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Peter W. Horton Jr.
6. mosaix
Writing is not easy and this book shows the difficulties! Yes!
Peter W. Horton Jr.
5. mosaix
Writing is not easy and this book shows the difficulties! Yes1
Kristen Howell
1. kat
Yes!!!!!! Love this advice column, so wicked!
3. Shilpa Malhotra
Wow amazing trailor looks like awesome movie i really wants to watch this movie.
Shilpa Malhotra
Kristen Howell
2. kat
I did not know this. Puts a whole new view on the play. I'm glad he wrote it as a comedy. too dark otherwise....
Amy Hageman
46. AmyH
Two very interesting books. Thanks for the contest.
Amy Hageman
4. AmyH
This is an interesting topic. It made me think of the role of the reader in determining authenticity....
8. n hodgson
I am male of 64 years old. Around 1960 there was a television programme about the death of Lawrence...
Andrez Bergen
7. AndrezBergen
Very good choices all round, in particular for TheTwilight Zone. And another I've never, ever forgotten?...
Laura Shangraw
3. fritterbit
This is very much food for thought. Would like to win it.
Deb Philippon
2. DebP
I really enjoyed reading this article on the topic. It seems to be a subject that is prone to kneejerk...
43. mjohnson
Loved the interview. Design for Dying sounds great. Can't wait to read it.
I love the idea of the wardrobe...
Todd Henson
1. thedelfrog
Would love the opportunity to try this book. Thanks for the post and giveaway!
42. Janeschwarz
Great interviews. The books sound like great fun and excellent reads. Thanks for the giveaway.
Adam Wagner
4. AdamCWagner88
Thanks! Looks like my spreadsheet didn't copy over as well as I thought. All fixed. Enjoy!
Sally Schmidt
40. bigcootie
Too much great stuff in this interview to mention! Loved all the references and both books/series sound...
37. Neroon
I like trying different takes on mystries so count me in.
Laurence Coven
36. Holmes
The Ambience of Hollywood's true glory days, if done well, always adds a mystique that modern settings,...
Beth Talmage
96. wordygirl
As a quilter, mine would be a quilt block design--a Sisters Choice, probably, as it is one of my favorite...
Beth Talmage
35. wordygirl
I love the discussion about our fascination with Old Hollywood Glamour. We are TCM-watchers at our...