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Trisha Mazzei
127. Trimaze
Would love to win and read this series from Brad Meltzer, it sounds amazing. The perfect summer read.
Trisha Mazzei
100. Trimaze
The excerpt really makes me want to read the rest of the book... Sounds like a thriller! I would love...
Clare 2e
1. clare2e
Bonus Musical Number: If you want to see panic, an expression Mads Mikkelsen's face doesn't get to use...
Kay Kendall
4. kaykendall45
Yes, exactly right, Peggy. And little does Austin Starr know that she's soon going to learn a new framework...
3. Peggy West
I see that Austin Starr is experiencing the quandaries that other women faced at that time - clashing...
Kay Kendall
2. kaykendall45
Thanks, Sandy. I'm sure glad chapter 3 snagged you. As soon as the book is OFFICIALLY out on Tuesday,...
1. Sandy Manning
It's got my attention. Can't wait to read the rest.
5. TrissStein
I missed this one too, though I liked the Sam McCain books. Thanks for pointing me to this series and...
beth shepherd
98. tatertot374
love the excerpt. This looks like a great read. Thank you!
Heather Cowley
96. choochoo
What a JERK! Wrong character died, I'd say! lol
Anyway, sounds, sign me up! :-)
4. Laura K. Curtis
Can't wait to read this one! Ed's the best.
95. tiac35
I love to read mystery and thrillers, and this seems like a good one. Hope I win.
beth shepherd
93. tatertot374
This looks like a great read. THank you
3. ajpage
Terrie, this sounds fabulous. I don't know how I've missed this series, but I'm going to catch up.
Tarah Manning
91. tarah716
OOOooooh!!! This sounds like a great summer read!
Buddy Garrett
89. garrettsambo
It sounds great. I want to read it. Thanks.
Betty Curran
85. willitara
I love the writing style. I hope I win.
Angie Metzger
I'm enticed by this mysterious book. I would love to win!