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Polly Johnson
9. majorpj2
What a GREAT contest! I'd love to win these books.
33. Jillian
Um, aren't there actually 12 states in the Midwest? You are missing Missouri and Kansas.
Cecelia Rohrbacher
31. notarobot
interesting post - like the Driving Tour - have read some of the authors but a few are new to me and...
johnna smith
I have never read this author or series. Have been seeing a lot of promos on her lately and I must say,...
Donna Boisvert
9. greydogsma
Very interesting article by Mr. Manus. I have been
a life-long Christie fan. Have read and re-read...
Melissa Keith
7. melly801
When I met Jeff Lindsay (DEXTER author) I asked him...'I want to write a crime novel. Who should I read?'...
Melissa Keith
1. melly801
This is awesome! Thank you. I'm really into cozy mystery now. I'm reading BY FAMILIAR MEANS by Delia...
Gordon Bingham
6. gordonbingham
Damn...first read And Then There Were None at about the age of 10 and reread it in college. Probably...