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Barbara Fish
126. Barb Fish
I love to read books set in places that I have actually visited. I hope I win this book!
125. sabina Edwards
wow, looks like such a good read. I'l lhave to add this to goodreads and amazon wish list
Ed Nemmers
124. saturdaynightfever
I would like to read the work of Con Lehane.
Rhonda Stefani
121. RStefani72
I absolutely Love mysteries focused on the incredible New York Library! Being a born New Yorker, holds...
Amy Baldwin
119. AmyLiz84
I dearly love any library, this one I'd never want to leave. And to visit NYC at the same time, never...
David Franklin
4. davefrank
Jon, I read somewhere that the island of Kauai is being used a lot by biotech companies as a testing...
115. Sallyw
This library would definitely be on my list of places to visit if I came to New York. It holds so many...
Linda Peters
114. linnett
I go to my local library every month to stock up, thanks for the chance
Patricia Barraclough
1. librarypat
It has always amazed and worried me at how blood thirsty the public can be. I cannot imagine going...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
3. Leslie Gilbert Elman
I've been a devoted Masterpiece Mystery fan from the start, back in 1980. That's why I review the entire...
2. veloaficionado
You don't really like this series, do you?

If so, why bother reviewing it? I could hear you stifling...
Sherry Schwabacher
1. sherrykaraoke
Thank you for all you do. Just as John Stewart always said, "We watch Fox News so you don't have to",...
Sherry Schwabacher
112. sherrykaraoke
My dream library. Maybe someday I can visit and not just read about it.
111. SherryKaroke
My dream library. Maybe someday I can visit and not just read about it.
1. Julie B.
I've watched a season of Bates Motel during a Netflix binge, and I'm a bit ashamed to say I've never...
110. Kirsten Irwin
I'm very excited to read this book! What a great idea; the library is such an interesting setting!
1. Eytan Lasca
Good thriller. I liked Peter Sellers' performance. If you can excel at comedy you can do anything....
johnna smith
This library is on my bucket list!! I love all the wonderful things associated with this particular...