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5. randal120
I read this one so long ago, I don't remember much more than it was one I liked/ THE SPY WHO CAME IN...
Catherine Myers
159. ktpotat
If there are ghost anywhere England has to be the hot bed.
Marcy Strahan
I WANT TO READ THIS AWESOME BOOK! I bought another at the Dollar store about Haunted America history...
david hartzog
5. dlhartzog
Fine list. I would include The Night of the Generals and Where Eagles Dare.
vicki wurgler
157. bison61
this sounds like a great book to read
Diana Portwood
155. kittenmonster
As a huge M R James fan, you've got my attention!
4. panzy11
Sorry, got mixed up between Block and Leonard...mea culpa! Although i do like Elmore Leonard too :)
3. panzy11
Enjoyed most of the list but have to disagree about Lawrence Block. He created the unforgettable Matthew...
Gordon Bingham
2. gordonbingham
Really enjoyed most of the listed titles (for some reason haven't read the Elmore Leonard title - planning...
Jake Hinkson
1. JakeHinkson
PS. A great place to check out issues of CRIMES BY WOMEN is The Digitial Comic Musem.
Shauntea Crutcher
153. tiac32
I love to read anything relating to the paranormal. I hope that I win this prize.
152. Lucinda L
Great book for especially this time of year!
150. Caren Nichols
Have always been intrigued by ghosts and hauntings. This looks to be like an excellant read.
Joshua Atkins
148. atkinsj
I would love to read this. Thanks!
Melissa Keith
145. melly801
Excellent post for Halloween! I love it. I'm a 'sensitive'. And I, as well as my entire family, have...
Heather Cowley
144. choochoo
Hmmm, appropriate! I'm planning a ghost tour for next summer. Perfect pre-reading for the trip!
Carrie Conley
143. weeziestoy
This is my reading time....sounds interesting...
141. Leela
Sounds like an interesting read.
140. Tim H. Moss
Good deal, count me in!
Buddy Garrett
138. garrettsambo
I love good ghost stories. This book sounds very interesting. Thanks.
Timothy Anderson
137. lycoan
Would love to add this book to my collection.