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February 9 2016

Murder Ballads: William Shaw and Lisa Levy Talk Music, Crime Fiction, and the 60s

The glory of the historical mystery is in recreating a time and place both familiar and new. Too often (for me, at least), I find the details in historical fiction maddening and anachronistic,...
March 7 2015

Crimes Against Film: Super Bitch (1973)

I have watched this movie three times now, and twice while planning to write about it for this site. I didn’t get around to doing a piece on it after the second viewing, because I was left unsure...
December 3 2014

Fresh Meat: Bad Machinery Vol. III: The Case of the Simple Soul by John Allison

Bad Machinery Vol. III: The Case of the Simple Soul by John Allison sees the return of the teenage Tackleford gang as they try to solve an arson case (available December 10, 2014). I greet...
November 8 2014

Fresh Meat: The Laws of Murder by Charles Finch

The Laws of Murder by Charles Finch is the 8th book in the historical mystery series featuring gentleman detective Charles Lenox, who’ll return to professional crime-solving with an awful case...
September 16 2014

Fresh Meat: The Blood of an Englishman by M.C. Beaton

The Blood of an Englishman by M.C. Beaton is the 25th cozy mystery featuring Agatha Raisin, a P.I. in the rural Cotswolds, who'll face murder amid the tormented world of amateur theatrics. (available...
April 24 2014

Crime Solvers: Forensics From the Past

In writing my historical novels, which are set in seventeenth-century England, I have had to spend a lot of time thinking about the crime-solving methods that would have been available to authorities...
February 11 2014

Fresh Meat: The Dealer and the Dead by Gerald Seymour

The Dealer and the Dead is the 27th international thriller by Gerald Seymour, featuring a small Croatian village that plans its revenge for decades following a deadly betrayal by an arms dealer (available...
January 3 2014

Fresh Meat: The Harlot’s Tale by Sam Thomas

The Harlot's Tale by Samuel Thomas is the second in the Midwife's Tale mystery series about seventeenth-century English midwife Lady Bridget Hodgson (available January 7, 2014). As a midwife,...
August 20 2013

Fresh Meat: A Fatal Likeness by Lynn Shepherd

A Fatal Likeness by Lynn Shepherd is the second mystery in the historical series about Charles Maddox, a detective in 1850s London (available August 20, 2013). When the story begins, Charles’...
May 6 2013

Fresh Meat: Original Skin by David Mark

Original Skin by David Mark, the follow-up to The Dark Winter, is a gritty police procedural set in the north of England (available May 16, 2013). Original Skin is the second novel in the Detective...
May 1 2013

Fresh Meat: Every Contact Leaves A Trace by Elanor Dymott

Every Contact Leaves a Trace by Elanor Dymott is a debut novel that reminds us that even the people we think we know best can hide dark secrets (available May 6, 2013). Alex is in his thirties,...
April 25 2013

Fresh Meat: A Murder at Rosamund’s Gate by Susanna Calkins

A Murder at Rosamund’s Gate by Susanna Calkins is a historical mystery set in London during the Restoration (available April 23, 2013). I’m the type of reader who loves a thrill ride,...
March 27 2013

Fresh Meat: Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer

Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer is the third book in the Clifton Chronicles series (available April 30, 2013). Most of the time when someone finds himself involved in a lawsuit, he wants to come...
March 15 2013

A New Kind of Identity Theft: Trailer for Orphan Black

A new BBC America thriller is all set to answer a question of ever-growing importance. Can a clone commit identity theft? I for one think it is a more than fair question. Here's the synopisis for...
March 6 2013

Fresh Meat: Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes

Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes is a suspenseful traditional mystery set in England (available March 12, 2013). Genevieve has finally escaped the stressful demands of her job and achieved her dream:...
February 5 2013

Richard III and Zombies

No, it’s not another mash-up, it’s two stories from the same city in England. To whit, Leicester, where under a seemingly innocuous parking lot were found the bones of the hated King...
February 4 2013

Fresh Meat: India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy by Carol K. Carr

India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy by Carol K. Carr is the latest Madam of Espionage mystery set in Victorian London (available February 5, 2013). In Victorian London, India Black has all the...
January 21 2013

Fresh Meat: Proof of Guilt by Charles Todd

Proof of Guilt by the writing team Charles Todd is the 15th book in the Ian Rutledge series, set in England after the First World War (available January 29, 2013). An unidentified body appears...
January 11 2013

What is Best in Life? A British Spy Comedy of Course

To say that all of us here at Crime HQ are fans of British television would be a bit of an understatement. Not only do we keep track of all the best shows they are not showing in America (get on that...
November 17 2012

Fresh Meat: Killer Librarian by Mary Lou Kirwin

Killer Librarian by Mary Lou Kirwin is the first book in a new cozy mystery series (available November 27, 2012). Minnesota librarian Karen Nash decides to go on her London vacation after her boyfriend...
October 24 2012

Sexy Beast is More Than a Gangster Film

The movie opens on an English gangster at his ease: Ray Winstone lays prone by his pool, baking in the Spanish sun. This is Gal, out of prison and enjoying the good life at his hillside villa with his...
September 19 2012

Basically, It Stinks

I was ONLY going to watch the horrid, legendary, Razzie-winner, Basic Instinct 2. However, after viewing the movie, I was compelled to go back and watch the orginal Basic Instinct along with it. Why,...
September 15 2012

Fresh Meat: Hiss and Hers by M. C. Beaton

Hiss and Hers by M.C. Beaton celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the Cotswolds village sleuth Agatha Raisin with another humorous mystery, this time involving a very attractive, then very dead,...
August 29 2012

Fresh Meat: Murder Most Austen by Tracy Kiely

Murder Most Austen by Tracy Kiely is the fourth book in the Elizabeth Parker cozy mystery series (available September 4, 2012). “If I had known that someone was going to kill the man sitting...
June 20 2012

Fresh Meat: A Room Full of Bones by Elly Griffiths

A Room Full of Bones, a mystery featuring a forensic anthropologist, is the fourth novel in the Ruth Galloway series by Elly Griffiths (available July 3, 2012). When Ruth Galloway arrives to supervise...
June 12 2012

Fresh Meat: A Place in the Country by Elizabeth Adler

A Place in the Country by Elizabeth Adler is a psychological suspense novel set in the English countryside featuring a mother and daughter (available June 19, 2012). Caroline Evans is a divorcee...
June 6 2012

Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?: The Crime that Continues to Haunt

April, 1943 It was a chill spring day in the rural Midlands area of England. Four teenaged boys—Thomas Willetts, Bob Farmer, Fred Payne, and Robert Hart—were poaching in the woods. But when...
April 26 2012

Fresh Meat: Lynn Shepherd’s The Solitary House

The Solitary House by Lynn Shepherd, is a historical mystery set in the world of Charles Dickens’s Bleak House (available May 1, 2012). London, 1850. Charles Maddox had been an up-and-coming...
April 24 2012

The Best Novel Nominees, or How To Handicap the 2011 Edgars

For the first time in recent memory (read: more than a decade), none of the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award nominees for Best Novel have ever been nominated before. On April 26th, one of...
January 5 2012

Fresh Meat: The House at Sea’s End by Elly Griffiths

Ruth Galloway has just returned from maternity leave and is struggling to juggle work and motherhood. When a team from the University of North Norfolk investigating coastal erosion finds six bodies...