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October 21 2016

7 Books to Read If You Love The Walking Dead

It's no surprise that The Walking Dead remains one of the most popular series on TV. After all, it combines the best qualities of zombie fiction into a single package: an unsettling and...
August 29 2016

Crime/Mystery/Thrillers Coming to (and Leaving) Netflix in September 2016

After an admittedly tepid August, September comes out swinging with a superb list of newly added movies—including the entire Jaws series to help you live every week like it's shark week. Then,...
April 6 2016

The Walking Dead-Inspired “Magic” Mug

Don’t add hot water. Dead inside. When the zombie apocalypse inevitably comes, make sure you’re properly caffeinated with this awesome The Walking Dead-inspired magic coffee mug, made...
October 8 2015

An Undead Procedural: iZombie

When iZombie was first announced, I was reluctant to get onboard. I am not ordinarily a fan of Zombies. I have proudly never watched an episode of The Walking Dead. But the brains, so to speak,...
November 4 2014

Now Win This!: Watch What You Read Sweepstakes

From screens to pages, these six books will keep you tuned in for more! Register to enter for a chance to win. This sweepstakes has ended. Thanks for entering. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A...
November 4 2014

The Survival Library: Mankind’s Last Hope?

Disaster stories have long been a staple of popular culture. Whether it be diseases, zombies, or natural disasters, judging by the litmus test that is Hollywood, some serious sh*t is going to go...
October 14 2014

Cosplaying the Field at New York Comic Con 2014

New York Comic Con took to New York City's Javit's Center from October 9th through the 12th. Although the thousands of people who turned up arrived for a variety of reasons, one thing was...
September 8 2014

“You Are Not Safe”: Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5

When we last saw our zombie-bashing brotherhood, they were trapped in a metal box and stranded amidst a group of (possible) cannibals. Terminus was a lie. But when Season 4 ended with Rick Grimes...
July 21 2014

From Walker to Inmate: The Walking Dead Extra Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison

Rick Grimes and company might have left the prison last season on The Walking Dead, but one of the show's “walkers” won't be leaving anytime soon. Shannon Guess Richardson,...
April 16 2014

The Apocalypse’s Children: The Walking Dead Meets The Last of Us

One of the most gripping elements, at least for me, is the vulnerability of the children and the lengths to which the adults will go to keep these kids alive – a theme that was front and...
April 15 2014

My Zombie War: Snyder Beats Romero, and Other Horrific Curiosities

In my teens and early twenties, my two best mates and I spent a lot of time watching horror films, drinking Gareth's dad's beer and eating pizza. We saw some good films, some mediocre ones,...
April 5 2014

The Walking Dead’s Season 4: Rick Grimes as Aeneas, Or Just When I Think I’m Out...

The Walking Dead manages to be both the most frustrating and occasionally most compelling show I watch on TV. First of all, I’m always at the edge of my seat wondering whether a given episode...
December 16 2013

The Walking Dead 4.08 “Too Far Gone”: A Mid-Season Rest For Eyerolling At Least

My reactions to the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead were all over the place (a bit like Season 4 so far, and episode 7, for which I couldn't even find a public-suitable reaction.) While I...
November 20 2013

The Walking Dead: 4.06 “Live Bait" Tends to Stink

Sometimes I find it difficult to understand the thought-processes of The Walking Dead's show-runners. The first five episodes of this season were tense and emotionally riveting, but the show just...
November 18 2013

The Walking Dead: 4.05 “Internment” is Over

Scott Porter is an excellent actor, so the subplot of his descent into hell on earth was fantastic, even if it was mostly shots of his face looking scared or sad or determined. (I still wonder why Herschel...
November 13 2013

The Walking Dead: 4.04 Feeling Anything But “Indifference”

We can wait if you haven't watched this episode yet for some crazy reason... Spoiler-proofed now? Onward! Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, you’re...
November 8 2013

The Walking Dead: 4.03 Living in “Isolation”

We open with Maggie and Glenn sharing a longing look while burying flu victims, then move on to Dr. S and Herschel attending a now dead flu victim without wearing masks, which bothers me quite a lot....
October 24 2013

The Walking Dead: 4.02 “Infected” Gets the Balance Right

I have a confession to make: I’m not really a fan of zombie movies or the horror genre in general. So why, you may ask, do I love The Walking Dead? Well, it’s because sometimes, in...
October 15 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere: “30 Days Without an Accident”

Last night on The Walking Dead, we got to see how “30 days without an accident” can turn sour in thirty minutes. After the bloodbath at the end of last season (RIP Andrea, Merle, Carl’s...
October 11 2013

Bring Out Your (Un)Dead: Long Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 4

Well, folks, the days grow shorter and the leaves are turning brown, so we all know what that means: more zombie goodness from AMC's The Walking Dead. In anticipation of Sseason 4 starting...
October 9 2013

So Long Mystery Machine, Hello Zombie Mobile

The Walking Dead is turning 10, and in those ten years preparing for a zombie apocalypse has become cool. And some of those cool gadgets have emerged with technology for surviving the zombie apocalypse....
October 6 2013

Cut Andrea Some Slack: In Defense of The Walking Dead’s Whipping Girl

At my day job, I’m known as the Zombie Girl—in fact, that’s what my newest manager called me for a solid month before she finally remembered my name. So, naturally, whenever a new...
October 2 2013

Nowhere is Safe in the New Trailer for Walking Dead Season 4

Well looks like the prison is about as safe as, well, a prison in this new promo for Season 4 of The Walking Dead. Along with series regulars, we also get a glimpse of a new character being introduced...
September 30 2013

The One Who Knocks Meets The Ones Who Walk (Cupcake?)

Okay, yes, it might be that we're clinging to the last bits of Walter with our every shredding, necrotic fingernail, but even from the depths of our poignant grief, we think this College Humor mash-up...
September 17 2013

Shuffling Toward a New World: The Walking Dead Spin-Off

In 2015, the zombie apocalypse will expand its group of survivors with a spin-off that will be executive produced by the The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman. AMC announced yesterday that Kirkman...
August 27 2013

The Walking Dead: Michonne is Back in Season 4...But For How Long?

In a brief clip released on AMC, we see Michonne returning to the prison astride a horse (horses can't run out of gas—smart move!). Unfortunately it's unclear if she'll be around...
August 21 2013

Lori Just Won’t Stay Dead in this Deleted Scene from The Walking Dead

We can all agree that Lori was a bit exhausting as a character on AMC's The Walking Dead. When she wasn't losing track of her only son, she was sending mixed signals as to whether or not...
July 24 2013

Riding Shotgun with The Walking Dead: From the Pilot into Season 4

Halloween, 2010: After several months of anticipation, I sat down with some friends and switched on the TV. As a long time zombophile and avid reader of the comics, I had monumentally high hopes. AMC...
June 3 2013

Michonne Goes Glam

Do you miss Michonne like we miss Michonne? As we were wandering through that dark and lonely purgatory known as The Walking Dead hiatus, searching for solace and canned goods, we stumbled upon...
May 2 2013

Missing Dixon: Dixon Fiction Mash-up

If you’re still missing The Walking Dead and in particular the Brothers Dixon, fear not, for Tee Fury has the answer for you. In one of their daily deals, they offered up this T-shirt—a...