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7. ???
Would you please tell us the first picture's source?
Claudia Jones
I'm always excited about introducing Inspector Gamache and the residents of Three Pines to readers who...
sue weatherbee
142. dane711
We did Still Life when it first came out and would look forward to this one!
141. DAM
Our group would love this because Cleveland keeps getting skipped on the Louise Penny book tours! Thansk!
Rosa Abraham
140. ravensfan
I belong to a neighborhood book club. The members either live in the development or used to live there...
139. Dennis A.
Did the Marathon Gamache read two years ago for that latest book release. It's great to be hooked!...
138. rlsleater
Our group is literally a family: 6 daughters of a mother who had been addicted to mystery stories and...
Patricia Boyle
72. Charleydog
Always interested in reading a book about librarians. I have an MLIS degree from McGill University.
137. kugel
Because of my book group, I've read books that Iprobably wouldn't have, and discovered authors for...
Marsha Coarsey
135. Coarseym
Louise Penny is my favorite contemporary mystery writer. I can't wait to read her newest addition to...
LeAnn Knott
71. knottlady
Thanks for the chance to read anew author. Sounds like a good book. I do like the bread crumbs analogy....
Buddy Garrett
70. garrettsambo
It sounds like a great read. I want to read it. Thanks.
vicki wurgler
69. bison61
book sounds good-I've never read a book by this author
vicki wurgler
134. bison61
we are a small group 8 women who meet at our church. no meetings during the summer months, we will start...
65. LStirling
Such a sacrifice to travel to Paris every year, just to keep the writing fresh for his readers! I should...
6. Aubaci
Very interesting.Enjoy the opportunity to frinchising, and open your sex shop:
Pam Furry
133. acornreads
My mystery book group will celebrate our 20th anniversary this fall. We currently have 16 members and...
Carl White
64. CarlWhiteEntry
I used to date a Paris librarian, Paris, Idaho, probably not as exotic.
Diane Walli
132. dkw1953
Our book group from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area has been meeting since 2003. We are a group of women...
Jerry Marquardt
63. versatileer
I would like to thank you for your continued useful reviews and the
Q&A with Mark Pryor, Author...
kathleen barto
3. brockstreeter
Too soon to end....not ready........NO!!!....."THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED"......heard that statement somewhere,...