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Crime HQ
December 5 2014

Newspaper Turns Frown Upside Down, Circulation Plummets

  Recently, The City Reporter in Russia promised to publish only good news, and circulation dropped by 80%. No one felt compelled to buy tales about happy tots with baskets of friendly...
Crime HQ
November 20 2014

Wicked Good Brew: Jailhouse Brewery

Wintertime fills the shelves and supermarkets with one of our favorite things since the repeal of the Volstead Ace—seasonal beer. Recently in a list of the 8 Breweries in Awesome Weird Places,...
Crime HQ
October 31 2014

Pumpkin Facts: Cinderella, Beer, and Ostriches

Be illuminated (and possibly de-wormed and de-freckled) with these odd pumpkin facts! Previously, we've shared incredibly carved squash, discussed the truth and myths behind Halloween candy poisoning...
Crime HQ
October 30 2014

Inspirational Halloween Costumes!

If you're like many people and you're scrounging around for a last minute Halloween costume, perhaps take a tip (or 31) from Amanda Chapman. In 2012, Chapman's husband was diagnosed with...
October 29 2014

Drunk Man Stumbles into Wrong Bed (and Home)

A young man from Connecticut drunkenly stumbled into the wrong apartment and hopped right into bed with a complete stranger. Tyler Sullivan, 26, thought he was entering his mom's apartment,...
Crime HQ
October 22 2014

In the Kitchen with Walter W.

Miss Breaking Bad so much you can taste it? So does Walter Wheat, the pseudonymous author of Baking Bad, a parody/tribute cookbook due out on October 28. True, Ricin Krispie Squares might not sound...
Crime HQ
October 9 2014

Which Fictional Place Would Make the Best Haunted House?

Halloween is just a few short weeks away and with all the horror movies, candy, and costumes, there also comes one of our favorite fall traditions—the haunted house. Recently, a list of the ten...
Crime HQ
September 23 2014

Knitting for Psychos

This is our idea of a holiday bizarre: gruesome violence depicted in cuddly yarn crafting! We're, um, informing you in advance, because handmade gifts are really so meaningful... All projects...
August 20 2014

Trespassing Woman Kicked in Face by Zoo’s Giraffe

One zoo visitor made it a mission to see her favorite animal up close, however, the giraffe did not share her excitement at all. The woman, Amanda Hall of San Luis Obispo, California climbed...
Crime HQ
August 19 2014

The Question You Never Knew You Needed Answered: What if Michael Bay Directed Up?

In case Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn't satisfy your Michael Bay craving, we've got you covered in this YouTube video that asks a question you may never have thought of before but are...
Crime HQ
August 4 2014

A New Masterpiece Thanks to An Artist’s Bloody Chainsaw...and a Death Star

We've posted on thrift-store paintings enhanced by monsters, but Canadian artist David Irvine tosses in superheroes, villains, and pop culture icons, among other provocations. Cheaters...
Crime HQ
July 24 2014

Call the Grammar Police: Committing Word Crimes with Weird Al

“Weird Al” Yankovic is known for his puns and parody. For his latest album release, Weird Al released a music video a day including the above song—“Word Crimes.” It's...
Crime HQ
May 27 2014

Have My Drone Walk the Dog

Obviously, it's a wonderfully-tempered dog, obviously, not everyone has a drone... but enough with the caveats and concerns about pooper-scooping, because finally, thanks to Jeff Myers, something...
Crime HQ
May 19 2014

17 Year-Old Runaway Doesn’t Get Far, Even at Top Speed

After making it through his home's back gate, 17 year-old Spike sped as fast as he could to escape, but two hours later, he was only half a mile away, according to the Metro. To be fair...
May 16 2014

Strategic Bathroom Breaks: The Wonder of RunPee

Whenever I go to the movies, I always run into the same catch 22. I know I'll be thirsty during the film, but I also know that if I buy a drink, I'll have to pee, and that leaves me with two...
Crime HQ
May 12 2014

Part Man, Part Machine: Are the Two Halves of RoboCop (1987) Mirrors of Each Other?

Geeks for film, narrative structure, and just RoboCop (1987) will be nuts for this breakdown of the mesmerizing chiasmus (yes, we had to look it up) in the Paul Verhoeven film, written by Edward Neumeier...
Crime HQ
April 23 2014

Game of Pawns: FBI Creates Anti-Spying Short Film

Game of Pawns: No, it's not the cutthroat tale of four families desperately trying to take over a throne pawnshop, it's the story of Glenn Duffie Shriver, an American student who was tricked/paid/recruited...
Crime HQ
April 21 2014

Dog Houses from the Big House: Prisoners Lending a Hand

Prisoners at The Northeast Ohio Correctional Center (NEOCC) might be in the big house for the foreseeable future, but they are doing their part to help dogs in need by building dog houses. Part...
April 15 2014

Tread Lightly: Walter White, Prom Date

Walter White has been many things. Teacher, husband, father, murderer, and meth cooker. While he won't be adding “Prom date” to that list (though statistically and fictionally-speaking...
Crime HQ
March 27 2014

Online Vigilantism?: Artist Publicly Shames Texting Drivers

Ad campaigns and stricter laws on texting while driving apparently weren't good enough for one artist. Artist Brian Singer took his activism against people who text while driving one step further...
Crime HQ
March 14 2014

Weren’t We Just Talking About Florida?

If you're keeping track, it was just two days ago that Jennifer Proffitt told us all about the Hampton, the Florida town that might be shut down due to corruption in the police department after...
Crime HQ
March 3 2014

Pat D. Possesses All the Good and Evil

Thank goodness she has a tote bag! This bounty of Good and Evil from our sweepstakes found its way to winner Pat D., who was nice enough to send us a picture!   We're sharing it...
February 4 2014

It’s Good to be Bad: Supervillains Take Over Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl ads are always known for their over-the-top, near-cinematic quality. However, this year, the ads were taken to new heights—of a supervillain proportion. Whether it was the Jaguar...
Crime HQ
January 23 2014

Law & Order for Techies: Computers on Law & Order

Are you a super fan of Law & Order? All 456 episodes and 20 years of it? Well one super fan took his obsession to new—and more academic—heights. Jeff Thompson's project started out...
Crime HQ
January 13 2014

Man of a Thousand Faces: Nathan Fillion Tracks Doppelgangers

It's one thing when we, as non-celebrities, track down our celebrity dopplegangers, but last week Nathan Fillion joined the ranks. Fillion spent part of his week tracking down his celebrity doppelgangers—asking...
Crime HQ
January 7 2014

Cheaters Never Win, and Losers...Get Tattooed?

Football Season is in full swing. The Rose Bowl on New Year's Day got people psyched for college 'ball, and now hardcore football fans prepare for the ultimate game: the Super Bowl. Many fans...
Crime HQ
January 3 2014

Luke, I am Your Refrigerator...

Right before Han Solo was frozen in carbonite he issued one of the most famous lines in cinema as Princess Leia says she loves him: he knows. In fact, Star Wars is full of some of the most memorable...
Crime HQ
December 27 2013

The Season for Giving Meets a Crime HQ Recipient! For Realsies, Cynics!

You're all so suspicious, we wanted to share one of our happy sweeps winners with her well-gotten gain! Thanks for posting the picture, absolutely real and not stock-photo person Elizabeth F., and...
Crime HQ
December 24 2013

Even Santa Needs Rehearsal... and Direction

Hmm, no, still not feeling it. But keep working at it, Nick, you've got a few hours until go-time. Via Dailey & Associates' Santa Sessions
Crime HQ
December 20 2013

By Dickens’ Door-Knocker: Victorian Slang You Should Be Using

So many criminally useful terms with olde-tymey flair! Back Slang It: Thieves used this term to indicate that they wanted “to go out the back way.” Batty-Fang: Low London phrase...