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February 11 2016

History as Mystery: Part II

Yesterday, in History as Mystery Part I, I explored why I love historical mysteries so much and offered 10 of my absolute favorites as sort of a crash course reading list to get you started. Now...
May 11 2015

Fresh Meat: Anatomy of Evil by Will Thomas

Anatomy of Evil by Will Thomas is the seventh Barker & Llewelyn historical mystery, and in London in 1888, who would they seek but the Ripper (available May 12, 2015)? I’m always up for...
November 6 2014

American Horror Story: Freak Show 4.05: “Pink Cupcakes”

Earlier this week, Ryan Murphy dropped another American Horror Story secret on us: each incarnation of his anthology series is interconnected with the others. This explains Pepper (Naomi Grossman)...
October 21 2014

99 Percent of You Might Be Jack the Ripper, Or His Victim

There has been a wave of examination of the latest Ripper case solution by crime enthusiasts and now four other molecular biologists and DNA experts. Upon the culprit's “revelation”...
September 9 2014

The Ripper Case Solved? We’ve Waited This Long...

After this weekend's “revelation” of Jack the Ripper's identity (was he really a local Polish hairdresser?) in the Daily Mail, we waited. It took mere hours for the first sets of...
February 3 2014

Fresh Meat: Who Thinks Evil by Michael Kurland

Who Thinks Evil by Michael Kurland is the fifth in a historical mystery series that takes a look at an alternative portrayal of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Professor Moriarty (available February 4,...
January 18 2013

Taking on Jack’s Legacy in Ripper Street

What happens when you have MI-5’s Matthew Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn from Game of Thrones together in a BBC original police procedural? Why Ripper Street of course. Here’s the official synopsis: Haunted...
September 13 2012

Ripping It Up: The BBC’s Ripper Street

Can anyone really ever get tired of Jack the Ripper-inspired movies and TV shows? We here at Criminal Element say “Nay!”. Which is exactly why we are all kind of excited about the BBC show,...
June 21 2012

My Addiction: True Crime Prime Time

The interest in watching true crime shows has grown so much there is now a cable station that shows nothing else. Investigation Discovery, or ID, fills its schedule with documentaries, news shows that...
January 13 2012

Matthew Macfadyen: Spook, Musketeer, Ripperologist

Late last summer, BBC One announced its plans to make an eight-part dramatic series focusing not upon Jack the Ripper or his victims specifically, but upon their aftermath in a “fevered, historical...
Pop Culture Nerd
November 15 2011

Whitechapel Episode Three: Jack, Meet Hannibal

The Whitechapel season one finale opened where episode two left off: with Mary Bousfield’s kidney bleeding on DS Miles’s breakfast table. Of course this makes him even grumpier (“My son picked...
Pop Culture Nerd
November 8 2011

Whitechapel Part Two: Kidney of Darkness

Tomorrow night, the first season of Whitechapel draws to a close.  If you missed last week’s episode, here’s a brief recap so you don’t get lost in London’s dark streets...
Pop Culture Nerd
November 1 2011

Jack The Ripper is Back in Whitechapel

Knowing that the BBC series Whitechapel (Wednesdays, BBC America, 10 p.m.) is about a copycat Jack the Ripper, I might not have watched it since I’m a complete scaredy cat when it comes to Ripperology....
September 1 2011

I Decree Plummer Deserves Kudos as Holmes

There I sat in Caffé Trieste on Vallejo Street in The City, attempting to channel the spirit of Francis Ford Coppola (he worked on the script for The Godfather in this very café) as I pored over my...
August 16 2011

Will You Spend The Hour with Dominic West?

That’s Madden, not Mad Men! We’ve been excited about the upcoming Dramaville line-up on BBC America, and it’s finally here! Programming begins tomorrow night with The Hour, starring Dominic West...