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2. Mike H
Hackman definitely elevates all material. Time for a rewatch!
David Cranmer
4. DavidCranmer
Oscar, the genre has gone to this specific well a few too many times, right? Current example: I was...
3. Oscar Case
I'll stick with the James Bond movies and books, but I doubt that i will read any more of them, not...
David Cranmer
2. DavidCranmer
This was the first I had heard of this author as well.
Susan Amper
1. bookcrazie
The 1952 version is a must see for all noir fans.
3. Brett
"What Is the Best Zombie Movie?"

The "Thriller" video.
David Cranmer
7. DavidCranmer
Terrie, I'm liking the genius title. Please continue to spread around.
Leslie Gilbert Elman
5. Leslie Gilbert Elman
Thank you! Look like I need to rewatch more Morse.
Leslie Gilbert Elman
4. Leslie Gilbert Elman
I did a little investigating:

"Hounds of Love" is a Kate Bush song. It starts with the words "It's...
Terrie Farley Moran
6. Terrie
Fascinating post. You are a genius. I left the goats and cars for brighter minds. Terrie
David Cranmer
5. DavidCranmer
Understand what you meant, Oscar. And if I had to pick one film on the list to start with I'd go with...
1. Sarah K
Wow, thank you so much for sharing my trailer! :D
The book really was fantastic and I can't wait for...
4. Oscar Case
Please deleete my comment.. Only one person committed suicide, I guess.
Wouldn't mind seeing both Mind...
Joe Brosnan
2. JoeBrosnan
Thanks, Claudia. I've reached out to Rick to see if we could set up some coverage. Sounds like an interesting...
David Cranmer
2. DavidCranmer
And I heard they are making a big budget remake though I'm not sure why because the first film despite...
Charles Gramlich
1. cgramlic
Cube was a really fascinating movie. They made a couple of sequels too which were also interesting.
1. Claudia123
Thanks for the recommendations. I am loving this site and I have found so many books to add to my TBR...
1. NIlda Jost
Yeah. Just what we need. ANOTHER anti-hero.
Lloyd Cooke
2. Lloyd
Please tell me what's the point of calling a newspaper comic strip "pulp"?
Let's respect pulp for...
Peggy Carpenter
1. CarpenterP
I love Rat Queens SO DAMNED MUCH! I picked up vol one on a lark and then immediately bought the 2nd...
12. lindsay8883
Anyone know what artist and/or which song plays at the end of episode when the record is played and...
Doreen Sheridan
2. dvaleris
I'd love to hear how you fare with the recipes, if you decide to try them!
Cassio Leite
11. Cal
I always tought of Usher as a kind of scientific cautionary tale about endogamy disguised as horror...
Teddy Pierson
2. TeddyP
The devil is just a cool dude, despite all the horrors.
3. Abhinav Kashyap
Good info. Luckily, I browsed your website accidentally, I bookmarked it. Thanks a lot for this contribution...