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102. Sherri Steinert-Brown
Looks like alot of fun I am in Montana maybe next year I will catch it
Ronald Roseborough
101. Ronrose1
Why haven't I heard of this before? I've got to win this contest for my favorite show.
charlene pierson
100. misscharly
Our daughter sent us this article, knowing how much my husband and I enjoy the tv series Longmire! ...
Jeanette Jackson
98. lindahl
My husband loves this show. I would like to win this for him.
13. John M. Whalen
Whether it's Ridges or Poteet, I thought the whole idea of Branch not getting to the trailer ahead of...
Edward A. Grainger
12. EdwardAGrainger
I originally thought so, Penny. But... next week will tell.
Simone Smith
11. Penny
Walt did kill David Ridges at the end. I think that some people are mistaking Ridges for Poteet because...
Kathleen Tyree
97. stackwood
I've been jonsing for more Longmire, so am re-listening to the books while waiting for the next season...
Diana Portwood
96. kittenmonster
Love the show, ready to start the books. The event sounds like a wonderful success, and plenty of fun!
David Steele
95. dastidle
My favorite show and a great series of books. Maybe next year I will point my Ford Ranger toward .......
Patty Dump
94. 01whitty
I couldn't wait for the new television season. I'm hoping to collect this entire series! I'm on my way!
Marie-Louise Molloy
93. Wezzie
I am so in LOVE with Walt Longmire!! I have read Craig's books but once I saw Robert Taylor, I was a...
Rylene Wauda
A good mystery will quell my mind--at least take it off my 93 year old Mother in a nursing home & trying...
Andra Dalton
87. Andra77
Wow what an event!!! Sure hope someday to attend!!! Have read the books & watch the show faithfully...
Rylene Wauda
Reading is the only thing that helps me unwind after visiting my 93 year old Mother a nursing home and...
Virginia Campbell
85. VirginiaCampbell
Thank you, Craig Johnson--I've already said that more than once, and I expect to say it many more times....
84. mrw
Was Dog there? Vic is the STAR! And, I'll have the usual.
Kristen Stewart
83. stewkris80
I would love to go next year! These are now some of my favorite books that I recommend to everyone who...
Marty Pedicini
82. mpedicini
I'm adding this to my list of fun activities to do! I love the show and would like it to continue for...
Donald Hornbaker
81. Donaldthe
Longmire Days looks great!! Wish that I had been, but maybe next?
Patty Andersen
80. bookswoman
I so want to get over there for a Longmire Days. Thank you for sharing your experiences of the celebration.
79. Lydia
We love Longmire! This sounds like a terrific way to experience the only show on tv whose season is...