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18. LStirling
The book really catches my interest. I like her favourite line, "In my dreams, the dead can speak."...
Susan Pertierra
24. orchidlady01
I love to read boks or watch movies or TV shows set in Great Britain.
Susan Pertierra
16. orchidlady01
I haven't read many mysteries set in Colorado and would love to read this one.
Sharon Shumway
23. Shellen
Love Vera Stanhope on TV (great casting) and the printed page. I would love to win,
jean olaughlin
22. kerrigans
I think Vera sounds like an awesome show. I am going to find it and start watching.
Sandra Furlotte
15. skfurlotte
I love discovering new authors and would love to win a copy of this book.
Sandra Furlotte
20. skfurlotte
I read the books before I saw the series on TV, but I recognized immediately that Brenda was the perfect...
Russ Cross
19. Inertia-Lad
I would love to win this. It sounds very interesting.
Donna Goodman
18. gorzd1
Interesting to see where Vera began. Terrific series, great acting and setting.
17. cheezy
I was so glad to hear Ann Cleeves' description of Vera's origin. It certainly suits amusing!
Laurent Latulippe
11. krag48
Good interview. I heard ninjas used icicles as a murder weapon to leave no trace too. Makes them great...
Veronica Sandberg
10. redron
I love a good murder mystery. I would love to read the book.
Laurent Latulippe
16. krag48
I love how you came up with the character.
David Cranmer
2. DavidCranmer
tontowilliams, I was probably a bit hard on this section but I did become restless. I've started on...
vickie dailey
8. kidcurry
enjoyed the excerpt. I like the part about pairing with Dave Robicheaux from the James Lee Burkemysteries....
Lori Provenzano
15. Mountainesque
I've seen five of the six seasons of Vera that have been aired and am looking forward to viewing the...
Barbara Cloud
Love, love, love the Vera series on TV and Brenda Blethyn. I love her raggedy old raincoat and her...
Clydia DeFreese
6. clydia
Thanks for the opportunity to read this mysterious book.
Clydia DeFreese
13. clydia
This is a series I have not seen before. Thanks for the info.
12. aliceactor
Wow, how have I not heard of this series before? I would love to win. Puh-lease!!!!
susan beamon
5. susanbeamon
I like books set in Colorado. Not enough of them are. We have a great state, lots of outdoor, rich ...
susan beamon
10. susanbeamon
Well, this is a new series to me, both on TV and in books. I think I might enjoy it.