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Whether the world is at stake or it’s just another day in Chinatown, Jake, these stories are about dark deeds, suspense, and the adrenaline rush.

<i>Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Dark Zone</i>: New Excerpt
May 22 2017

Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Dark Zone: New Excerpt

In Dark Zone, a race-to-the-finish thriller in the New York Times-bestselling Tom Clancy's Op-Center...
<i>Price of Duty</i>: New Excerpt
May 17 2017

Price of Duty: New Excerpt

Price of Duty by Dale Brown is the 21st book in the Patrick McLanahan series, where the U.S....
<i>You Were Here</i>: New Excerpt
May 17 2017

You Were Here: New Excerpt

You Were Here by Gian Sardar is a suspenseful debut novel about a woman haunted by nightmares...
<i>Perish the Day</i>: New Excerpt
May 16 2017

Perish the Day: New Excerpt

Perish the Day by John Farrow is the 3rd book in the Storm Murders Trilogy (available May 23, 2017). A...
<i>G-Man</i>: New Excerpt
May 15 2017

G-Man: New Excerpt

G-Man by Stephen Hunter is the latest installment in the bestselling Bob Lee Swagger series,...
<i>Two Lost Boys</i>: New Excerpt
May 13 2017

Two Lost Boys: New Excerpt

Two Lost Boys by L. F. Robertson is a debut novel and a legal thriller that deals with the controversial...
<i>The Love Interest</i>: New Excerpt
May 12 2017

The Love Interest: New Excerpt

The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich is a debut novel and an enthralling YA spy thriller (available...
<i>Tower Down</i>: New Excerpt
May 11 2017

Tower Down: New Excerpt

Tower Down by David Hagberg is the 21st book in the Kirk McGarvey series (available May 16, 2017). A...
<i>Shallow Grave</i>: A Polis Books Twist
May 10 2017

Shallow Grave: A Polis Books Twist

Acclaimed crime writers Alex Segura and Dave White pair up their series' characters—Pete...
<i>The Finishing School</i>: New Excerpt
May 10 2017

The Finishing School: New Excerpt

The Finishing School by Joanna Goodman is a suspenseful, provocative novel of friendship, secrets,...
<i>The Last Iota</i>: New Excerpt
May 9 2017

The Last Iota: New Excerpt

Set in the world of The Big Sheep, The Last Iota by Robert Kroese delivers another dystopian adventure...
<i>It’s Always the Husband</i>: New Excerpt
May 8 2017

It’s Always the Husband: New Excerpt

It's Always the Husband by by Michele Campbell is a suspenseful, absorbing novel that examines...
<i>The Good Assassin</i>: New Excerpt
May 4 2017

The Good Assassin: New Excerpt

The Good Assassin by Paul Vidich is a suspenseful tale of Cold War espionage set in 1950s Cuba,...
<i>The Fallen</i>: New Excerpt
April 26 2017

The Fallen: New Excerpt

The Fallen by Eric Van Lustbader is the 2nd book in the Testament series, which explores religion,...
<i>The Graves</i>: New Excerpt
April 25 2017

The Graves: New Excerpt

In The Graves, former prosecutor turned television writer Pamela Wechsler delivers a tense and enthralling...
<i>Proving Ground</i>: New Excerpt
April 22 2017

Proving Ground: New Excerpt

Proving Ground by Peter Blauner is a sweeping crime novel, an intricate story about the quest...
<i>Fallout</i>: New Excerpt
April 20 2017

Fallout: New Excerpt

Fallout by Wil Mara is an ecological thriller that deals with the immediate aftermath of a major storm...
<i>Dogs of War</i>: New Excerpt
April 19 2017

Dogs of War: New Excerpt

Dogs of War by Jonathan Maberry is the 9th book in the Joe Ledger series (available April 24, 2017). Dogs...
<i>No Easy Target</i>: New Excerpt
April 18 2017

No Easy Target: New Excerpt

No Easy Target by Iris Johansen follows Margaret Douglas, whose unusual ability to communicate with...
<i>Blue Light Yokohama</i>: Audio Excerpt
April 17 2017

Blue Light Yokohama: Audio Excerpt

Blue Light Yokohama by Nicolás Obregón follows newly reinstated...
<i>A Single Spy</i>: New Excerpt
April 17 2017

A Single Spy: New Excerpt

A Single Spy by William Christie follows Alexsi Ivanovich Smirnov, a Russian orphan forced to...
<i>The Measure of the Moon</i>: New Excerpt
April 16 2017

The Measure of the Moon: New Excerpt

The Measure of the Moon by Lisa Preston is a mix of mystery and domestic suspense that weaves together...
<i>The Seventh Sun</i>: New Excerpt
April 15 2017

The Seventh Sun: New Excerpt

In a breathtaking debut, Kent Lester has married fast-paced narrative and cutting-edge, reality-based...
<i>Ararat</i>: New Excerpt
April 13 2017

Ararat: New Excerpt

Ararat by Christopher Golden is the heart-pounding tale of an adventure that goes wrong—on...
<i>Change Agent</i>: New Excerpt
April 10 2017

Change Agent: New Excerpt

Change Agent by Daniel Suarez is an exhilarating sci-fi thriller that explores a potential future...
<i>Three Envelopes</i>: New Excerpt
April 9 2017

Three Envelopes: New Excerpt

Three Envelopes by Nir Hezroni delves into the twisted mind of a rogue agent in the Israeli intelligence...
<i>Kill Devil Falls</i>: New Excerpt
April 8 2017

Kill Devil Falls: New Excerpt

Kill Devil Falls by Brian Klingborg is a debut novel that follows U.S. Marshal Helen Morrissey as...
<i>The Outsider</i>: Audio Excerpt
April 5 2017

The Outsider: Audio Excerpt

The Outsider by Anthony Franze follows a young Supreme Court law clerk as he finds himself caught...
<i>If We Were Villains</i>: New Excerpt
April 5 2017

If We Were Villains: New Excerpt

Intelligent, thrilling, and richly detailed, If We Were Villains by M. L. Rio is a captivating story...
<i>One Perfect Lie</i>: New Excerpt
April 4 2017

One Perfect Lie: New Excerpt

One Perfect Lie by Lisa Scottoline is an emotional thriller and a suburban crime story that will...