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October 16 2014

The Historical Villain: A Whodunnit in One Dimension

The golden age of the fictional villain—twirling his moustache, laughing Frenchly, tying women to train tracks—was the 19th century. In that innocent age, you could actually spook readers...
November 7 2013

Moneymaker: Victorian Ideas on Money and Mystery

Either money or madness is set at the center of nearly every mystery novel—and of course money itself can be a kind of madness.  The Victorians knew as much.  Think of the eponymous...
November 1 2013

Fresh Meat: An Old Betrayal by Charles Finch

An Old Betrayal by Charles Finch is the seventh book in the Charles Lenox Victorian mystery series (available November 12, 2013). Charles Finch continues his popular Charles Lenox mysteries in An...
November 9 2012

Fresh Meat: A Death in the Small Hours by Charles Finch

A Death in the Small Hours by Charles Finch is the 6th historical mystery in the Charles Lenox series (available November 13, 2012). Charles Lenox plans a trip to his uncle’s estate hoping...