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February 10 2016

Man Tosses Live Gator at Wendy’s Cashier

A man who allegedly tossed a gator through a Wendy's drive-thru window has finally been taken into custody, reports ABC News.  The man, Joshua James, 23, has been accused of throwing...
February 3 2016

Man Attempts To Sell Drugs... In a Courtroom

A not-so-bright Pennsylvania man is accused of trying to sell drugs at a court hearing. Yup. CBS Pittsburgh reports that Christopher Durkin, 35, appeared in court on Monday for a charge of...
August 19 2015

Drunk Man Lets 10-Year-Old Son Drive Home

Police in Stillwater, New York arrested a man after he allegedly allowed his 10-year-old son to drive him home because he was too drunk to drive. According to Yahoo! news, someone alerted...
August 12 2015

91-Year-Old Man Smuggles 10 Pounds of Cocaine into Australia

Australian police have charged a 91-year-old man from Sydney with smuggling cocaine disguised as soap. The suspect allegedly transported over 10 pounds of cocaine in his luggage from India, reports...
August 5 2015

Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop

A man pretending to be a cop was caught and charged after the driver he targeted with his bogus traffic stop turned out to be a real cop. D’oh! The Star Beacon reports: North Kingsville...
July 29 2015

Man Fakes 911 Call to Get Air Conditioner Fixed

A Pennsylvania man hoped paramedics would be willing to fix his broken air conditioner, but he's been charged with obstructing emergency services, because his medical emergency turned out to...
July 28 2015

Royally Flushed: Atlantic City’s Counterfeit Chip Scam

For most people, a royal flush spells certain victory, but for Christian Lusardi of Fayetteville, North Carolina, it might very well spell prison. When workers at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic...
July 23 2015

The Top 8 Crimes that Went Viral

What do criminals post on their feeds? You’ve seen the cute images on social media of babies, puppies and new cars, but there’s no better way to seek validation for violent acts and...
July 21 2015

Naked Drunk Driving Suspect Arrested After Falling Off Barn Roof

A drunk driving suspect ran from police in Pennsylvania and was later found completely naked on a nearby barn roof, according to the Inquisitr. Daquan Tate, 20, fled the scene after he slammed...
July 15 2015

Sword Thief Taken Down by Medieval Wench

A man who attempted to steal a sword from a jousting match at the Colorado Renaissance Festival was arrested after he was tackled and taken down by a wench, The Daily News reports. According...
July 8 2015

Man Soars High in Lawn Chair, Lands in Jail

Police from Calgary, Canada are shaking their heads in disbelief over a publicity stunt that could have ended very badly. Daniel Boria of Calgary has been charged with mischief after he floated...
July 1 2015

Stealing a Van, You’re Doing it Wrong

A man driving a stolen van was caught by police, because he ran out of gas after getting lost on a highway in Pennsylvania, according to The Daily News. Cristian Osorio of Queens, New York...
June 25 2015

Man Arrested After Running Naked Through Walmart

Two men were recently arrested after a video showed one of the men streaking through a Walmart in Kentucky. According to The Huffington Post, David Daniels and Timothy Smith were arrested over...
June 17 2015

Woman Dials 911 to Report Being Cheated by Drug Dealer

Daneshia Heller, 19, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida was arrested last week on charges of drug possession and misuse of the emergency system when she dialed 911 to report that a drug dealer stole her money...
June 10 2015

Thief Goes Back to Prison After Robbing Same Shoe Store

A man who served 16 years for robbing a shoe store in New Jersey is now headed back to prison for another robbery at the same store that had the same shoe salesmen behind the counter, reports Christopher...
June 9 2015

Never 8-Legged Chickens, No Matter How Delicious

KFC is a powerful brand in China, and that's why they're suing over the mutant-freak-bird thing. At Above the Law's Redline, Elie Mystal is on the case (emphasis ours): The China...
June 3 2015

Armed Robber Demands Doctor’s Pants

An armed robber took a doctor's briefcase… and his pants, according to The Telegraph. Bibb County, Georgia, deputies say the robber walked into the business and asked the receptionist...
May 28 2015

Woman Accused of Butt-Licking Bribery

This is by far one of the weirdest bribes that police have ever been offered. Sadly for Diane Thomas of Monroe, Louisiana, the arresting officer declined her invitation to have his butt licked. The...
May 20 2015

Burglar Takes a Nap on Victim’s Couch

A sleepy Florida man has been charged with breaking into a home and then taking a nap on the living room couch. Sarasota police were called to a house after a victim claimed she woke up and...
May 13 2015

Macaroni Salad Leads Police to Arrest Thieves

A New York Sheriff's Office said a hearty trail of macaroni salad helped them find and bust suspects in a burglary. Deputies from Livingston County, New York were called to a burglary scene...
May 12 2015

Cremains of the Day: Sex and Death from the Netherlands

“Sex and death” is a phrase with more resonance when you put Marvin Gaye on the iPod and open the lid of the 21 Grams memory-box. Artist Mark Sturkenboom of the Netherlands has created a...
May 6 2015

Man Car Surfs While High on Meth

A Florida man was reportedly high on meth when he surfed the tops of moving cars (see the video), terrifying drivers in Manalapan over the weekend. A witness told WPBF 25 News, “He was running...
April 29 2015

Women Jailed for Twerking

Three women have been tossed in jail after they filmed themselves twerking next to a World War II monument in Russia, Yahoo News reported. A court in southern Russia has sentenced three young women...
April 24 2015

Man Executes Computer Gangster Style

Have you ever been so frustrated with your computer that you’ve imagined shooting it? One Colorado man stopped trying CTL + ALT + DELETE and did just that, reports The Gazette. It seems...
April 15 2015

Robber Arrested with Dollar Sign Money Bag

Now this is just too classic: Police in Washington state arrested a robbery suspect carrying an actual canvas bag with a printed dollar sign on it. The man allegedly robbed an Olympia, Washington...
April 8 2015

Police Find Easter Bunny Stuffed with Meth

When someone receives an Easter Bunny, it's normally filled with  chocolates or other such goodies. How about meth? Well, that is exactly what police in Tulsa County, Oklahoma found over the...
April 1 2015

Girlfriend Stabs Boyfriend Over Chips and Salsa

An Akron, Ohio woman has been charged with stabbing her boyfriend over an argument about chips and salsa, reports ABC News. Ronnie D. Buckner, 61, told police that he and Phyllis D. Jefferson,...
March 27 2015

Like Jurassic Park, with Foreskins

Last year, we covered the strange and controversial artistic history of the Holy Foreskin, supposedly given to a pope by Charlemagne, which became a relic of veneration, being the only part of...
March 25 2015

Woman Assaults Neighbor with Poop

A Boca Raton, Florida woman landed herself in a stinky situation after being arrested for smearing dog poop on her neighbor’s face, according to The Huffington Post. Amy Goldberg, 57,...
March 19 2015

Robert Durst was Reading about Himself before Arrest

Robert Durst, the subject of the HBO documentary The Jinx, directed by Andrew Jarecki, was arrested over the weekend in New Orleans for the murder of longtime friend Susan Berman. According to...