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vicki wurgler
65. bison61
sounds great-I love to read series
L Peters
81. leepcat
love the original Sherlock Holmes. this should be a fun read. thanks
Sandra Slack
80. mz.pembroke
Sherlock Holmes was always a favorite, would like to see the new take on it.
Chi Shannon
62. anastasiafall
I'd be thrilled to check out this crime book :)
Chi Shannon
79. anastasiafall
I'd love to read some Sherlock stories! :)
Marty Crosson
76. mcrosson
So I skim the article, thinking there's nothing new anyone can do with Sherlock Holmes. Then I get to...
Adam Wagner
2. AdamCWagner88
Trust me, reading this now is the right "order." I decided to read the series 1-7 and then try and go...
Andrew Beck
59. queerbec
I always like to get in on the ground floor of a new series--that way I can watch the characters grow...
Alan Williams
1. tontowilliams
As a story in it's own right I enjoyed the tale of Tim, but what I really wanted was to continue the...
Kyle Johnson
72. kylecar94
Holmes is such a great character and universe to build around.
Jean Dickinson
71. justjean
I have enjoyed TV series featuring Holmes & Watson ("Elementary" and PBS excellent "Sherlock") and...
Jean Dickinson
55. justjean
Thanx for "introducing" this new-to-me author Thomas Pluck. I look forward to reading the first in his...