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9. LeslieM25
I always picture Rachael Roberts as Gretchen. She's gorgeous and I can see her playing a villain. I...
Joe Brosnan
3. JoeBro33
My money is on Carl (Or to Rick: Coooraaaal). He has that shoot-first mentality that is needed. But...
8. andreas
Gretchen- Connie Nielsen
Archie- Karl Urban or Goran Visnjic
Susan- Valorie Curry or Lindy Booth
Eleanor Kuhns
I would guess that of all the children, Judith will be the most capable of surviving. IF, and its a...
Brian Greene
2. BrianGreene
Thanks, David. Good to hear you liked this one. The Badge of Evil novel is worth a read, along with...
Terrie Farley Moran
1. Terrie
Excellent story. In fact, this is an excellent anthology.
Clare Toohey
1. clare2e
It's hard for me to imagine any of these kids making it to adulthood, and I wonder whether the sacrifices...
Edward A. Grainger
1. EdwardAGrainger
Such a fine article, Brian. And especially thank you for the history concerning Wade Miller. I knew...
4. xy
Since when is Latvia a Balkan state?

Control your facts before posting anything like this.
Thomas Walker
20. twalker
I would love to win the book. Sounds really interesting. Great article even though Romero 'Dawn of the...
1. Kyle Diamond Jones
I think the insecure piece of shit who killed Robert Johnson had Antifreeze put in it cause it's sweet...
Heather Martin
18. CrystalMirror
I was jusy introduced to the whole zombie genre a few years ago. Im just starting to watch the classics...
susan beamon
17. susanbeamon
My main focus on reading zombie books, and watching the movies, is the survivor story. How do they live,...
Amy Lilly
15. amyelilly
I, too, prefer fast zombies to shamblers because shamblers SHOULD starve to death since even my granny...
Susan Stokes
1. Susan
Will Miss "Justified" Good Synopsis , Insights...Still
Looking forward to Sea.6 ...,
Susan Stokes
1. Susan
PBS Sundays Keep us Busy..The Bletchley Circle was wonderful...The Background Segment, the Writers...
Charles Fraker
12. CharlieF
My cat (Mr. Shadow) insists that I enter this giveaway. His taste in books disturbes me but he must...
Thomas Canty
11. Thomas Canty
I'm another one of those readers (and occasional viewers) that loves the cross-over between the Science...
Vikki Parman
10. stormvikki
I love Zombie books and movies. I just finished the trilogy by ZA Recht. Night of the Living Dead scared...
Karen Terry
7. bblol65
I love zombie movies. When I saw Night Of The Living Dead, I was hooked. One day I was walking with...