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Chad Eagleton
3. ChadEagleton
Very excited that this is finally getting reprinted. However, the cover art is pretty underwhelming.
Corrina Lawson
2. CorrinaLawson
Hah! I will say after the pilot, the series has shown definite improvement in all areas where the pilot...
david hartzog
2. dlhartzog
Great post! Excellent novel and Caine film, looking forward to rereading sequels.
2. stuart radmore
An historical point.

The reference in the quotation to "King George and Queen Mary" (1910-1936) means...
23. A Cuban In London
Coolest guy in town, only surpassed by Paul Newman, in my humble opinion. :-)

Greetings from London.
Joe Brosnan
3. JoeBrosnan
Someone pointed out this North by Northwest reference on reddit:

Jody Darden
1. jldarden
Seen both films, loved Caine in both! Never read the book but if I win I could!
Jake Hinkson
2. JakeHinkson
15. Someone on Facebook pointed out that the Dude's opening visit to the grocery store for some half/half...
Lisa Ahlstedt
113. Lisanne624
Loved the series! Would love to read the book!
111. Rebecca Kesa
Would something to read .
Jake Hinkson
1. JakeHinkson
14. The blonde-wife-who-goes-missing in LEBOWSKI certainly evokes the blonde wife of gangster Eddie...
Kelley Tackett
110. tackettfamilyky
I watched Broadchurch when it was on BBC America and I thought it was fantastic. I didn't buy the book...
Phoenix Vie
107. Phoenix
The original series was very powerful, & I'd like to read the book.
Edward A. Grainger
22. EdwardAGrainger
Steve, Nevada Smith was a good idea but like my dad use to say needed a little more time at the drawing...
105. Regina m
It's a mystery who will win. Randomizer, pick me.
Patty Dump
102. 01whitty
I would enjoy reading this story. I really like stories without the typical "bad boy hero falls in love...
Court Haslett
4. courthas
Joe, Good call on Gus Fring. With his knife skills, he might have Gus's culinary abilities, too.
Court Haslett
3. courthas
Thanks William. I love every minute Van Alden is on screen. The guy is great. I remember Nucky's bodyguard...