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Roy Lenza
81. r0yl
I'm looking forward to Ice Station Nautilus - and hoping it's as good as its predecessors. As an old...
David Cranmer
7. DavidCranmer
Oscar, what did you think of The Homesman? In particular, the final decision of Hilary Swank as Mary...
6. Linda Thorne
This was an interesting article. There are so many different books, from all over the world, and wonderful...
6. Prashant C. Trikannad
David, TRUE GRIT and DJANGO UNCHAINED are the only ones I have seen and I liked both. I do recall liking...
5. Oscar Case
Saw True Grit and the Homesman and enjoyed both. Hope to see the others before too long.
Jane Wright
14. azgarfan
Love all of Max Allan Collins works and looking forward to reading this one. Thanks for the opportunity...
3. Terry Hickman
The first three notes of Twin Peaks' theme automatically put me in a delightfully hypnotized state....
michel ferris
1. ferryboat
Please tell me this idiot got arrested for animal cruelty. Horrible. Ferryboat
michel ferris
2. ferryboat
I so agree that the music for a series sets the tone for it. Good read. Ferryboat
michel ferris
2. ferryboat
I wish all advice columns were as blunt as this fictional one. Thank you Ms. Houghton for making my...
Heather Cowley
49. choochoo
Alright. Scare me more. Motivate me to build my wall and grow my own food. Ugh!
Kristen Howell
1. kat
Yes!!!!!!! I miss Larson's Lisbeth. The new one not written by him is a dud. I like what you wrote....
1. Adan Ramie
Tragedy is so prevalent in modern society, it's no wonder most of us get our kicks through violence...
Alan Hopper
1. awhopper
Thanks Kristen. You're right on target with this article. Music and mayhem play well. The music for...