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6. LabRat517
After reading this post I'm more intrigued to read the offerings of this pairing. I'll be looking forward...
Gordon Bingham
5. gordonbingham
One person's history is another's fantasy..look forward to this title...
4. DebP
I couldn't stop reading the blog. I'm in for the contest, and will look out for further writing from...
Patrice Gottfried
3. pkg427
I usually don't believe anyone. I'd love to read this book.
Jane Schwarz
2. Janeschwarz
Wow! Just the way that you describe your research for this novel, I believe the story is terrific. ...
67. Diane58 social media comes responsibility as with other aspects of life, but as with all, some are irresponsible,...
1. Diane58
Enticing title. If I don't win your book, I will be purchasing it. I love McDonald, McBain and Deavers....
Heather Cowley
66. choochoo
My stomach turns when I see what passes as acceptable behavior to some people. When someone posts something...
Melissa Keith
64. melly801
"Florida is home to some of the nation’s dumbest crooks." LOL! So true! America's Most Wanted come...
Cheri Oggy
62. cherio1
I liked reading the previews; the book sounds terrific!
61. Tammy Evans
thank you for the giveaway, please enter me
Linda Fast
56. lindafast
I 'm hoping I win! Violence will never stop and I do not think it is getting worse. It's just that we...
Ed Nemmers
55. saturdaynightfever
I would like to read the work of Brian Bandell.
Saundra K. Warren
54. shortiew
I'm always amazed how people can do things like this and then think that everyone else would like to...
Carl White
53. CarlWhiteEntry
I am always amazed at those seeking fame for murdering people. Personally I never seek any attention...
Justin Eger
1. justineger
Though I can understand why it wouldn't be included (it's not Jim in action, per se), there is a very...
Joanne Mielczarski
52. jtmswim
I love all the topics covered in this book - would be a very enjoyable read for me.
Andra Dalton
51. andra77
Count me in!!! Would love to win!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win & good luck to all who enter!!!:)
kent w. smith
50. bodacious
It all boils down to a need for instant gratification for self-absorbed people and a need to have their...
1. Marianne Wheelagahan
Oh, sounds good. Going to have to get this one :)