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Edward A. Grainger
4. EdwardAGrainger
Very well said, John. Yes, he's in a class all by himself for sure.

I'm enjoying Raylan (his last...
3. John Hocking
The Bounty Hunters is a fine novel with a very satisfying close.
Even so, I find that the main "issue"...
Edward A. Grainger
2. EdwardAGrainger
Thanks for stopping by, R.T. And my favorite Leonard Western is probably his "3:10 to Yuma" short story....
1. R.T.
Yes! A superb novel that deserves to be widely read. Let us hope your posting provokes more readings....
1. R.T.
What a great posting! The Bounty Hunters was my first Leonard -- and then I was hooked on his westerns...
Karen Koziczkowski
102. zoom38
Need some Good Cold Weather Reading.. Want! Thanks for the chance!
Eleanor (Ellie) Miller
8. EllieMNV
When you do, please do post your reaction here. I always really enjoy reading your comments about the...
I would love to read this book. Thanks.
3. Randall
Love Robert's music; he was an amazing blues artist and musician. But you can't go around trying to...
barbara stenby
97. wikichoco
I wach a lot of BBC shows and no of the American attempts. Helen Mirren is my favorite in Prime Suspect.
Edward A. Grainger
7. EdwardAGrainger
I will definitly watch Beau James, EllieMNV. It doesn't take me much to watch classic films and especially...
Laura DeLaRosa
95. bluecat731
I love British comedies. Are You Being Served?, One Foot in the Grave, Keeping Up Appearances, As Time...
Buddy Garrett
91. garrettsambo
I would love to win this series. It sounds gret.
Eleanor (Ellie) Miller
6. EllieMNV
<smile> Now that you mention it, I remember when she worked with Flynn in "San Antonio" and how...
Kristin Sims
90. janeycat1
Great job reviewing this, I would love to read the series, thank you!
Linda Knowles
87. strigoivii
The British versions are usually better...better acting and better quality in general.
Chuk Goodin
2. Chuk
In Bruges is not technically a period noir but has some of the same sentiments, and it's set during...
85. Pattie M
Looks like a great series - can't wait to watch!!
1. Mantelli
I guess it's not really noir as such, but The Thin Man is a Christmas movie, too