasure to see the story continue

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