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Mary Ann Brady
11. mirahana
This sounds fascinating. I'd love to win this. Thx.
Sharon Kaminski
8. casaflamingos
I would love to read, I like horror stories.
Jeanette Taylor
131. Jeanette T
Just discovered you at my new library where we look for dvds of Detective Frost, and books about mysteries....when...
Charlene Roberson
4. TXCharley
This has always been my favorite John Wayne picture. He is just so REAL, but still larger-than-life....
Terrie Farley Moran
1. Terrie
Great list! I'd forgotten we have many of these articles here. Off I go to click on links. Thank you.
julie hedrick
5. julie123
This sounds like an interesting book to read.
4. Raymond Stone
In it to WIN it! Thank You!
Carl Ginger
3. cgin56
Very interesting article, nicely done!
Karen Koziczkowski
130. zoom38
I love Murder Mysteries. Thanks for the chance to win!
Stephen Saunders
129. ghostamongyou
I've been hearing some good things about this author.
Scott Adlerberg
1. ScottAdlerberg
I had the pleasure of reading this, years ago now, while I was in Berlin for a week. Picked it up there...
John Joss
17. JohnJoss
Ms. Elman,
Yes, of course it's on ITV. I feel a 'doh' moment coming on. Or is that 'duh?' If the same...
16. aa
Isn't this on ITV in the UK, which has commercial breaks? So the actual UK run time may be shorter than...
Alyson Widen
1. Sunnymay
Ghosts seem to be one of the buzzwords now that Halloween is upon us, but they don't always behave as...
Alyson Widen
128. Sunnymay
Mysteries have sure progressed since EA Poe's time. Two of my favorites are Les Roberts and Joseph...
5. Rod Thompson
Gentlemen: Come on ...55 years is perfect for a modernization of one of the all time best westerns!...
Regina Marlborough
127. marjeannie
Finch writes a great mystery. Can't wait to read this one.
Leslie Gilbert Elman
15. Leslie Gilbert Elman
John, I wasn't clear. I meant: why did the *writer of the episode* raise that as a possibility? By doing...
John Joss
14. JohnJoss
Ms. Elman,
I raised the alibi aspect because the judge mentioned it in court, along with the DNA inconsistency,...