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April 23 2016

Bacon Thief From the Future, High-Speed Food Fight, Bulldozers Battle, and More: The Bullet List

These are some of the more interesting true crime related stories from the past week (04/16/16 - 04/23/16): Shop owner accused of giving meth as bonus pay   Man Arrested After...
April 16 2016

Peeping Tom Drone, Real-Life Hamburglar, Misuse of Flatulence Spray, and More: The Bullet List

These are some of the more interesting true crime related stories from the past week (04/09/16 - 04/16/16): Man Turns Himself in on Charge of Stealing TV in 1989   Prank tricks...
April 9 2016

Defecation on Lawn Stabbing, Motel Owner Peeping on Sex, Chase Ends with Selfies, and more: The Bullet List

These are some of the more interesting true crime related stories from the past week (04/02/16 - 04/09/16): Defecation on Lawn Leads to Double Stabbing Candy Theft Could Mean King-Size...
April 2 2016

1,400 Bags of Heroin Hidden Inside Rectum, First-Grader Poison Plot, 13 Dead Chickens, and more: The Bullet List

These are some of the more interesting true crime related stories from the past week (03/26/16 - 04/02/16): Police allegedly find over 1,400 bags of heroin hidden inside man’s body   Hubby...
April 1 2016

Family Dog Brings Home Large Bag of Weed

A dog from Mississippi fetched something more than a normal bone or stick—he fetched a very large bag of marijuana. And I am not talking about Snoop Dogg. According to The Blaze, the...
March 26 2016

Easter Bunny Fight, Waldo Arrested, Sextortion, and More: The Bullet List

These are some of the more interesting crime related stories from the past week (03/19/16 - 03/26/16): Mall Easter Bunny, Father Scuffle After Child Slips   Man steals BMW...
March 25 2016

Man Arrested for 14-Year-Old VHS Rental

Anyone remember the movie Freddy Got Fingered with Tom Green? Apparently a North Carolina man forgot about this movie, too. That is, until cops went to arrest him for neglecting to return a 14-year-old...
February 24 2016

Tasty Garlic Knots Reason for Rampage

Over the weekend in Florida a pizza restaurant’s tasty garlic knots led to angry customers to go on a rampage. Huffington Post reports that local deputies at the scene said Jessica Conti,...
August 19 2015

Drunk Man Lets 10-Year-Old Son Drive Home

Police in Stillwater, New York arrested a man after he allegedly allowed his 10-year-old son to drive him home because he was too drunk to drive. According to Yahoo! news, someone alerted...
August 12 2015

91-Year-Old Man Smuggles 10 Pounds of Cocaine into Australia

Australian police have charged a 91-year-old man from Sydney with smuggling cocaine disguised as soap. The suspect allegedly transported over 10 pounds of cocaine in his luggage from India, reports...
July 23 2015

The Top 8 Crimes that Went Viral

What do criminals post on their feeds? You’ve seen the cute images on social media of babies, puppies and new cars, but there’s no better way to seek validation for violent acts and...
June 10 2015

Thief Goes Back to Prison After Robbing Same Shoe Store

A man who served 16 years for robbing a shoe store in New Jersey is now headed back to prison for another robbery at the same store that had the same shoe salesmen behind the counter, reports Christopher...
June 3 2015

Armed Robber Demands Doctor’s Pants

An armed robber took a doctor's briefcase… and his pants, according to The Telegraph. Bibb County, Georgia, deputies say the robber walked into the business and asked the receptionist...
May 28 2015

Woman Accused of Butt-Licking Bribery

This is by far one of the weirdest bribes that police have ever been offered. Sadly for Diane Thomas of Monroe, Louisiana, the arresting officer declined her invitation to have his butt licked. The...
April 9 2015

True Crime Thursday: Revisiting the Disappearance of Susan Powell in If I Can’t Have You

Normally, a dad taking his two sons camping is not strange, but when it occurs in the middle of a snowstorm on the same night that his wife disappears, strange doesn't even begin to describe...
April 8 2015

Police Find Easter Bunny Stuffed with Meth

When someone receives an Easter Bunny, it's normally filled with  chocolates or other such goodies. How about meth? Well, that is exactly what police in Tulsa County, Oklahoma found over the...
April 1 2015

Girlfriend Stabs Boyfriend Over Chips and Salsa

An Akron, Ohio woman has been charged with stabbing her boyfriend over an argument about chips and salsa, reports ABC News. Ronnie D. Buckner, 61, told police that he and Phyllis D. Jefferson,...
March 25 2015

Woman Assaults Neighbor with Poop

A Boca Raton, Florida woman landed herself in a stinky situation after being arrested for smearing dog poop on her neighbor’s face, according to The Huffington Post. Amy Goldberg, 57,...
March 10 2015

There are How Many Bodies on Mount Everest?!

Hundreds of bodies left freeze-dried on Everest? You may recall our recounting of the “traffic jams” of climbers, but we didn't know how many just pulled off the road and parked, forever....
March 4 2015

Cops Discover Pot in Container Labeled NOT WEED

File this one under another harebrained idea. A Nebraska man has been cited for possessing marijuana inside a container with a makeshift label reading “Not Weed.” The Lincoln Journal...
February 25 2015

Man Wreaks Havoc at Salon After Bad Haircut

A Connecticut man who just didn’t appreciate the look of the haircut he received was arrested by police after he, allegedly, became inhospitable toward the staff and began destroying the...
February 18 2015

Two Men Create Black Ice to Mask Car Crash

A Sparta, New Jersey man and his friend received a very chilly reception when authorities discovered the duo iced an intersection to cover up an alleged drunk driving accident. According to...
February 11 2015

Mother Threatens To Blow Up High School

A Staten Island mother has been arrested for allegedly threatening to blow up her daughter’s high school after the teen failed a major state exam, according to the New York Post. Karen...
February 5 2015

Pulling Teeth Causes Massive Traffic Jam

A distracted driver was responsible for a huge traffic jam in Alabama over the weekend. The driver wasn't looking at a cell phone or fumbling with the radio — he was trying to yank out...
January 13 2015

9 Year-Old Gets Arrest Warrant For Stealing Gum

Dealing with criminals is always very important in our society, but the news of a recent arrest warrant issued by an Idaho prosecutor has taken many by surprise. Yours truly included! According...
January 7 2015

Fireworks Factory Explodes on Film

A town in Colombia started the new year with a bang. A very big bang. According to United Press International, at least two people were reportedly injured when a fireworks factory exploded in Grenada,...
December 3 2014

Thanksgiving Shoplifter Had Cops Going in Circles

After a day of Thanksgiving shoplifting, an Oregon couple had police going in circles. Scratch that, I mean the police were watching them drive in circles. It all started after a few reports...
November 12 2014

Angry Husband Drives Wife’s Red Corvette into Delaware River

What started as a rescue story turned out to be a marriage beyond repair when a man in the middle of a divorce sent his estranged wife's red Corvette into the Delaware River. According to CBS...
October 29 2014

Drunk Man Stumbles into Wrong Bed (and Home)

A young man from Connecticut drunkenly stumbled into the wrong apartment and hopped right into bed with a complete stranger. Tyler Sullivan, 26, thought he was entering his mom's apartment,...
October 3 2014

Uh-Oh, Spaghettio: Woman Serves Jail Time...For Spaghettios

Most of the time at Criminal Element we discuss the criminally...inept. This time, however, we're discussing a woman who was innocent of her crimes and it was the police at fault. Granted,...