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Edward A. Grainger
6. EdwardAGrainger
Thanks, Brian. I believe I have a couple more to get out of my system. :)
Brian Greene
5. BrianGreene
Another ace post, David. Your collected takes on these Nabokov titles are really well done.
Sab Edwards
36. binabug
I'd love to read this then give my opinion if its on goodreads etc
Melissa Keith
107. melly801
Interesting post. I want to read HIGH FIDELITY.
I would LOVE to win A PLEASURE AND A CALLING!! I want...
Edward A. Grainger
4. EdwardAGrainger
Prashant, Dark never crossed my mind. Death is a continuing topic in novels like Pale Fire, The Eye,...
7. Megat Ishak
Longmire is a great TV series. It brings back decency to the small screen. Its a long swig of fresh...
3. Prashant C. Trikannad
David, PALE FIRE sounds like a very intriguing novel more so because it lacks the ingredients of a regular...
Jeffrey Malis
35. bravejam
Excellent article! Looking forward to reading more... Thank you for the opportunity!
Irene Menge
28. Goldenmane
Interesting insight into unfamiliar cultures and country. I will have to find this book.
Linda Knowles
27. strigoivii
Would love to read this, always looking to check new authors.
Julie Link
25. euchre35
THis post made this book one that I definitely have on my "to read" list
Janice Santillo
24. themommazie
sounds like a really interesting book. Would love to read.
Regina Thorne
3. reginathorn
Susan, as much as I love Justified, I approve of the decision to wrap things up because to me, it indicates...
Cindy Hipolito
20. mysuccess
This is a new author to me. Very interested in getting to become more familiar with the writer's work.