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Jul 6 2016 1:00pm

The Evil Next Door

I used to joke about my house in Saint Paul, Minnesota, telling people I could sit on the toilet, open the bathroom window, and hold hands with my neighbor who was doing the same thing from his bathroom. Of course, the neighbor’s place wasn’t really that close, but it was close. Too close.

I don’t know why, but apartments don’t seem to convey that same level of wrong. Maybe because we go into apartment living knowing we’re dealing with a shared building. It’s like getting on a plane, bus, or train—we put up with it.

But, houses are domains. Houses are castles. They should be more private than apartments. I won’t deny that both types of dwellings lend themselves to secrecy and speculation and imagination. We can only guess what goes on behind the stucco walls or varnished doors with gold apartment numbers. Even though we might be close enough to reach out and touch someone, we have no way of knowing what’s really happening just feet away. While we shower. While we sleep. While we dream. While we are at our most vulnerable...

[The Sercret Life of Alex Mac everyone around you...]