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10. James_copperhead
Many of you seem like "BBC" snobs. A period drama about an ex union soldier freshly returned from fighting...
66. Molson
Bronxgirl You are right. It make no sense why alice would do it. Would she be so stupid. Why? She wanted...
Edward A. Grainger
7. EdwardAGrainger
I consider you and Jake Hinkson two of the leading noir experts. Love the posts.
Brian Greene
6. BrianGreene
I love the anecdote about the BTAP covers, David. And I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the piece; thanks...
Edward A. Grainger
4. EdwardAGrainger
As I'm preparing BEAT to a PULP covers I'm always trying to match front cover to actual plot. My main...
Anne Marie
97. amjones1
I consider shows made from books as wholy seperate items from the books (see bones) In that way I can...
Mary Songer
96. LabRat517
I want to thank whoever had the idea to take this great series of books and put them on TV. I had never...
Gregory Sparks
95. sparkplug54
I'm a late comer to Longmire. I catch teh show on OnDemand. (A&E runs it too late at night.) Also...
Susan Robinette
94. susanrob
Love the books, and I can't wait for the short stories. I'd love to win a copy.
Mary Marley
93. mhmarley
I think Longmire is the first series where I don't even mind that the stories on the television and...
92. Tricia
Hmm...sounds great. I would love to get the collection of short stories, Wait for Signs!
65. Bronxgirl
Trouble1091. You're an idiot. Hopefully when the laws on intenet libel catch up with you, you'll find...
Carol Robinson
90. carolnpk
I love all the books and I'm a big fan of the series. Thank you for this contest. For an enthusiastic...
John Monahan
88. JohnM
I really enjoy the books and the show. I hope I win a copy of the new book.
Jim Belcher
87. librarypops
This is a great series and if I could I would drop all my other reads and finish the series today, but...
Charlene Roberson
86. TXCharley
I had never heard of Longmire until the TV series, which I LOVE!! Now I am ready to make my way through...
sue brandes
85. sbrandes
Love this series and would love to win the book. Thanks for the chance.
Wendi Morris
84. lwmorris
Love to read "Wait for the Signs". It will help with my withdrawal during the Longmire hiatus.
82. Neroon
I have been to a couple Craig Johnson book signings and found the author to be as entertaining as his...
75. JohnLoneWolf452003
I tought The Red Pony was sburned down in s3.09? Why is it still functional in s3.10?
Thomas Dodson
80. seltaeb
Just started reading this book. I love the TV show and would love to have the collection of short stories,...
Ronald Roseborough
79. Ronrose1
The Longmire series is the best western series bar none. Count me in.