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And to think they can do it without cell phones! These stories highlight the perils of investigation and fighting injustice in times of yore, as well as adventures in the Old and New West.

October 22 2016

Skin & Bone: New Excerpt

Skin & Bone by Robin Blake is book #4 in the Cragg & Fidelis Series (Available October 25,...
October 5 2016

A Terrible Beauty: New Excerpt

A Terrible Beauty by Tasha Alexander is the 11th Lady Emily Mystery, where Lady Emily travels...
October 3 2016

A March to Remember: New Excerpt

A March to Remember by Anna Loan-Wilsey is the 5th Hattie Davish Mystery, where traveling secretary...
September 28 2016

Teetotaled: New Excerpt

Teetotaled by Maia Chance is a sparkling new mystery that will delight readers with its clever...
September 16 2016

Protectors 2: Heroes

The good folks who run Bouchercon have announced the 2016 Anthony Award nominees, and I’m...
September 14 2016

An Obvious Fact: New Excerpt

An Obvious Fact by Craig Johnson is the 12th novel in the New York Times bestselling Longmire series,...
September 9 2016

Ascension: New Excerpt

Ascension by Gregory Dowling is an historical mystery set in the Venetian past (Available September...
August 30 2016

The White Mirror: New Excerpt

The White Mirror by Elsa Hart is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut, Jade Dragon Mountain...
August 19 2016

The One Man: New Excerpt

The One Man by Andrew Gross is an historical thriller that's bursting with compelling characters...
August 5 2016

Survivors Will Be Shot Again: New Excerpt

In Bill Crider's Survivors Will Be Shot Again, Sheriff Dan Rhodes learns that, as the old saying...
July 26 2016

What Murder Weapon Are You?

If you're a fan of Criminal Element, then it stands to reason that you know a thing or two about...
July 22 2016

The Second Death: New Excerpt

The Second Death by Peter Tremayne is the 26th book in the Mysteries of Ancient Ireland series (Available...
July 13 2016

The Baker Street Jurors: New Excerpt

The Baker Street Jurors is the 5th book in the Baker Street Letters series by Michael Robertson (Available...
July 8 2016

The Graveyard of the Hesperides: New Excerpt

The Graveyard of the Hesperides by Lindsey Davis is book #4 in the Flavia Albia Series (Available...
June 30 2016

A Killing in Amish Country: New Excerpt

A Killing in Amish Country by Gregg Olsen & Rebecca Morris is the true crime tale of only the...
June 28 2016

Lowcountry Book Club: New Excerpt

Lowcountry Book Club by Susan M. Boyer is book #5 in the Liz Talbot Mystery series (Available July...
June 5 2016

Showdown City: New Excerpt

Showdown City by Todd Berger is a fiercely inventive novel of suspense and satire (Available June...
May 11 2016

Cape Hell: New Excerpt

Cape Hell by Loren D. Estleman is the 9th Page Murdock Novel, following U.S. Deputy Page Murdock's...
April 18 2016

Daughter of Albion: New Excerpt

Daughter of Albion by Ilke Tampke is a historical mystery set in Ancient Britain on the cusp...
April 12 2016

The 14th Colony: Audio Excerpt

What happens if both the president and vice-president-elect die before taking the oath of office?...
March 29 2016

Night Work: New Excerpt

Night Work by David C. Taylor is the second book in the transporting historical crime fiction, Michael...
February 22 2016

The Ironsmith: New Excerpt

The Ironsmith by Nicholas Guild is a historical thriller that imagines the political plots to kill...
February 15 2016

8 Presidential Mysteries

It's President's Day! Celebrate the history of our Commander in Chief with these excerpts...
February 1 2016

Shoot: New Excerpt

Shoot by Loren D. Estleman is the 4th installment of the Valentino Mysteries where Valentino has to...
January 31 2016

The Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish: New Excerpt

The Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish by Tim Flannery is set in 1932 and follows young anthropologist...
January 28 2016

The Secrets of Lizzie Borden by Brandy Purdy

Writing The Secrets of Lizzie Borden was a fascinating experience for me. I am always drawn to the...
January 24 2016

A Prisoner in Malta: New Excerpt

A Prisoner in Malta by Phillip DePoy follows Christopher Marlowe, an Elizabethan playwright, poet,...
January 8 2016

A Taste for Nightshade: New Excerpt

A Taste for Nightshade by Martine Bailey is a thrilling historical novel that involves recipes, revenge,...
November 12 2015

Away in a Manger: New Excerpt

Away in a Manger by Rhys Bowen is the 15th installment in the Molly Murphy series set during Christmastime...
November 4 2015

Home by Nightfall: New Excerpt

Home by Nightfall by Charles Finch is the 9th Victorian mystery featuring gentleman sleuth Charles...