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1. armani horloges outlet
This post is very good, thanks for sharing!
1. mousey
This sounds so awesome I just have to have this book
Edward A. Grainger
15. EdwardAGrainger
Love those tease, fake Knight novels! Agreed it would have been something special if he had taken the...
Jane Schwarz
25. Janeschwarz
Love to read this zombie novel. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.
Jeffrey Raiffe
I look forward to reading these very exciting sounding books.
Scott Adlerberg
14. ScottAdlerberg
Looking forward to the King, Queen, Knave review. And I agree: Sebastian Knight definitely has a lot...
Edward A. Grainger
13. EdwardAGrainger
Scott, I planned on watching the film version of Despair before long and you have piqued my interest...
Scott Adlerberg
12. ScottAdlerberg
Terrific, piece, Edward. I'm a huge Nabokov reader and I couldn't agree with you more that Despair is...
Jake Hinkson
5. JakeHinkson

Thanks so much for the comment, and for sharing your memory of Leopold. That's fascinating.
peg nittskoff
ahhh! You definately have peaked my interest. Would love a copy of this book. We have a book club...
Melissa Keith
3. melly801
What a 'crock' of crap. Definitely a publicity stunt.
Edward A. Grainger
11. EdwardAGrainger
Thanks, Mates, Despair was very enjoyable to read and review. I have Nabokov's King, Queen, Knave to
10. Mates
Great review!! I want to read this one, I have only read a couple of Nabokov's novels. You make Despair...
Edward A. Grainger
9. EdwardAGrainger
Prashant C. Trikannad, I've always found labels a bit pretentious and silly. A great story is a great...
8. Prashant C. Trikannad
I enjoyed your review very much. I didn't know Nabokov had written anything bordering on noir but then...
Edward A. Grainger
7. EdwardAGrainger
Agreed, Ron. Humor is essential and masters like Woolrich, Highsmith, and Nabokov sprinkled that ingredient...
6. Ron Scheer
Excellent review. That mix of playfulness and noir enlivens the dark fiction of several writers I can...
1. SJHoneywell
This is my favorite Del Toro film as well, although I detect his hand in The Orphanage, which he produced....
Edward A. Grainger
5. EdwardAGrainger
Gladly, Victor. And thank you for stopping by, sir.
4. Victor
Good review and thank you for bringing this one out of the shadows, Mr. Grainger!
Edward A. Grainger
3. EdwardAGrainger
Brian, I hadn't heard of Despair before this past year. My nephew, writer Kyle J. Knapp, was a huge...
2. oscar case
Fine review, Mr. Grainger. I tried Lolita but just couldn't get interested in it. This one sounds better.
Brian Greene
1. BrianGreene
I haven't read this one and am not even sure I had heard of it before, David. And it sounds like noir...
4. EleanorKuhns
Whole science fiction series have been written on just that question. I would like to hope that Tommy's...
9. LeslieM25
I always picture Rachael Roberts as Gretchen. She's gorgeous and I can see her playing a villain. I...
Joe Brosnan
3. JoeBro33
My money is on Carl (Or to Rick: Coooraaaal). He has that shoot-first mentality that is needed. But...
8. andreas
Gretchen- Connie Nielsen
Archie- Karl Urban or Goran Visnjic
Susan- Valorie Curry or Lindy Booth