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Crime HQ
November 4 2014

Now Win This!: Watch What You Read Sweepstakes

From screens to pages, these six books will keep you tuned in for more! Register to enter for a chance to win. This sweepstakes has ended. Thanks for entering. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A...
January 21 2014

Fresh Meat: NYPD Puzzle by Parnell Hall

NYPD Puzzle by Parnell Hall is the 15th humorous mystery about Cora Felton, the grandmotherly-appearing and fraudulent Puzzle Lady, whose wise-cracking and sleuthing will put her under suspicion of...
October 9 2013

Fresh Meat: Crooked Numbers by Tim O’Mara

Crooked Numbers by Tim O'Mara is the second mystery featuring former NYPD cop turned Brooklyn teacher Raymond Donne (available October 15, 2013). A former officer and a gentle man. Tim O’Mara...
September 16 2013

Fresh Meat: Seven for a Secret by Lyndsay Faye

Seven for a Secret by Lyndsay Faye is the second historical crime novel featuring Timothy Wilde, a copper of Gotham's fledgling police force in 1846, sworn to uphold slave-catching laws while confronted...
May 22 2013

Why I Believe in Blue Bloods

I wasn’t sure why I kept watching Blue Bloods until this week because the show has many faults. The police procedural aspect of the show is serviceable, not great. It seems all New...
October 7 2012

Fresh Meat: Sacrifice Fly by Tim O’Mara

Sacrifice Fly by Tim O’Mara is a traditional mystery featuring a former New York City cop turned middle school teacher as he tries to find the killer of a student’s father (available October...
July 26 2012

Watching the Detectives Like a Real-Life Rick Castle

One of the more interesting perquisites of writing a New York City crime novel is that it gives you an excuse to hang around with detectives of the NYPD. When I set out to write mine, I was lucky to...
March 11 2012

Fresh Meat: The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye

The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye is a historical thriller (available March 15, 2012). New York City of 1845 is a cacophany of competing lexicons. In The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye, the city’s...
Crime HQ
December 19 2011

Mary and Carol Higgins Clark’s Deck the Halls: Crime and Family

Culminating the holiday season of crime for TNT Mystery Movie Night—though new bestsellers’ books have been picked up for next year already—is Deck the Halls, based upon Mary Higgins Clark and...
August 30 2011

The Sweeney and NYPD Blue:The Best Old Cop Shows

Television serves up memorable police stories both sides of the Atlantic. The old ones are the best. Good plots, great characters and tales that were not too sentimental. The ingredients really worked....
June 14 2011

Tough Cops: East Coast versus West Coast

I had to fold. Only had a pair of twos, which is like the saddest pair to have. I tossed my cards on the felt with disgust and regarded my fellow poker players. Pulled over the half empty bottle of...
May 17 2011

Castle Season 3 Finale: Kate Beckett’s Heart

Did Andrew Marlowe, the creator of the TV show Castle, misname the show? Think back three short years ago. Castle appears as a midseason series with only ten episodes written and produced. From...
May 16 2011

Who’s Dying for Castle Season 3?

Don’t forget to check your guesses at our Castle Season 3 finale recap.  Okay, so “The Dead Pool” was really this season’s episode 21, but we’re having another version right...
May 10 2011

TV Pilot Season’s Criminal Offerings

Next week, network TV executives will converge on New York City to announce their new fall TV schedules. More than 80 new pilots are currently being screened and selected to join returning favorite...