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Carl White
51. CarlWhiteEntry
None of the people above even read the excerpt....I did....
Clare 2e
2. clare2e
Thanks! I hope you're stocked up with smelling salts and fortifying strong drink for the finale, Yam...
45. jpl123456
This is a WINNER in my opinion.
Hope I get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Dyke Ross
Im with everyone else, about the doctor but he didn't GIVE her the amnesia, everyone just needs to watch...
Linda Peters
44. linnett
being Canadian I would love to read this, have read great reviews on it, thanks
Michele Baron
43. angel320
Terrific excert...looking forward to reading the rest of this book
Betty Curran
41. willitara
Loved the excerpt. If I don't win I'll have to buy it.
Jerry Marquardt
35. versatileer
This is very fine writing. It is just right, and very interesting. I would read this cover to cover.
kent w. smith
34. bodacious
Another delightful read! Great series. Thank you.
Glen Robbe
1. grobbex2
Read this as an ARC - I love this series - this is her best yet - the writing is really superb - and...
Wilifred Alire
31. walire
I'm glad that Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is back, love the series.
Karen Terry
1. bblol65
It is a good show. The same things that where happening then is still happening now. Things are a...
Susan Pertierra
29. orchidlady01
Now, I will have to read the first 10 books in the series! Interesting writing.
Sue Leonhardt
28. coccotoro
I would love to read this book. I have read other books by Louise Penny, and her writing is amazing,...
Clydia DeFreese
27. clydia
I'm anxious to read Penny's new book. I have missed Inspector Gamache. I have all his previous mysteries.
Laurence Coven
26. Holmes
See a Penny pick it up and Read It! She's terriffic.