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1. Pambo
Sounds like a wonderful exciting book!. Great job Lisa!
30. Cogerson
Love this page. Lots of great information. We are currently doing a vote on the best Wyatt Earps and...
Doreen Sheridan
1. dvaleris
Yassssss to everything you said! I was so willing to give it credit given that the first few episodes...
Doreen Sheridan
2. dvaleris
This review sent me running straight to my library website. It sounds delightful (and now I can't get...
Doreen Sheridan
3. dvaleris
Do let me know how they turn out for you, Karin-who-is-not-my-lovely-assistant! :D

Barb, thanks,...
Doreen Sheridan
1. dvaleris
I've been very slowly catching up and am on the third episode now, but this review has given me further...
1. Lieke
I so love your insights. I did watch Morse way back when, but - as I was very young then - I remember...
Susan Smoaks
77. susansmoaks
thanks for the chance to win.
73. pegkeohane
I was so looking for a new author...and the combo of mystery and theatre is very appealing.
1. Captain Obvious
The chills. I cannot wait till it comes in next wekk.
Adam Wagner
2. AdamCWagner88
@Cindy Brown: You're so welcome! They're so fun to put together. I'm happy you are an Arrested Development...
62. Polly Barlow
I'd like to know more about the art of profiling. Also think I'll look up and read Poe's C. Auguste...
72. Polly Barlow
This sounds like a great read. I enjoy the theater ever so much and I especially like to read and...
Jeanine Wiater
71. jeaninewiater
I can't wait to read this book - thanks for the chance to win a copy.