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Deb Philippon
9. DebP
Good choices. But it can only scratch the surface of the wealth of movie memories. Count me in!
Katherine Marion
8. stitchkat
Wish the clip for THE BIRDS was here. Haven't seen that scene in years.
These are all good. I've only...
Karen Barnett
7. kpbarnett
I haven't seen them all but I sure do remember the ones I have seen!
Sally Schmidt
6. bigcootie
This list has me running to my DVD shelf to watch all these movies again. Right one with the most thrilling...
Sharron Walker
5. sharron
Good choices, has been many years since I have seen some of these. Going to have to catch up with them!
Gordon Bingham
4. gordonbingham
Great list - would recommned the combat scene/debacle from Kubrick's "Paths of Glory." One of the best...
3. JonDLand
Joe: That's an absolutely great choice for another scene that could easily have made this list. Brilliant...
8. Marielle Van Luik
Thank you for the opportunity! My husband would love this!
Joe Brosnan
2. JoeBrosnan
I love the list. One scene that will forever stand out to me is the opening scene from Inglorious Basterds...
7. thomas joseph rusinak
love to read....these sound like fun
1. rubishuz
Readers seem to be missing out on much of the fun of Poe.
5. Marie-Michele Bolduc
Books have a way of inspiring the imagination like no other medium
9. Ally Bishop
Great conversation. I think you have to first define "literary" vs. "genre." Since we always dance around...
2. centex
I think you mis interpreted something. Henry was builing his alibi for why his truck was dumped...
Laura DeLaRosa
81. bluecat731
I'd love to read the rest of it. Sounds great.
80. Lori Miller
Wow this case is so sad. Has anyone considered that perhaps Alice had been sexually abused as a child...
Andra Dalton
2. andra77
What a bountiful, bundle of books!!! Can't wait to cuddle up with all these in front of a roaring fire...
Jeffrey Malis
37. bravejam
Looking forward to reading this... Thank you for the Q&A and the chance!
8. KikiE
What about James Temple's character similarities to The Big Lebowski...?!?!?!
3. Chris S.
Actually, Lawrence flatly refuted Mosley's efforts to recruit him into the Blackshirts, telling one...
80. AnOn
This story is impressing. It shows how so many have no consideration for other people's lives. Thanks...
Scott Adlerberg
1. ScottAdlerberg
Nice piece. I never read these but I saw several of the adaptations on TV and enjoyed them a lot. A...
Candie Luster
80. cluster77
I was not logged in. This sounds conspiracy ish. Thank you
79. Candie L
Oh is sounds conspiracy ish. Thank you
Linda Peters
78. linnett
sounds like a great winter read, thanks
Susan Smoaks
77. susansmoaks
oh i can't wait to read this. thanks for the chance to win!