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March 21 2015

A George Smiley Offensive: The Honourable Schoolboy

In John Le Carré's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, the previous George Smiley adventure, the intelligence officer was surreptitiously tapped to track down a mole—a bellicose cancer—burrowed...
November 2 2014

Fresh Meat: Black Karma by Thatcher Robinson

Black Karma by Thatcher Robinson is the second in the White Ginger series, featuring San Francisco’s souxun, or “people-finder,” Bai Jiang, assisting the police to locate a man whose...
July 10 2014

Fresh Meat: The Shadow Hero by Gene Luen Yang

The Shadow Hero by Gene Luen Yang and illustrated by Sonny Liew is a revived  comic series adapted from a 1940s series about the Green Turtle, the first Asian American superhero (available July...
May 8 2014

Fresh Meat: Jack of Spies by David Downing

Jack of Spies by David Downing is the debut World War I espionage series introducing U.K. spy Jack McColl who travels the world uncovering secrets disguised as a traveling car salesman (available...
Crime HQ
May 7 2014

Getting a Law Degree, Even If It Kills Me: Law Students Petition to Award Posthumous License

We've heard of posthumous awards, but what about posthumous licenses? Students in California are petitioning the State Bar of California to award Hong Yen Chang a license he was denied because he...
March 18 2014

Fresh Meat: Decoded by Mai Jia

Decoded by Mai Jia is the story of a legendary codebreaker who is tasked with solving two devilish codes that seem to be the product of his old mentor (available March 18, 2014). Decoded is the...
Crime HQ
February 4 2014

Announcing the 2014 Left Coast Crime Awards Nominees!

More award news! Left Coast Crime will be oceanside in Monterey, California this year (thus the monikker Calamari Crime), and here is its recently announced list of nominated honorees! [For Humor,...
August 16 2013

And the Lion Says…Bark?!

The zoo located in the People's Park of Luohe, in the province of Henan China had attempted something that was so cartoon, it could very well have been an episode of Scooby Doo. Almost. The...
Crime HQ
August 15 2013

A DIY Mountaintop Lair for the Urban Supervillain

One man's do-it-yourself mountain atop a Beijing skyscraper is not pleasing his neighbors, one of whom called its builder a “menace.” The article's author calls Zhang Lin...
June 9 2013

Fresh Meat: Enigma Of China by Qiu Xiaolong

Enigma Of China by Qiu Xiaolong, the 8th book in the Inspector Chen series, involves political machinations in Shanghai (available June 18, 2013). China is a country in flux, with a government determined...
May 5 2013

Fresh Meat: Shattered Trident by Larry Bond

Shattered Trident by Larry Bond is a submarine-centered, military thriller set in the not-too-distant future (available May 7, 2013). China is the new Russia, a writer’s go-to country for...
Crime HQ
January 17 2013

Man Hires “Assassins” to Kill Son in Video Game

A man in China hired assassins to kill his son. Oh, don't worry, it was just his gaming avatar in a series of online video games. The man, identified in foreign press simply as “Mr. Feng,”...
December 26 2012

The Strangest Weapons Real “Mad Scientists” Tried to Make

You know the look well: crazy white hair sticking out in all directions, coke-bottle thick goggles held fast across wildly staring eyes, while thickly gloved hands (black rubber gloves, no doubt)...
Crime HQ
November 6 2012

The Curious Case of Neil Heywood, British...Something.

You might call him a spy. MI6 says he’s not in their employ. Which may certainly be true as he may never have been paid for passing information. If, indeed, he did pass information of any...
Crime HQ
July 27 2012

Grand Theft Manhood

What is going on in China these days? First, there was the man who brought his index fingers to a gunfight. Then, there were the eighteen Chinese police who spent an hour rescuing a sex doll. And now,...
Crime HQ
July 26 2012

What a Body!

From the files of police oddities, right next to the lone un-gunman, comes this story of an eighteen-man police “rescue” of a . . . sex doll. Although this incident originally came to our attention...
May 9 2012

Weird News: Four News Stories That Sound Stranger Than Fiction

Is it just me or do recent events in the news seem like they were ripped from the pages of a mystery novel? I love a good mystery, and of course reality is much more, well, real than anything I could...
April 23 2012

Fresh Meat: One Red Bastard by Ed Lin

One Red Bastard by Ed Lin is a police procedural in 1976’s New York City, set against the backdrop of America’s relationship with Taiwan and Beijing, China (available April 24, 2012). There’s...
Crime HQ
January 23 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon! Gong Xi Fa Ca!

We were informed that “Gong Xi Fa Ca” is a traditional New Year’s greeting in Mandarin that means “Wishing you prosperity.” If it means, instead, “Let the web searcher beware,” very sorry...
Crime HQ
January 11 2012

A Deli-cat-cy That Kills

The AFP News headline screams:  Poisoned cat stew “killed Chinese tycoon,” but notice the scare quotes of conjecture around the words. If the story’s true that a business associate...
C. Z. Chen
August 16 2011

Ramen Westerns: Far East Meets Old West

What are “Ramen Westerns?” Imagine a spaghetti western as a starting point. Samurais and sharpshooters are not all that different. An iaidō instructor compared his Japanese martial art...
July 20 2011

The Elegant Bribery and Daring Forgers of China

According to Antony Ou of OpenEconomy: “Apart from appreciation and investment, it might be an alien concept for laymen outside the Chinese system that one of the most essential functions of art...
July 16 2011

Crimes in Writing and Writings in Crime

Languages can be fun, but they usually take a lot of time and effort to learn. Even if you put in the hours, some seem impossible to master. I for one can’t even make it past basic-level Korean, it...
Ay-Leen the Peacemaker
May 26 2011

Burning High-Action Brilliance: Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame

During the Tribeca Film Festival, I managed to catch a showing of Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. Watching the preview, this film promised big set pieces, lots of fiery explosions,...
C. Z. Chen
May 16 2011

Censorship and Chinese Crime Fiction: The Party Has Only Begun

What is the story told between the lines of crime fiction? More than a genre with deep literary histories in many cultures, it is a mirror of how law, politics, and society are perceived. Be it procedural,...