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November 20 2014

Fans Walk Tall: Longmire Rides Again on Netflix!

There were rumors last week that a deal was in the works, and today, it's official! Season 4 of Longmire will air on Netflix in 2015, with production beginning as soon as March. In the three-or-so...
August 14 2014

First in Series: The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson

The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson is the first modern western in the Walt Longmire series about a Wyoming sheriff. Registered commenters below will be entered for a chance to win an advanced reader's...
August 5 2014

Longmire: 3.10 Season Finale “Ashes to Ashes”

“Ashes to Ashes” wrapped up a couple more of the main arcs and ended with a riveting season finale that was quite satisfying for this Longmire fan. Rather than try to hit all the plot points,...
July 29 2014

Longmire Days in Pictures: Boy Howdy, Do They Love Walt in Wyoming!

For the third straight summer, Buffalo, Wyoming magically transformed (with the help of one hard-working Chamber of Commerce and an incredible team of volunteers) into Durant, the Absaroka County...
July 29 2014

Longmire 3.09: “Counting Coup” Down to the Finale

The penultimate episode of the season started with a bang and barely came up for air as writer Sarah Nicole Jones scrawled another corker of a show that had me satisfied almost to the end. Editor's...
July 22 2014

Longmire 3.08: “Harvest” of Resentments

“Harvest” picks up where we left off with Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) receiving care for a flesh wound and Vic looking genuinely drained from her hellish experience as a captive. When...
July 15 2014

Longmire 3.07: “Population 25” Calls for Help

Victoria “Vic” Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) and her husband Sean (Michael Mosley) on a get-away of hopeful rest and relaxation have anything but and before you can yell, “Watch out...
July 8 2014

Longmire: 3.06 “Reports of My Death” Can’t Be Trusted

After last week’s outstanding episode, “Wanted Man” —where Walt, Branch, and Vic finally located Hector, then the dying man identified a photo of extremist David Ridges...
July 1 2014

Longmire: 3.05 “Wanted Man”

“If you do the job right, Walt, by the time you put down your sheriff’s badge, you’re a wanted man.” —Lucian Connally. “Wanted Man” started strong...
June 24 2014

Longmire: 3.04 “In the Pines” With So Little Time

So many storylines, so little time. That’s what I was thinking while I watched ace writers Hunt Baldwin and John Coveny juggle Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor), tasked with clearing Henry Standing...
June 17 2014

Longmire 3.03: “Miss Cheyenne” is a Winner

Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) goes before the judge and his lawyer, and good friend, Cady Longmire (Cassidy Freeman) is hoping to get him released on bail until the trial. And with good...
June 10 2014

Longmire 3.02 and the Trials “Of Children and Travelers”

Okay, so this episode may not have given much time to the running storylines that I was really looking forward to watching, especially after the exciting season opener, but there were some moments...
June 3 2014

Longmire 3.01: Season Premiere “The White Warrior”

“The White Warrior” opens with Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) thundering across the dusty landscape in his SUV with Deputy Branch Connally’s bleeding body in the back en route...
May 24 2014

Kickin’ Ass Like It’s 1880: Ten Modern Cowboys

In 2003’s Monte Walsh, a story about the end days of the Old West cowboy, our protagonist played by Tom Selleck tells another long-time ranch hand that as long as there is one cow and one...
Crime HQ
August 27 2013

Now Win This!: The Longmire Series by Craig Johnson

Goodbye, TV Walt, and hello Book Walt! While you wait to find out if Longmire's Season 3 has been greenlit (we vote Yep—see our coverage of the TV series episodes here), we're giving...
August 27 2013

Longmire: Season 2 Finale “Bad Medicine”

A John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin episode of Longmire is always a treat, because usually it means casting aside the mystery-of-the-week conventions for more serialized drama. But the showrunners truly...
August 20 2013

Longmire: Episode 2.12 “A Good Death is Hard to Find”

The penultimate Longmire of the season delivers poetry and prisoners, stalkers and suspense. A dramatic poetry reading at the Red Pony sets the tone, a disembodied voice deeply intoning “A cowboy...
August 13 2013

Longmire: Episode 2.11 “Natural Order”

Well, the episode title’s prophetic once more for Longmire. We are indeed back to the natural order of things in Durant, and sadly, it’s all a bit anticlimactic after last week’s...
August 6 2013

Longmire: Episode 2.10 “Election Day”

The long-awaited and pivotal day has finally arrived: Absaroka County will elect (or re-elect) its new sheriff. But the political gets very personal in this stellar episode that just might be the best...
July 30 2013

Longmire: Episode 2.09 “Tuscan Red”

The last few Longmire episodes may have left me seeing red, but ironically this week’s installment “Tuscan Red” has me closer to tickled pink. The episode was really firing on all...
July 16 2013

Longmire: Episode 2.08 “The Great Spirit”

The Longmire two episodes ago was titled “Sound and Fury”—-but I think it would’ve been a more apt name for this episode, because it seemed to be full of white noise, which piqued...
July 9 2013

Longmire: Episode 2.07 “Sound and Fury”

Longmire took a walk on the neo-noir side this week with a Hitchcockian mystery premise, a femme fatale, and a hitman. When Henry overhears a bar patron at the Red Pony, Bill Nordquist, looking for...
July 2 2013

Longmire: Episode 2.06 “Tell It Slant” (Rhymes with Rant)

This week’s Longmire featured a Contrary Warrior, which is apropos as I’m feeling vaguely contrary about the show myself these days. I’d been hoping the expanded second season...
June 25 2013

Longmire Episode 2.05: “The Party’s Over”

Longmire lightens up a bit this week as Cady comes home, Lizzie shows off her lingerie, and an intriguing figure from Henry’s past pops up. After a strong season premiere, the show squandered...
June 18 2013

Longmire Episode 2.04: “The Road to Hell”

It’s another plot-heavy episode this week, as a cattle heist leads to conspiracies and murder. The highway patrol calls the Sheriff and his deputies (sadly, no Ferg this week) to a crime...
Crime HQ
June 14 2013

Our Favorite 10 Dads of TV Crime

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, we wanted to celebrate 10 of our favorite dads of TV crime. Half are crime-fighters, half are criminals, but each dad leaves an indelible mark (and dirty socks). 1)...
June 11 2013

Longmire 2.03: “Death Came In Like Thunder”

Absaroka County must be the West’s weirdest and unlikeliest cultural melting pot. First there were the Mennonites, now there are the Basque. This week’s episode, which bears a strong...
June 4 2013

Longmire Episode 2.02: “Carcasses”

This week’s episode starts with the discovery of a man’s dead body beneath a compost heap of animal carcasses, lending the episode its title. Unfortunately, it’s a fitting one,...
May 28 2013

Longmire Episode 2.1: “Unquiet Mind”

The season 2 premiere of Longmire was both familiar and exciting, as we reunited with our favorite sheriff and deputies for an episode of high drama. Walt and a very bored Vic are transferring...
May 27 2013

Behind the Scenes of Longmire: A View from the Edit Room

Ed. Note: Since we know you’re just as excited as we are for the beginning of the second season of Longmire, we bring you this little special taste!   Season 2 of Longmire is upon...