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1. Marybeth
HOLY CRAP!!!!! This looks like an intriguing movie with an interesting cast. I applaud Mr. Radcliffe...
4. maryc
Loved the book - looking forward to seeing the film.
Brian Greene
3. BrianGreene
Fantastic review, David. I'm intrigued to read the book now.
Edward A. Grainger
2. EdwardAGrainger
The book is well worth the time, Mates. Yeah, I like Nicole K. She's had a good run of quality films.
1. Mates
This sounds fantastic, I would love to read the book first but will most likely see the movie. Love...
Joe Brosnan
3. JoeBro33
I must take the credit, Jake. It's all I could think of when I saw TDKR in theaters. Thanks! Great post,...
Greg Mattia
2. gjmattia
I think it would have been a little more appropiate to have posted this back on June 23rd.
22. Deb
Very interesting. I would love to read this book.
20. Shirley Y
Sounds like a great read for the long cold winter evenings that are coming
4. samper
If you had read the post until the end, you would have seen that I believe Alice Crimmins to be innocent...
3. pamela4074
These two cases havr nothing in common, how do you even jump to comparison, Cummins case has never been...
68. pamela4074
Its investigations like this that will remain unsolved not because the police were in adequate at just...
Janice Santillo
14. themommazie
sounds like a real interesting book. Would love to read.
Jeffrey Malis
13. bravejam
Intriguing premise! Looking forward to reading the book and discovering more... Thank you for the...