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2. Seana
That is a great story. Twists and turns, and all so well pulled together. The fixed bike theme running...
42. Anonymous

8. DebP
This would take me through the summer in a genre I enjoy.
Donna Marton
5. donnawho
This sounds like a real nailbiter....sure would love to win this one.
1. Cat
Youre using the iTunes icon where you should be using an iBooks icon as there's where you get digital...
146. Eugenia Hall
What a great collection of books to win! I'd love to have them.
Peter W. Horton Jr.
3. mosaix
I need to be a member of the Culper Ring! Yes!
Pam Flynn
144. desdemona
How fun and can I really have a great time trying recipes and reading some great authors. These books...
Karen Golding
143. kpg813
Great collection of books, thanks for the giveaway!
Beth Talmage
142. wordygirl
I've had "Meet Your Baker" on my list since your initial review. Winning a copy would be a great way...
Beth Talmage
1. wordygirl
Summer is here and I am so ready for a great novel. Thanks for the chance to win one!
Amy Curtiss
141. Amy
Um, are any of the recipes for how to hide the taste of human flesh? I am thinking that the only way...
Mary Saputo
3. bitsy08
That proves my point. Never liked Seinfeld either. I watched the final episode and came away saying...
Jim Belcher
139. librarypops
Good thing they are good authors. Not sure they make it as cooks or chefs. :)
138. Aubrey Fletcher
What a great collection of books! I would really enjoy these.
Leona Olson
137. mnleona
Love to read the cozy mysteries. I also watch them on Hallmark.
136. Rosanne Morrison
Keep trying to get back into cooking likethe old days
Kelley Tackett
135. tackettfamilyky
These look amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on all of them but especially the Mystery Writers of...
134. dbooks22
Great reviews!!!! I would love to read these books and try the recipes.
132. LLear
These sound like a great set of books.