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Cindy Hipolito
10. mysuccess
Broken Window sounds like a fascinating read. This would be my first introduction to this author. ...
9. Joy Gergle
Loved Murder at the P&Z! Excited to get my hands on Broken Window! For those of you who haven't read...
8. sha-li lee
I was working in New York City in 1984 but avoiding to take the subway as much as possible. Looking...
2. bobbichukran
The Cheyenne Social Club was one of the funniest westerns ever. I need to watch it again.
7. Dorothy H. Hayes
Leigh, thanks for a terrific review. You are too kind!
62. KL
Ultimately I do not get the hate that Lori got. Again, she is not perfect and not a Mary Sue character...
Edward A. Grainger
4. EdwardAGrainger
Undine, I would have to ask Poe what happened in that last week of his life and then dash right to quizzing...
Vanessa Galore
5. vanessagalore
I moved to NYC in 1984, and rode the subway a lot the first few years. It was the time of Bernard Goetz....
3. Undine
I've always interpreted "The Light-House" as Poe's shaggy dog story, with the last words serving as...
63. Robyn Norris
These sound like excellent books. Congratulations!
Sally Schmidt
4. bigcootie
This sounds like an exciting read. I haven't read any of her other books but I need to check them out...
3. maryc
Not sure the subway is safer today - people are so wrapped up with their electronic gadgets, they don't...
2. DebP
I haven't read any of her books, yet, but I'd like to.
Patrice Gottfried
1. pkg427
Read a few of her other books. Fantastic! Would love to read this one.
Bruce Arthurs
1. bruce-arthurs
Not in a lead role, but wouldn't Stewart's last Western be The Shootist (1976)?
Lily Kwan
61. lilyk
Very interesting reviews, thanks for the great giveaway!
Edward A. Grainger
2. EdwardAGrainger
I just checked IMDb and a Poe film (possibly several short stories?) is in post-production.
1. mates
I couldn't help but think this would make a good movie.
Heather Cowley
59. choochoo
Man, I hate when Hollywood doesn't do their homework!
Suzanne Rorhus
57. Rorhus
These books sound very interesting! I'd love to go on a sub cruise.
Buddy Garrett
56. garrettsambo
I would love to read the books. They sound very interesting.