2012’s Nero Award Finalists Announced

Nero Wolfe Award
Nero Wolfe Award: Do you Detect the Winner?
The Wolfe Pack has announced its shortlist for the annual Nero Wolfe Award, bestowed during its Black Orchid festivities in December. The award was designed to recognize new tales of criminal detection in the spirit of Rex Stout’s eminent and world-famous Nero Wolfe (and his associate Archie Goodwin, of course). This year’s finalists are:

Guilt by Association by Marcia Clark
The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen
The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz
Spiral by Paul McEuen
Though Not Dead by Dana Stabenow
Black Orchid Blues by Persia Walker

Obviously, Persia Walker’s title, not to mention the novel’s era and location in New York City, resonates, but if you’ve read others of these, did you and where did you recognize in them the echoes of Nero Wolfe?

Hat tip: Mystery Fanfare, with image via Joseph Teller, whose unaltered image proves he won his with engraved nameplate and everything.


  1. joseph guglielmelli

    The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz is a Holmes pastiche from the creator of Foyle’s War. Years ago I read Nero Wolfe of West 35th Street, a “biography”. If I remember correctly, the author suggests that Wolfe is in fact the son of Holmes, fathered during those lost years after his “death”. So it would seem appropriate that a tale of the father be nominated for an award named after the son.

    Besides, wasn’t it the genius of Stout to tell classic puzzle detective stories of Doyle in the American idiom of Hammett and Chandler?

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