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November 20 2014

Fans Walk Tall: Longmire Rides Again on Netflix!

There were rumors last week that a deal was in the works, and today, it's official! Season 4 of Longmire will air on Netflix in 2015, with production beginning as soon as March. In the three-or-so...
August 14 2014

First in Series: The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson

The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson is the first modern western in the Walt Longmire series about a Wyoming sheriff. Registered commenters below will be entered for a chance to win an advanced reader's...
July 29 2014

Longmire Days in Pictures: Boy Howdy, Do They Love Walt in Wyoming!

For the third straight summer, Buffalo, Wyoming magically transformed (with the help of one hard-working Chamber of Commerce and an incredible team of volunteers) into Durant, the Absaroka County...
July 15 2014

Longmire 3.07: “Population 25” Calls for Help

Victoria “Vic” Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) and her husband Sean (Michael Mosley) on a get-away of hopeful rest and relaxation have anything but and before you can yell, “Watch out...
Crime HQ
October 15 2013

Now Win This!: October Reads Bundle

We know you love bundles, fresh meat, and excerpts, so here's a selection that includes new reads, including a bunch of brand new titles we featured this week! This Sweepstakes has ended. Click...
Crime HQ
August 27 2013

Now Win This!: The Longmire Series by Craig Johnson

Goodbye, TV Walt, and hello Book Walt! While you wait to find out if Longmire's Season 3 has been greenlit (we vote Yep—see our coverage of the TV series episodes here), we're giving...
June 2 2013

Fresh Meat: A Serpent’s Tooth by Craig Johnson

A Serpent’s Tooth by Craig Johnson is the ninth Walt Longmire western mystery (available June 4, 2013). It’s hard to review a book nine books into a beloved series, especially when you...
May 28 2013

Longmire Episode 2.1: “Unquiet Mind”

The season 2 premiere of Longmire was both familiar and exciting, as we reunited with our favorite sheriff and deputies for an episode of high drama. Walt and a very bored Vic are transferring...
May 27 2013

Behind the Scenes of Longmire: A View from the Edit Room

Ed. Note: Since we know you’re just as excited as we are for the beginning of the second season of Longmire, we bring you this little special taste!   Season 2 of Longmire is upon...
April 2 2013

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Reporting from 2013’s Left Coast Crime in Colorado Springs

(Thanks to everyone for sharing photos, especially Clark Lohr!)     When Left Coast Crime attendees first arrived at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado,...
February 18 2013

Fan Favorites: Mystery Conventions

Mystery conventions (aka conferences) can be a great way to meet some of your favorite authors and to find kindred crime fiction friends. There are so many different fan conventions to choose from,...
Crime HQ
February 9 2013

Left Coast Crime Announces 2013’s Award Nominees

Left Coast Crime is an annual event sponsored by mystery fans, where readers, writers, librarians, and other mystery and thriller enthusiasts gather to share their mutual interest in the genre....
November 29 2012

The Butler Did It: Mystery Novels, Adaptations, and the Question of Spoilers

In the past month or so, to much local acclaim, two Australian telemovies based on mystery novels by Golden Dagger-winner Peter Temple introduced an interested populace to former criminal lawyer and...
Crime HQ
September 4 2012

Now Win This!: Craig Johnsons’s Walt Longmire Series

Sorry, this sweepstakes has ended. Stay tuned on our Sweepstakes page for more offers! Click here to enter for a chance to win! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE DOES NOT...
August 13 2012

Longmire Season 1 Finale: “Unfinished Business”

It’s a strong and swiftly paced first season finale for Longmire as the show finally takes a page—literally—out of the source novels. This episode features the same plot of Craig...
June 11 2012

Longmire, Episode 1.2: “The Dark Road” is Smart, Sad, and Sassy

I imagine a fair number of fans of the Longmire novels read the plot description of tonight’s episode, saw it was about Amish (ok, Mennonite, technically) strippers and went, “Huh?” But I’m...
June 4 2012

Longmire Pilot Recap: A Man Under Psychic Repair

It’s no surprise that A&E’s new modern western lawman show is fetching comparisons to that other western lawman show, FX’s wildly successful Justified. But watching the premiere episode, there...
Crime HQ
June 2 2012

Is Walt Longmire Like Tony Soprano? We’ll See!

If you’ve followed our previous coverage, then you know how excited we are for the premiere of Longmire at 10 pm Sunday night on A&E. We got a sneak peek at the pilot and think that show runners...
May 7 2012

New Longmire Trailer . . . We Can’t Wait!

Hold on to your ten-gallons, pardners, because A&E TV is cowboy-ing up. The cable network, better known for its reality shows like Storage Wars and Hoarders, will air a new scripted Western series,...
Crime HQ
March 19 2012

New Longmire Trailer Looks Dusty, Sounds Great

It’s no secret that we’ve been excited to see Craig Johnson’s contemporary Western series come to TV, and it finally kicks off this June. Here are early peeks at Australian actor Robert Taylor...
December 23 2011

The Dead Wives Club: US Edition

The Yanks refused to be outdone, and thus the American chapter of the Dead Wives Club was born. Here in the Land of Opportunity, membership is not denied to women, and two widows take their places among...
Crime HQ
August 28 2011

Longmire Won’t Need a Headstone Yet

Via, TVLine:  A&E has shown tremendous savvy (we think) and ordered the first 10-episode season of Longmire, based upon the novels by Craig Johnson. The series stars Robert Taylor as Absaroka...
Crime HQ
July 28 2011

Double A News on The Killing and Longmire

Via Deadline, crime fans get some vindication from AMC and sereis updates from A&E.  After the painfully inconclusive and even infuriating season 1 finale of The Killing—which producers...
July 15 2011

The Long Wait for Longmire

British gentleman-detectives are all well and good. I mean who doesn’t like to see Holmes and Watson running hither and thither in a never-ending game of genius cat and hyper-intelligent mouse? It’s...