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Adam Wagner
2. AdamCWagner88
@Erik # Arneson: Stay tuned! We have a great interview with Duane Swierczynski about The Black Hood...
Michaelann Dahlman
54. Michaelann_D
This sounds fascinating, I can't wait to get it!
Laurent Latulippe
80. krag48
This sounds great. It's on my reading list.
1. Ruth Cooper
"Don't turn out the lights" .......... I know that I would like to read this book.
1. Erik # Arneson
Great list. Another crime comic I highly recommend is THE BLACK HOOD, written by Duane Swierczynski...
Kristen Heyl
79. H0CkEyGrrL
Sounds like an aswesome book!!!! Putting this on my TBR list.
Melissa Darwin
1. turboterp
I love the cover so much! The gun in the "G" is brilliant.
Margot Core
78. AnnaZed
Ah yes, "I'm going to kill him" ... a thing one says, but sometimes (only sometimes) actually means!
Thelma Melendez
77. tmmelendez
Morgan Finney sounds like just the right amount of crazy and intelligence to make this a must-read thriller....
52. helen johnson
A sad and painful miscarriage of justice. I wish all the best for Adnan.
willa pode
2. trip
Edgar Allen Poe was fascinated by murder so I am not surprised that he would follow the criminal events...
Kristen Howell
1. kat
I love when a writer takes notes about a real murder and creates a fictional story. Poe is one of my...
Patrick Murphy
75. Ditch
Sounds like a great read. I would love ot win this one.
Linda Asmussen
I am very fond of the narrative style of "a man living in his head." It bespeaks how we all narrate...
Marisa Young
73. Risa
Looks like a good thriller to read.
Alyson Widen
71. Sunnymay
The high stakes of surgery seem to be pushed to the limits with this medical thriller. I want to know...
68. Peg Nitskoff
This is so well written, I can actually picture in my mind, the descriptions
Sally Schmidt
65. bigcootie
Wow, what an intense beginning. I do not think I will like Morgan Finney, but I know I won't be able...
Regina Stover
62. xs75g5v
Oooh - can't wait to read this book.