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Phil Hogan
January 15 2015

Six Obsessive Characters in Fiction

Sometimes it's love. Sometimes it's revenge. And sometimes it's the refusal to change. Obsession can hijack anyone, and Phil Hogan has compiled a list of six of the most obsessive characters...
June 10 2014

Slate Nailed It: YA and Detective Fiction Are for Rubes

An article in Slate by Ruth Graham that appeared last week decrying the popularity of YA fiction among adult readers has created quite the backlash from other media forums (including to name a few,...
April 30 2013

“Psycho” Killers Are People Too

From Edward Hyde to Hannibal Lecter, to the serial killer in practically every James Patterson novel, what would the world of mystery thrillers be without the psychopathic, criminally disturbed villain? ...
March 13 2013

The Godmother of Noir: Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

If you trace the roots of literary noir back far enough, eventually you’ll run into the unlikely figure of Elisabeth Sanxay Holding. Though in recent years she has been overlooked in the rush...
November 11 2012

Noir in Film: 5 Great Films Adapted from Noir Classics

Raymond Chandler is considered one of the fathers of noir for good reason. His wonderful creation, Philip Marlowe, is one of the most popular detectives in crime fiction, and all of his books were adapted...
May 23 2012

The Women of Noir: Beginning a Primer

When most people think of noir/crime fiction (casual violence, knocking heads, guy’s guys, and blowzy dames), lots of names come to mind. Here, I’ll throw out a few, classics first:  Dashiell...
August 9 2011

Maybe Mystery Mashups

Trends may come and trends may go (though I’ve got a case of Pet Rocks stashed in the basement for when they make a comeback). One recent publishing trend that may have already seen its heyday come...
June 21 2011

Narcissism and the Supervillain

“Narcissist” has become a household word. We laugh as we assign the label to Castle’s self-absorbed, drama queen mother and to Hugh Laurie’s arrogant, manipulative, and egocentric character...