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February 3 2016

The X-Files 10.03: “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”

MULDER: So we're looking for a man-sized horned lizard—with human teeth! SCULLY: *stare* MULDER: ...Sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? I can die happy now. I...
February 1 2016

Apology Is Policy: Looking Back at Season Four of The X-Files

MULDER: A growth? SCULLY: A tumor. You're the only one I've called. MULDER: ...But it's treatable? SCULLY: The truth is that the type and placement of the tumor...
January 27 2016

The X-Files 10.02: “Founder’s Mutation”

SCULLY: It could be dangerous. MULDER: *scoffs* When has that ever stopped us before? Ever get a ringing in your ears? Has it ever been bad enough that you contemplated using...
January 26 2016

Deny Everything: Looking Back at Season Three of The X-Files

MULDER: I was dead, but now I'm back! Oh, Mulder—always the flair for the dramatic. That's why we love you. Well, that—and your floofy hair, devotion to Scully,...
January 26 2016

The X-Files 10.01: “My Struggle”

TAD O'MALLEY: What Bill O'Reilly knows about the truth could fill an eyedropper. Men in black. Roswell. Government conspiracies. The X-Files is back. When last we saw...
January 24 2016

Trust No One: Looking Back at Season Two of The X-Files

SCULLY: ...And you're worried that for all these years you've been seeing elves? MULDER: In my case, little green men. The X-Files are no more. Agent Fox Mulder (David...
January 23 2016

I Want to Believe: Looking Back at Season One of The X-Files

SCULLY: Agent Mulder, I'm Dana Scully. I've been assigned to work with you. MULDER: Oh really? I was under the impression you were sent here to spy on me. And the rest,...
January 23 2015

The X Files to Return? The Truth Is Out There

We've already discussed the upcoming return of Twin Peaks (for which we can't talke all the credit), and now you can (hopefully) add The X-Files to the list of sci-fi rebirths! After appearing...
February 19 2013

Is NBC’s Hannibal “Following” the Leader?

Watch this trailer and see! Okay, okay—it’s not a completely fair question, since both NBC’s Hannibal and Fox’s The Following (which we’re currently recapping) were announced...
January 23 2013

Partners in Crime-Fighting

Crime-fighting teams have been around as long as there have been crimes to fight. Though a maverick like James Bond can certainly be intriguing, a duo of crime fighters working together provides...
December 15 2012

Til Death Do Us Part: TV’s Top Crime Fighting Couples

Crime  TV is full of crime fighting super-couples, but no two duos are exactly alike. Here are my all-time faves. 10. Brenda Leigh Johnson and Fritz Howard, The Closer The only reason...
December 12 2012

Opposites Attract: Why We Love Both Castle and The Wire

I was looking at my collection (yes, I do this a lot) and I was wondering. How can I have on the same shelf genres such as hard-boiled, gritty, literary, noir, literary noir, police procedurals,...
May 18 2012

X-Lock: What Happens When Sherlock Meets The X-Files?

More mash-up goodness! Sherlock, Watson, Mulder, and Scully investigate...
March 5 2012

Six Kick-Ass Paranormal Investigators (P.I.s)

Most investigative types are naturally pretty kick-ass—it comes with the territory. We’re talking smart, strong, dedicated people working against the bad guys; you really can’t go wrong. But imagine...
November 6 2011

The Show from Another Place: Twin Peaks and Grief

Since we’re wrapping up X-tober I wanted to take a look back at Twin Peaks, one of the biggest influences on The X-Files. The similarities between Twin Peaks and The X-Files are easy to spot....
October 28 2011

X-tober’s Rewatch Continues with “Humbug”

The final episode for our X-tober Files is—appropriately for a crime site—the Edgar-nominated episode, “Humbug.”  (For those who need to look it up to watch it along with us, it’s season...
October 23 2011

Rewatching Mulder and Scully Put the Squeeze on Tooms: Our Reactions

After the X-Files pilot, “Squeeze” is the first monster-of-the-week (Season 1, epoisode 3) we rewatched for X-tober, and it features a favorite recurring villain, Eugene Victor Tooms. Clare2e:...
October 21 2011

X-tober Continues with “The Postmodern Prometheus”

What is inspired by Frankenstein, filmed in black and white with fake sky backdrop, and guest stars Jerry Springer? Yes, it is episode five of the fifth season of the X-Files “The Postmodern...
October 14 2011

X-tober Continues with “Squeeze”

X-tober is in full swing at Criminal Element and our rewatch of the memorable “Monster of the Week “ episodes continues with Season 1 Episode 2, “Squeeze”.  This episode...
October 11 2011

X-Files: Rewatching the Pilot

We’re flying through X-tober with our X-Files re-watches of some of the best monster-of-the-week investigations, but we had to begin with the pilot episode, written by creator Chris Carter. And...
October 7 2011

Welcome to X-tober! The Re-watch Begins!

We may be a week into October already, but here at Criminal Element we’re just gearing up for X-tober, a month of monster-of-the-week goodness for all X-philes. We’ll be re-watching some of our...
October 4 2011

Our X-tober Begins with Chris Carter

There has been persistent talk about a 3rd X-Files movie ever since the second. (Frankly, our throats are getting dry from keeping up the chatter—just green light it, already, and we’ll tell you...
September 21 2011

Politics, Physics, Production of the X-Files: “The Truth is Out There” Roundup

It’s been a good year so far for paranoid schizophrenics conspiracy theorists. The end of 2010 ushered in 2,000 pages of documented UFO sightings released by the government of New Zealand. The...