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1. Leigh
Sounds like great cozy read. Gotta get it!
6. marie martin
I watched Rockford Files Season 2 this week. He was great in Maverick
You never caught him acting....
Brian Greene
4. BrianGreene
Glad to hear you enjoyed the piece, David. Let me know your thoughts once you see the film.
Edward A. Grainger
3. EdwardAGrainger
Brian, I've never heard of this film but your enthusiasm is contagious. Duly noted and will watch it...
Brian Greene
2. BrianGreene
Great to hear, Scott. Good to know we feel the same about this one. And yes all the acting is good but...
Scott Adlerberg
1. ScottAdlerberg
Brian, I do like vampire films and this could be my favorite one of all time - if I had to pick one....
2. Michael S. Chong
Chandler even makes a cameo in the film:
Jake Hinkson
1. JakeHinkson
PS. Here's a link to Raymond Chandler's little cameo in the film. Funny enough, this has been hiding
3. Jake
All other law enforcement officers, except NYPD, are portrayed on this show as utter boobs. That is...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
5. Leslie Gilbert Elman
Thanks for the kind words, all you Morse fans! Those last fifteen minutes were excruciating--in a good...
Edward A. Grainger
34. EdwardAGrainger
Mates, two more episodes that I know: “Counting Coup’ and the ominously titled “Ashes to Ashes.”...
33. Mates
How many more episodes are left in this season?
Edward A. Grainger
32. EdwardAGrainger
I had to check Google images for Cooper Huckabee but instantly recognized him from favorites like Harrison...
snow dog
31. snowdogmom
OMG, I noticed in the opening credits that Cooper Huckabee was guest starring and then when the episode...
Edward A. Grainger
30. EdwardAGrainger
Oh, ok. Check. Acording to the sometimes reliable Wikipedia the
Rizzoli & Isles character appear together...
29. Denise Robinson
Edward, actually "The Surgeon" is the first book and introduces Rizzoli, then "The Apprentice" and "The...
Edward A. Grainger
28. EdwardAGrainger
Denise, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Always appreciated! It may take me a few months to getting...
27. Denise Robinson
I am not sure why TV/movie writers feel the need to make changes to an adapted book series. I find that...
Edward A. Grainger
26. EdwardAGrainger
Denise & Randy, I will have to check out
Rizzoli & Isles. I will probably start with the books. Heading...
Edward A. Grainger
25. EdwardAGrainger
slider5weight, Sean's line about Ed being a milk toast kinda guy was memorable. And now that he's outta...
24. randal120
Randy Johnson here,

The only rea;ity programming I watch are sports. Cannot stand any of those other...
4. Marni G
It was a wonderful episode and cliffhanger, and this review does it justice! Now to wait for the next...
23. Denise Robinson
Rizzoli & Isles is based on a series of books by Tess Gerritsen. The books are great, however, the TV...
Susan Hazlett
3. Morse lover
When Morse started to recite, "Ensanguining the skies, how heavily it dies... " I got goose bumps. Of...
Cathy Martson
22. slider5weight
"Harvest" wasn't a sit on the edge of your seat intense, but it was still a good one. I was surprised...
Edward A. Grainger
21. EdwardAGrainger
Major Crimes and Rizzoli and Isles. Two I haven't watched yet. Duly noted. And, yeah, I'll never get...
snow dog
20. snowdogmom
Yes and Bones, The Mentalist, Castle, plus I'd add NCIS have all been on a long time and are at or nearing...