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August 6 2014

The Movies of 1944: Phantom Lady

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of film noir’s landmark year, we’re looking at the six key noirs of 1944: Double Indemnity, Laura, Murder My Sweet, Phantom Lady, When Strangers Marry,...
July 23 2014

The Movies of 1944: Double Indemnity

This year film noir turns 70. While there had been some intermittent films leading up to the birth of the classic noir, in 1944 the dahlia bloomed with six key films: Double Indemnity, Laura, Murder...
April 23 2013

A Darkness On The Plains: 8 Classic Western Noir Films

Noir is like a disease. Its symptoms are moodiness, despair, guilt, and paranoia. There were early strains of it in German Expressionism; in the crime fiction of Woolrich, Holding, and Cain; in the...
November 15 2012

Lost and Found: Reader Fascination with Recovering “Lost” Novels

From the promise of discovering a dusty Van Gogh in the attic, to coming across fabled recordings by Robert Johnson, we love to discover something once thought lost forever. For book lovers the...
March 4 2012

The Big Literary Guns Behind Alfred Hitchcock Presents

I’ve watched a number of episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents over the years and given that it recently began airing on the Encore Suspense cable channel not long ago, I’m sure I’ll watch quite...
September 22 2011

Crime Waits

I have a favorite crime writer. I bet you’ve heard of him. But you may not be able to come up with his name. Here, have a sample and see if you can guess who it is: Well it’s 9th and Hennepin...
August 10 2011

Pulp Kafka: The Nightmares of Cornell Woolrich

The poet W.H. Auden once called Franz Kafka the voice of the 20th Century. What Auden saw in Kafka’s twisted tales was not simply their influence on other writers, but the way they captured the unease...
June 10 2011

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine: 70 years of Quick Fixes

This year Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine celebrates the seventieth anniversary of its first issue, which included stories by such leading lights as Dashiell Hammett, Margery Allingham, and Cornell...
April 27 2011

Memento and Amnesia Noir

This year marks the ten year anniversary of Christopher Nolan’s breakthrough second feature, Memento. In February, the film had a limited re-release in selected theaters as well as a new release...