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March 27 2015

Schmucks with Underwoods: Why Writers Make the Best Book Characters

Writers have always been the most interesting people I meet, and they almost all tend to be passionate readers as well. They're also impulsive and vibrant and twisty and unpredictable and curious...
Crime HQ
January 21 2015

Announcing 2015’s Edgar Nominees

The Mystery Writers of America have announced the Edgar Award nominees and special winners.  The Edgars banquet—an annual black-tie gala celebrating crime fiction, non-fiction, and television...
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December 24 2014

Matthew McConaughey: Called to The Stand

The McConaughnaissance continues! Between Dalls Buyers Club, True Detective, Interstellar, and some Lincoln commercials, 2014 proved to be the year of Matthew McConaughey, and it looks like we...
August 30 2014

Fresh Meat: Fall of Night by Jonathan Maberry

Fall of Night by Jonathan Maberry is the second thriller in the Dead of Night series about a world overrun with zombies (available September 2, 2014). The road to hell, so they say, is paved with...
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May 22 2014

Announcing the Bouchercon 2014 Anthony Award Nominees!

Murder is coming to Long Beach, CA, and Bouchercon has announced the nominees for the 2014 Anthony Awards! Congratulations to the nominees listed below: Best Mystery Novel Suspect by Robert...
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May 6 2014

The Top Ten Favorite Books in America

According to a new Harris poll, The Bible has retained its place atop the list of America's favorite books. In fact, the second-ranked book, Gone with the Wind kept its spot for the second...
February 28 2014

The Rap Sheet’s Cover Contest: Judging These Books By Their Covers

When J. Kingston Pierce of     The Rap Sheet   brought back the crime cover contest this year, we were delighted—so here's more from him, including a chance to share...
Crime HQ
January 17 2014

Announcing 2014’s Edgar Nominees (and Our Own Winner)!

After last month's announcement of two new Grandmasters and the Raven Award winner, Mystery Writers of America has announced the rest of the shortlist of award nominees and special winners. ...
October 8 2013

Spot the Horror Author: Guillermo del Toro directs The Simpsons Couch Gag

The argument can be made that The Simpsons  has had an incredible impact on American culture, be it good or bad. The show is very nearly an institution for network television. Throughout the...
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September 23 2013

Have You Seen This Clown?

If you live in Northampton, England, you likely have. A man dressed as a clown (pictured above) has been walking around the town and creeping out residents. Some people believe it's all an elaborate...
August 9 2013

Louisiana State Penitentiary: Insiders Call It Angola or The Farm

One of my favorite subgenres in the dessert case of crime fiction is prison stories, which would be the hidden file in the seven layer cake. To most of us, prison is a hidden world, a mythological place...
June 25 2013

The Return of the King: Stephen King’s Under the Dome

Last night saw the return of Stephen King to primetime with the premiere of the small screen take on his thriller, Under the Dome. I remember growing up watching Stephen King miniseries, Tommyknockers,...
Charles Ardai
June 4 2013

The Carny Novel Calls. Lucky Thing It Also Emails.

What is a carny novel? At its simplest it’s a book set in the midways and tents of a traveling carnival, which isn’t quite the same as (but is a close cousin to) a circus, a medicine show,...
May 31 2013

Fresh Meat: Joyland by Stephen King

Set in a small-town amusement park in North Carolina in 1973, Joyland by Stephen King is a noir thriller (available June 4, 2013). There’s a weird thing that happens when a writer’s...
March 22 2013

Heres Johnny! (Again): Stephen King shares an Excerpt from Doctor Sleep

Who doesn't remember The Shining? Whether it is the original 1977 Novel or the equally terrifying 1980 Stanley Kubrick film, we've all been... haunted by Stephen King's creation. I,...
February 20 2013

Fresh Meat: Last Days by Adam Nevill

Last Days by Adam Nevill is a paranormal/horror/mystery novel in its first U.S. release (available February 26, 2013). Kyle is a documentary filmmaker on the verge—of bankruptcy, of giving...
February 8 2013

John Carpenter: Making Movies for the Rest of Us

There was a time when I would have easily named John Carpenter as my favorite movie director. I’ve gained more pure visceral pleasure from his movies than almost anyone else7rsquo;s. He perfectly...
January 10 2013

Lost Classics of Noir: The Name of the Game is Death by Dan J. Marlowe

“With admiration, for Dan J. Marlowe, author of The Name of the Game is Death: Hardest of the hardboiled.” This unexpected shout out comes from Stephen King, in the pages of his Hard...
October 20 2012

Carrie is Scary at New York Comic Con

Back in March we reported the casting of Chloe Grace Moretz as Stephen King’s iconic telekinetic teen, Carrie, in a new screen version of his novel. So, last week while the Criminal Element...
September 5 2012

William Kotzwinkle: Mastery in Disguise

The first novel I ever read from cover to cover was the tie-in of a movie starring Chevy Chase and Benji called Oh, Heavenly Dog. Believe it or not, that was actually a mystery, a thriller, even—about...
Crime HQ
April 4 2012

ITW Announces the Nominees for the International Thriller Awards

The International Thriller Writers has announced the finalists for the 2012 Thriller Awards.  The winners will be announced at ThrillerFest VI on July 14, 2012.   Best Hard Cover Novel: Joseph...
January 18 2012

The Mystery of Time Travel

Seriously. Scientists at Cornell University have created a real hole in time, a temporal cloak of sorts, just like the invisibility cloak in Harry Potter. It’s a place where objects are invisible...
Crime HQ
November 27 2011

Does Jack Reacher Have Bad Sex?

If you’re not familiar with the Bad Sex in Literature Awards, you’re missing out. Every year, the Literary Review (U.K.) selects some of the worst-written sex scenes in literature and excerpts them...
August 7 2011

I Blame Stephen King

The mystery reader should have a fair chance to detect the criminal in a logical manner. I blame Stephen King for an overall lack of fair play in recent mystery writing. He unfettered the imagination...
May 26 2011

Great Openings: Words, Camera, Action

 “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” Stephen King– THE DARK TOWER 1 – THE GUNSLINGER Okay.  Here’s the deal. ...
May 5 2011

Short Stories: Fewer Words, More Work?

As I took inventory of what I'd been reading recently, I realized I've been reading a lot of short stories, both as single-serve and in collections. In fact, as I thought about it, I realized...
Charles Ardai
April 25 2011

From the “Hard Case” Files: Pursuing Pulp’s Heroes

Back in 2004, Max Phillips and I launched a labor-of-love project we called Hard Case Crime, intended to revive the style of the great old paperback crime novels of the 1940s and 50s.   We...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
April 25 2011

The Truth About Cat and Dog Cozies

During a recent stay at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Boca Raton, Florida, I partook of the resident Loan Library. There’s clearly a taste for crime in Boca; of the thirty-two books on the shelf,...