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Whether the world is at stake or it’s just another day in Chinatown, Jake, these stories are about dark deeds, suspense, and the adrenaline rush.

<i>The Lioness Is the Hunter</i>: New Excerpt
February 23 2017

The Lioness Is the Hunter: New Excerpt

The Lioness Is the Hunter by Loren D. Estleman is the 26th book in the Amos Walker series (available...
<i>Grim Death and Bill the Electrocuted Criminal</i>: New Excerpt
February 22 2017

Grim Death and Bill the Electrocuted Criminal: New Excerpt

Grim Death and Bill the Electrocuted Criminal by Mike Mignola and Tom Sniegoski is a beautifully...
<i>The Undesired</i>: New Excerpt
February 15 2017

The Undesired: New Excerpt

The Undesired by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir is a chilling Icelandic thriller that might make you want...
<i>Under the Knife</i>: Audio Excerpt
February 15 2017

Under the Knife: Audio Excerpt

Under the Knife by Kelly Parsons is a heart-pounding medical thriller that will have readers on the...
<i>Stolen</i>: New Excerpt
February 14 2017

Stolen: New Excerpt

Stolen by Carey Baldwin is the 5th Cassidy & Spenser Thriller. Is she missing…or a...
<i>I See You</i>: New Excerpt
February 13 2017

I See You: New Excerpt

I See You by Clare Mackintosh is a dark and claustrophobic thriller in which a normal, everyday woman...
<i>Among the Ruins</i>: New Excerpt
February 11 2017

Among the Ruins: New Excerpt

Among the Ruins by Ausma Zehanat Khan is the 3rd book in the Rachel Getty and Esa Khattak series (available...
<i>A Divided Spy</i>: New Excerpt
February 10 2017

A Divided Spy: New Excerpt

A Divided Spy by Charles Cumming is the 3rd book in the Thomas Kell series (available February 14,...
<i>Testament</i>: New Excerpt
February 9 2017

Testament: New Excerpt

Testament is the latest in the Jack Howard series from David Gibbins, who uses his real world experience...
<i>Into Oblivion</i>: New Excerpt
February 8 2017

Into Oblivion: New Excerpt

Into Oblivion by Arnaldur Indridason is an Icelandic thriller and the 11th of the Inspector Erlendur...
<i>Six Four</i>: New Excerpt
February 8 2017

Six Four: New Excerpt

Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama is a dark and riveting plunge into a crime, an investigation, and a culture...
<i>Long Time Lost</i>: New Excerpt
February 7 2017

Long Time Lost: New Excerpt

Chris Ewan's Long Time Lost is a fast-paced, standalone thriller (available February 7, 2017). “Don’t...
<i>Presidents’ Day</i>: New Excerpt
February 6 2017

Presidents’ Day: New Excerpt

Presidents' Day by Seth Margolis is a twisting political thriller where the presidential race...
<i>What You Don’t Know</i>: New Excerpt
February 5 2017

What You Don’t Know: New Excerpt

What You Don't Know by JoAnn Chaney is a gripping, terrifying debut novel that follows those most...
<i>Swiss Vendetta</i>: New Excerpt
February 4 2017

Swiss Vendetta: New Excerpt

Swiss Vendetta, Tracee de Hahn's mesmerizing debut, is an emotionally complex, brilliantly plotted...
<i>The Cruelty</i>: New Excerpt
February 3 2017

The Cruelty: New Excerpt

The Cruelty by Scott Bergstrom is an action-packed debut thriller described as Taken meets The...
<i>A Darkness Absolute</i>: New Excerpt
February 2 2017

A Darkness Absolute: New Excerpt

A Darkness Absolute by Kelley Armstrong is the 2nd book in the Casey Duncan series (available February...
<i>Three Years with the Rat</i>: New Excerpt
February 1 2017

Three Years with the Rat: New Excerpt

Three Years with the Rat by Jay Hosking is simultaneously a mind-twisting mystery that plays...
<i>Amberlough</i>: New Excerpt
January 31 2017

Amberlough: New Excerpt

Amberlough by Lara Elena Donnelly is a debut spy thriller that follows a gay double-agent as he schemes...
<i>To Catch a Killer</i>: New Excerpt
January 27 2017

To Catch a Killer: New Excerpt

In To Catch a Killer, a contemporary mystery by debut author Sheryl Scarborough, a teenage girl uses...
<i>The Witch Who Came in From the Cold</i>: Audio Excerpt
January 26 2017

The Witch Who Came in From the Cold: Audio Excerpt

Enjoy The Americans? Feeling a bit more interested in the history of America and Russian relations,...
<i>Behind Her Eyes</i>: New Excerpt
January 25 2017

Behind Her Eyes: New Excerpt

In Behind Her Eyes, Sarah Pinborough has written a novel that takes the modern-day love triangle and...
<i>The Dry</i>: Audio Excerpt
January 23 2017

The Dry: Audio Excerpt

A small town hides big secrets in The Dry—an atmospheric debut mystery by award-winning author...
<i>Snowblind</i>: New Excerpt
January 23 2017

Snowblind: New Excerpt

Taut and terrifying, Snowblind is a startling debut from the extraordinary new talent Ragnar...
<i>The Breakout</i>: New Excerpt
January 19 2017

The Breakout: New Excerpt

The Breakout by Ryan David Jahn is a military thriller where Marine Corps sniper James Murphy is captured...
<i>Keys to Nowhere</i>: New Excerpt
January 15 2017

Keys to Nowhere: New Excerpt

Keys to Nowhere by Dorothy H. Hayes is the 3rd volume in the Carol Rossi Mystery series. A Tucson...
The X-Files Origins Series: 2 Audio Excerpts
January 12 2017

The X-Files Origins Series: 2 Audio Excerpts

How did Dana Scully become a skeptic? How did Fox Mulder become a believer? This week's Sounds...
<i>The Nowhere Man</i>: New Excerpt
January 12 2017

The Nowhere Man: New Excerpt

The Nowhere Man by Gregg Hurwitz is the 2nd book in the Evan Smoak series (available January 17, 2017). Spoken...
<i>The Rising</i>: New Excerpt
January 11 2017

The Rising: New Excerpt

The Rising by acclaimed thriller-suspense novelists Heather Graham and Jon Land is a story of action,...
<i>Cast Iron</i>: New Excerpt
January 10 2017

Cast Iron: New Excerpt

Cast Iron by Peter May is the latest Enzo Macleod Investigation in the Enzo Files (available January...