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April 28 2017

“Honeychurch Highball” Cocktail

What do you do when the only copy of your manuscript is lost in transit? Get Ravished with a few cocktails and start investigating!  And I think this week's Pick Your Poison—where...
April 28 2017

Ladies’ Night: Book and Cocktail Pairings for a Night In

A drink order says a lot about a person—that’s maybe why there are approximately a zillion online quizzes promising to reveal the secret of our personalities based on our drink of choice....
April 21 2017

“Earth Day Cooler” Cocktail

This cocktail may not actually cool the Earth, but it's a great way to celebrate Earth Day and Ann Cleeves's 7th Shetland Island Mystery, Cold Earth! So go green with this week's...
April 21 2017

Cooking the Books: Fogged Inn by Barbara Ross

Fogged Inn by Barbara Ross is the 4th book in the Maine Clambake Mystery series, nominated for an Agatha Award for Best Novel. This 4th installment of the Maine Clambake Mystery series has...
April 19 2017

Cooking the Books: Musseled Out by Barbara Ross

Barbara Ross is back to her best in this gripping tale that takes a good hard look at the lives of those involved with the commercial lobster catch in Maine. Summer is drawing to an end, and our...
April 14 2017

“Pink Flamingo Road” Cocktail

What could you possibly add to a book with horse racing, gambling, and gangsters? The only logical choice is a delicious cocktail! That's exactly what you'll get with this week's...
April 12 2017

Cooking the Books: Boiled Over by Barbara Ross

With the loss of the Snowden Family Clambake Company no longer imminent, our heroine Julia Snowden can focus on helping to make something else a success too: the inaugural Busman’s Harbor...
April 7 2017

“One Perfect Rye” Cocktail

They say that baseball is America's pastime, but I'd contend that also includes drinking! So celebrate baseball's and Lisa Scottoline's return with this week's Pick Your...
April 5 2017

Cooking the Books: Clammed Up by Barbara Ross

At the end of this delightful series debut, I literally squealed like a schoolgirl with glee. It’s easy to discern why this novel and several of its sequels have been nominated for the Agathas,...
March 31 2017

“The Devil’s Yeast” Cocktail

How do you handle a combination of political conflicts, personal vendettas, and England's first celebrity chef ... just add bourbon! Though, you won't need a celebrity chef to whip...
March 29 2017

Cooking the Books: Pekoe Most Poison by Laura Childs

The 18th installment of the Tea Shop Mystery series has our heroine, the beautiful and clever Theodosia Browning, attending a Rat Tea—a reprise of the charitable events that helped eradicate...
March 24 2017

“Vine Country” Cocktail

What happens when your nice vacation to Wine Country is interrupted by murder? Add bourbon to your wine... And that's exactly what we do with this week's Pick Your Poison—where...
March 22 2017

Cooking the Books: Cold Pressed Murder by Kelly Lane

In this delightful 2nd installment of the Olive Grove mystery series, Eva Knox collides with not one but two dead bodies and has to contend with a whole passel of sisterly secrets and gossipy townsfolk. It’s...
March 17 2017

“Guinness at the Bar and It Doesn’t Look Friendly”

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Celebrate with this week's Pick Your Poison—where we create a cocktail inspired by a recently published mystery, thriller, or crime novel—“Guinness...
March 15 2017

Cooking the Books: Roux the Day by Linda Wiken

The 1st book in the Dinner Club Mystery series, Toasting Up Trouble, introduced us to Linda Wiken’s excellent palate. The follow up, Roux The Day, continues to serve up exquisite recipes,...
March 10 2017

“Skeleton Godfather” Cocktail

What do you do when you find yourself faced with a centuries-old secret and the possibility of ghosts? Find yourself a spirit of your own with this week's Pick Your Poison—where we...
March 8 2017

Cooking the Books: The Silence of the Flans by Laura Bradford

Winnie Johnson is back with her delightful cast of friends and neighbors in this second installment of Laura Bradford’s Emergency Dessert Squad mystery series. Since getting her baked goods...
March 3 2017

“Black Sun” Cocktail

A brutal murder. A serial killer with no seeming motive. And a symbol that represents the darkness and evil that's to come.    A perfect formula for a murder mystery, but also...
March 1 2017

Cooking the Books: War and Peach by Susan Furlong

In this day and age, it’s hard to separate even the most innocent of entertainment from current affairs and politics. So, coming across the 4th book of the Georgia Peach Mystery series—as...
February 24 2017

“Sloe Gin with Murder” Cocktail

What could be worse than being stuck in a snow storm? Unwittingly getting stuck in a snow storm with the cast and crew from a reality TV show!  So warm your soul, drown your sorrows, and...
February 22 2017

Cooking the Books: Mission Impawsible by Krista Davis

I’ve greatly enjoyed Krista Davis’s Domestic Diva series, so I was quite excited to check out her Paws and Claws series—even though I’m jumping in here on the 5th book,...
February 15 2017

Cooking the Books: Pop Goes the Murder by Kristi Abbott

The 2nd book in Kristi Abbott’s A Popcorn Shop Mystery series is a sassy delight. Set in Grand Lake—a resort town on the banks of Lake Erie, Ohio—Pop Goes the Murder features...
February 10 2017

“A Divided Dry” Layered Beer

When you're afforded an opportunity for long sought-after revenge, celebrate with a few beers first!  And don't worry about choosing between your two favorites ... have the best...
February 8 2017

Cooking the Books: Dead Cold Brew by Cleo Coyle

It’s easy to see why Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse Mystery series is such a bestseller—16 books in and it's still going strong with terrific plotting and charm! Dead Cold Brew...
February 3 2017

“A Darkness Absolut” Cocktail

When your only shelter from a blizzard is a dark cave, you'd better hope they have a good bartender!  Embrace the darkness with this week's Pick Your Poison—where we create...
February 1 2017

Cooking the Books: A Death at the Yoga Cafe by Michelle Kelly

It has been a long time since I’ve identified as readily with the amateur detective heroine of a cozy mystery novel as I have here with Keeley Carpenter, protagonist of A Death at the Yoga...
January 27 2017

“Campari Thorange” Cocktail

When you take a job as a local policeman in a small town in Northern Iceland like Ari Thor Arason, life can seem dull. But just because excitement isn't happening around you, that doesn't...
January 25 2017

Cooking the Books: Crime and Catnip by T.C. LoTempio

Nick Charles has got to be the best crime-solving animal sidekick I’ve come across in ages. Here, in the 3rd installment of the Nick & Nora Mystery series (and yes, the name is a cute...
January 20 2017

“Requiem for a Mezcal” Cocktail

What do actors do when they sense danger? Play dead! We promise that this week's Pick Your Poison—where we create a cocktail inspired by a recently published mystery, thriller, or...
January 18 2017

Cooking the Books: The Good, the Bad and the Guacamole by Rebecca Adler

A music festival has come to the small town of Broken Boot, Texas, and while it’s certainly good business for our heroine Josie Callahan’s family’s restaurant, she’s still...