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April 18 2017

Vote for the Agatha Award for Best Novel!

    Tell us what you chose and why in the comments below!
April 11 2017

Which Neil Gaiman Novel Is Your Favorite?

  Let us know what you chose and why in the comments below!
April 4 2017

Which Coen Brothers Film Is Your Favorite?

  Don't see your favorite? We tried to keep it focused on their more crime-related films, but let us know what your favorite Coen Brothers film is in the comments below!
March 28 2017

Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul?

Writer and creator Vince Gilligan struck gold back in 2008 when the first episode of Breaking Bad premiered. After 5 seasons of watching the transformation of Walter White to Heisenberg, critics...
March 21 2017

Which Season of Dexter Is Your Favorite?

Starring Michael C. Hall as a serial killer with a code, Dexter fascinated audiences for its full 8-season run. Each season distinctively pitted the vigilante against an array of villainous killers...
March 14 2017

Which Mathematical Thriller Is Your Favorite?

March 14th (3.14) is Pi Day! For the last two years, David Cranmer has introduced us to several exciting mathematical thrillers with “Movies + Math = A Beautiful Formula” and “Mathematical...
March 7 2017

Which CSI Series Is Your Favorite?

Ever since CSI: Crime Scene Investigation premiered on October 6, 2000, forensics has played a huge role in police procedurals and crime shows. The success of the original CSI has led to three...
February 21 2017

Which Chief Inspector Gamache Novel Is Your Favorite?

[Vote below!]   Feel particularly strong about your choice? Tell us why in the comments below!
February 7 2017

Who Is Your Favorite Supporting Character in the In Death series?

One of the things that makes J.D. Robb’s In Death novels such a success is the adept characterization of the supporting cast. Sure, Eve Dallas is the star, but her friends and makeshift family...
January 24 2017

Which Film Will Win the Oscar for Best Picture?

The 2017 Academy Awards nominations have been announced! While crime stories don’t get a whole lot of love from the Academy, there are a few up for the coveted Oscar. While we might be a...
January 17 2017

Who Is Your Favorite Fictional President?

This week, the United States of America will inaugurate its 45th president. While here at CrimeHQ we don’t like to talk politics, we thought this might be a good opportunity to vote for your...
January 10 2017

What Is Your Favorite Winter Mystery Locale?

Brrr. It’s getting cold out there! With all the snow hitting the east coast, we started to think about all the winter mysteries out there.  There’s something extra sinister...
January 3 2017

Which Sherlock Holmes Story Is Your Favorite?

When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created his most famous detective over a century ago, no one could have known that he would become the most portrayed character of all time. With 4 novels and 56 short...
December 13 2016

What’s Your Favorite Holiday Murder Weapon?

With the holidays fast approaching, self-respecting serial killers around the world are hard at work, looking for new and inventive ways to keep their instruments of death seasonal and fresh. (Let's...
December 6 2016

Which Type of Thriller Is Your Favorite?

Crime fiction is a pretty broad genre. But even narrowed further to thriller, there are still loads of subgenres to choose from. Perhaps you like a your thrillers with a strong detective that’s...
November 29 2016

Which Noir Character Are You?

If you’re a regular visitor of Criminal Element, then you’re probably more than a little bit familiar with film noir. But if not, then let’s give you the basic rundown. From the...
November 22 2016

What Is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish?

Here at CrimeHQ, not everything has to be murder and mayhem ... sometimes we like to kick up our feet, loosen our belt, and bask in the Thanksgiving feast we just killed (alright, maybe it’s...
November 8 2016

Which Fictional Sleuth Would You Vote for President?

As the presidential election campaigns end and the polls begin to close, we'd like to take a break from the real world and lose ourselves in our favorite place—a good book! From Agatha...
November 1 2016

Who Is the Best Bond Villain?

7 actors and 26 films. The James Bond series has created a plethora of baddies over 54 years. From Dr. No to Spectre, James Bond has gone up against some of the toughest, most memorable villains...
October 18 2016

What Is Your Favorite B-Movie Horror Classic?

Ahhh, the B movie. Originally coined as the lower half, less publicized film on the bill of a double feature, the B movie has evolved to encompass any film that appears to be particularly genre,...
October 4 2016

Which Halloween Movie Monster Is the Scariest?

October is a month that we celebrate with spooks and specters, frights and fears. As the dogs days of summer turn into the cool chill of fall, we embrace the darkness (literally if you still live...
September 27 2016

Which Marvel Project Do You Prefer?

With the release of the first season of Luke Cage on Netflix slated for this Friday, September 30th and the upcoming Doctor Strange premiering roughly a month and a half later, Marvel Studios is...
September 20 2016

What Fall TV Show Are You Most Excited About?

With the Emmys celebrating the best that television has to offer—and awarding the very best—the annual ceremony tends to mark TV’s New Year, even though it’s only September....
September 6 2016

What Is the Best Film Adaptation of a Stephen King Novel?

Here at CrimeHQ, we’re starting a journey west towards the Dark Tower with a full reread of Stephen King’s magnum opus, The Dark Tower series. As we begin our journey, so, too, does...
August 23 2016

What Is Your Favorite True Crime Series?

Reading about a fictional murder in a mystery novel doesn't resonate the same way that exploring the details and evidence of a real-life homicide does. In true crime, we can't just close...
August 16 2016

Who Do You Think Killed Andrea in HBO’s The Night Of

HBO's The Night Of—the eight-part miniseries written by Richard Price (The Wire)—is a fantastic look at the full spectrum of a crime committed in NYC. From the crime to the investigation...
July 19 2016

What Is Your Favorite Show Airing this Summer?

Television has hit its stride again, returning to the glory days of quality programming. With streaming networks opting for original content, the days of formulaic drivel seem numbered—or...
July 12 2016

What Is the Best Zombie Movie?

Zombies. The Undead. Walkers. Biters.  Whatever you call them, they've left there imprint on the horror genre, ever since the release of Victor Halperin's White Zombie in 1932....
June 28 2016

How Would You Dispose of a Body?

Anyone can be a killer—but the disposal of a body can be a difficult task. Doing it successfully can mean the difference between freedom and a lifetime behind bars. There are several...
June 21 2016

Who Is Your Favorite Batman?

Ever since his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in May of 1939, Bruce Wayne has captured American audiences with his vigilante justice. However, it’s the characters film and television...