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March 5 2015

Casting TV Crime with Rhys Bowen and Tasha Alexander

Join Rhys Bowen and Tasha Alexander as they discuss their favorite (and least) crime televison series, casting decisions, and ponder the perfect actors to play their own leading characters! Rhys...
Crime HQ
January 27 2015

William Gillette: The Actor Who Saved Sherlock Holmes

Before Benedict and Basil, there was William Gillette, a US-born actor who suited up on stage as Sherlock Holmes over 1,000 times, including once in a silent film. But until very recently, the...
December 30 2014

Mark Twain’s Sherlock Holmes Satire: A Double Barrelled Detective Story

As the Baker Street Irregulars prepare for Sherlock Holmes’ birthday,  celebrated this year beginning January 7th, here’s a less-known version of a Sherlock Holmes short story, which...
October 25 2014

Fatal Footlights: The Theater Mystery

The theater world has long been a prime setting for mystery and mayhem. Shakespeare, that homicidal scribe, virtually carpeted the stage with slain corpses. The murderers he created are numerous:...
September 28 2014

Fresh Meat: Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets edited by David Thomas Moore

Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets, edited by David Thomas Moore, is a Holmesian anthology of short stories that takes the famous sleuth through time and space (available October 7, 2014). This...
September 12 2014

Mayhem by the Numbers: A Mystery Count-Off

Having recently finished The Nine Tailors, Dorothy L. Sayers’ golden age whodunit, I had a small epiphany during the re-shelving process. I realized that I have quite a lot of numerically...
Crime HQ
September 9 2014

Now Win This!: Can’t Beat the Classics Sweepstakes

The classics are the classics! This bundle of seven criminal works, including an audiobook and a comic no less, has an impeccable pedigree! Click here to enter for a chance to win! This...
July 10 2014

It’s Sir Ian McKellen’s Turn: Can There Be Too Much Sherlock Holmes?

This is the first official image released of Sir Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming film A Slight Trick of the Mind. Slated to premiere sometime in 2015, this is the first glimpse we've...
Crime HQ
July 1 2014

Sherlock Will Air 2015 Christmas Special Before Series 4

Sherlock will return for a Christmas special, but eager fans will have to wait until 2015 to check back in with their lovable, banter-spitting duo. In an interview with The Telegraph, Martin...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
June 12 2014

Putting a Price on Holmes

If you could put a dollar value on your passion for Sherlock Holmes, what would it be? In the neighborhood of $250,000 to $350,000? Then you might be in luck. That’s the estimated price for...
June 10 2014

Slate Nailed It: YA and Detective Fiction Are for Rubes

An article in Slate by Ruth Graham that appeared last week decrying the popularity of YA fiction among adult readers has created quite the backlash from other media forums (including to name a few,...
April 7 2014

Sherlock Holmes’ Odder Fodder Part 2

With the publication of A Study in Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle kicked off a Sherlock Holmes phenomenon that has yet to abate. Sherlock and Elementary are just the latest in a long list of “reinventions”...
March 21 2014

Fresh Meat: The Revenant of Thraxton Hall by Vaughn Entwhistle

The Revenant of Thraxton Hall by Vaughn Entwhistle follows Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde as they try to stop a murder before it happens (available March 25, 2014). Full disclosure: This...
February 3 2014

Fresh Meat: Who Thinks Evil by Michael Kurland

Who Thinks Evil by Michael Kurland is the fifth in a historical mystery series that takes a look at an alternative portrayal of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Professor Moriarty (available February 4,...
January 27 2014

Sherlock Episode 3.03: “His Last Vow” Or I Married an Axe Murderer

We Sherlock Holmes fanatics are suckers for references (direct or indirect, even vague nods, some of us aren’t terribly picky) to the original stories. John Watson suffered one, possibly two,...
October 22 2013

All Hallow’s Read: 13 Haunting Mysteries (and More!)

With All Hallow's Eve soon approaching, here for your consideration are an unlucky number of books that, each in its way, fit the mood of this spectral season. As the above heading implies, many...
September 7 2013

Holmes 2.0: Life in the New Sherlockian Renaissance

I recently met a lovely woman. She was young, and attractive, and smiling, and redheaded—in short, she seemed perfectly normal.  After about five minutes, however, I’d identified that...
July 18 2013

Murder or Misadventure: The Great Houdini

His real name was Erich Weiss, and he was born in Budapest, Austria-Hungary in 1874.   Fifty-two years later, he died under the name Harry Houdini, the greatest escape artist of his age. ...
May 26 2013

Addicted to Addicted Detectives

Crime fiction is cheerfully described as an addiction by many of its fans, including such diverse personalities as Sigmund Freud and Woodrow Wilson. Just as neurochemical addicts have an endless menu...
February 16 2013

Fresh Meat: Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, edited by George Mann

Encounters of Sherlock Holmes edited by George Mann is an anthology of short fiction featuring Sherlock himself in a variety of genres from steampunk to straight-up horror (available February 19, 2013). When...
January 25 2013

Top Five Literary Mystery Novels

All too often, people assert that so-called “genre” fiction (a class that includes mystery fiction) is separate from “literary” fiction.  I think not. Why should...
January 9 2013

Crime-Solving Couples—How Novel!

The fun of reading mysteries laced with romance is the double plot: 1) solve the crime; and 2) watch the characters banter while solving the crime. Romance is often about how they compromise and learn...
December 6 2012

Initiation Rites: Towards Zero by Agatha Christie

I’ve always been an indiscriminate reader. Growing up, I wasn’t surrounded with a wealth of reading material so I read whatever I could lay my hands on. I never had the luxury of considering...
November 30 2012

Upon the Clear Distinction Between Fandom and the Baker Street Irregulars

In light of the ever-expanding popularity of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries in conjunction with recent adaptations including the Warner Brothers films, the BBC series, and the CBS reimagining, it falls...
November 19 2012

Murder in the Locked Room

The locked room mystery has always held a special fascination for suspense fans. Perhaps the most popular—and earliest—of them is Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Murders in the Rue...
September 23 2012

The Great Game: Criminal Element Joins the Elementary Scavenger Hunt

The Painter has escaped a maximum security mental hospital after the great Sherlock Holmes caught him. Now the Painter, who once tortured and killed art gallery owners, is threatening to return to his...
June 13 2012

The Enigmatic Emperors Of Crime

Ah, the villains! The smooth denizens of the dark. The sharks among minnows. The Napoleons of Crime. Yes, we love our heroes, the square-jawed champions of justice who often use their fists as efficiently...
June 12 2012

A Sherlockian’s Farewell to House MD— Page Moved

Oops, the article you are looking for has been moved here. Sorry for the confusion!
June 11 2012

It Wasn’t Lupus: A Sherlockian’s Farewell to House MD

From the day I started watching House MD on November 16, 2004, right up until this last month when the eighth (and final) season finished delicately extricating my heart with a dull ice cream scoop,...
April 18 2012

My Dearest Holmes: The True Love of Watson for Holmes?

‘… The accounts of these cases are too bound up with events in my personal life which, although they may provide a plausible commentary to much of my dealings with Mr. Sherlock Holmes, can never...