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5. Ron Bowling
I have seen all of Joan Bennett's movies except for six early ones from 1929-1932. In terms of beauty...
17. jpl123456
This is the BEST.
I want it.
Hope I win.
2. Patrick Murtha
For all the many times that I have seen this film (and I have taught it, too), I have never been bored...
Cindy Hipolito
15. mysuccess
Count me in. Would share this with my family after I read it first!
Deborah Wellenstein
12. dglitter
After reading the excerpt, I must read the book!
Edward A. Grainger
14. EdwardAGrainger
A Cuban In London, Thank you for giving it a read!

Prashant, The first two Bond films had minor gadgetry...
13. Prashant C. Trikannad
David, I had no idea Fleming had written short stories and that some of the so-called film adaptations...
2. Robin Burcell
What fun reading this! I loved Buffy and friends! My kind of heroine.
12. A Cuban In London
A very informative post. Thank you very much. You have given me a good insight into a hitherto little-known...
Terrie Farley Moran
1. Terrie
Three of my favorite authors talking about a classic tv series. It doesn't get better than this as...
Chi Shannon
8. anastasiafall
That cover is neat :) Makes me curious about the book!
5. Tracey Kerr
If you want to know more about Sue why not ask someone who has done time with her...Someone like maybe...
Jake Hinkson
3. JakeHinkson
Thanks, Cyril! The food (and the wine) was excellent!
Clare 2e
3. clare2e
Thanks for the very kind words, @CarolK @AlTucher!

As flattered as we are to be part of your daily...
Jane Schwarz
3. Janeschwarz
Sounds like a thrilling read. Pulp/fantasy/noir. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Andrew Beck
72. queerbec
I enjoy books about Hollywood history, particularly about the nuts and bolts of making film and how...
2. DebP
I could really get into this book. Wish me luck!