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Mar 20 2014 8:45am

The lack of a delicous ice cream treat made a Florida woman really hot-headed. According to the witnesses at the scene, the woman set a man's car on fire in the parking lot of a Jacksonville McDonald's after he refused to buy her a refreshing McFlurry. A witness who spoke to Action News Jax shared:

“They were going at it,” the witness said. “She was saying she wanted this and wanted that, and she wanted either a McFlurry or an ice cream on top and he was not in for it. Then he was yelling at her saying he's not going to do it...”

“She got something out of the car that happened to be a bottle and then she got gasoline from who knows where. Then she poured everything all over it and next thing you know there was a match and it was up in flames.”

The real victim, a 1994 El Dorado, was totally destroyed. The man and woman have not been identified.

Sadly, in this situation, cooler heads did not prevail.

Mar 18 2014 8:45am

It's no secret that in controlled doses, certain types of dark chocolate can have a positive effect on the human body. Previous studies have shown that cocoa flavanols improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and artery health, among other things.

A new study is hoping to build off what we already know by administering volunteers a pill that is jam-packed with dark chocolate's healthy components. This is the first major study to look into harnessing the potential of dark chocolate flavanols, as 18,000 participants will be involved. 

But before you go running off to the candy store to buy all of the chocolate, be warned that the average candy bar is lacking these important flavanols, as they are destroyed during its processing.

And in case you're curious, the pill will be tasteless. Which, if you ask us, is a crime.

Hat tip:

Dec 6 2013 1:00pm
Maggie Barbieri

Once Upon a Lie by Maggie BarbieriAn excerpt of Once Upon a Lie, the first book in the Maeve Conlon thriller series by Maggie Barbieri (available December 10, 2013).

Maeve Conlon's life is coming apart at the seams. Her bakery is barely making ends meet, and one of her daughters spends as much time grounded as the other does studying. Her ex-husband has a new wife, a new baby, and a look of pity for Maeve that's absolutely infuriating. Her father insists he's still independent, but he's slowly and obviously succumbing to Alzheimer's. And now, her cousin Sean Donovan has been found dead, sitting in his car in a public park, shot through the head.

There was never much love lost between Maeve and Sean, and she's not exactly devastated by his death, but suddenly the police are poking around asking the family questions. It's just one more hassle Maeve doesn't have time for, until she realizes that her father, whose memory and judgment are unreliable at best, is a suspect in the murder. Maeve is determined to clear his name, but is she prepared to cope with the dark memories and long-hidden secrets that doing so might dredge up?


Chapter 1

The recipe was simple:

Take one old guy with budding Alzheimer’s, a cast of characters who had never met a potato they didn’t like, and a dead body in a closed casket. Add accusations and recriminations to taste. Mix well and bake for two hours from either three to five or seven to nine.

Voilà. Once everything cools to a simmering rage, you have an Irish wake.

[Continue on to read the full excerpt of Once Upon a Lie...]

Dec 6 2013 9:45am

Using mom's lesson “If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all” paid off when the open music encyclopedia site, Music Brainz, decided to say something nice and send this passive aggressive cake to Amazon to celebrate the third anniversary...of not getting paid! Most criminals would just go for the knee caps (and not have the patience) if they had to wait THREE YEARS for an invoice, so this is the better way to go. In the end, Music Brainz got paid, and Amazon got a free cake. Win/win, yes?

Nov 28 2013 9:45am

The tortoise cozy artistry of knitter and animal rescuer Katie BradleyChewing like this guy, you'll always notice the difference, not to mention avoiding a holiday Heimlich marathon.

Knitting artist and rescue enthusiast Katie Bradley of Vancouver, Washington has made over 800 delightful tortoise cozies, such as the helpful reminder above.

On this Thanksgiving, all of us at Crime HQ are grateful for you, even if you are prone to the most sinister thoughts.

H/T: Telegraph.

Nov 26 2013 10:00am

The Missing Dough, A Pizza Lovers Mystery by Chris CavenderThe Missing Dough by Chris Cavender is the sixth installment of the Pizza Lovers Mystery series featuring Eleanor Swift, who faces the skewering of a former brother-in-law during the Founders Day Festival (available November 26, 2013).

Eleanor Swift is expecting a normal day at her pizzeria, A Slice of Delight. She goes in, makes dough, preps her station, and hangs out with her sister, Maddy. Ten minutes after opening, however, her ex-brother-in-law come barging in the door to harass Maddy, begging her to give him a second chance.

Seeing as how Grant was a cheating, stealing, drinking thug, and seeing as how she’s already seeing another guy, Maddy resists his current crazy charms. Eleanor and Maddy escort Grant out of the pizzeria with the business end of a baseball bat. However, that’s not the last the ladies see of Grant that day. Later, Eleanor and Maddy are enjoying the Founders Day Festival with their significant others when Grant comes at them again. Bob, Maddy’s new man, goes after Grant, but is held back by his friends.

So, later that night, it’s not a crazy supposition for Police Chief Hurley to suspect Bob when Grant is murdered—killed by a barbecue skewer to the heart.

[For most ex-brothers-in-law, that fate remains fantasy only.]

Oct 29 2013 12:00pm

Halloween is almost here and instead of a trick, we thought we'd give you a treat of food mysteries! While cannolis and clam chowder aren't the typical treats for Halloween, we imagine these books will be just what you're looking for!

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[See what's in your bag of treats!...]

Oct 29 2013 8:45am

Like many people over the weekend, you may have gone to a Halloween party or are planning to have some sort of shindig on October 31. If you're still scrambling for any food ideas, we have one that might be super easy and creepy to boot!—and would only require some Milano cookies and a bit of talent with a tube of icing!

How do you plan to celebrate Halloween? Will you have a ghoulish bash or just be answering the door for Trick or Treaters?

Oct 22 2013 1:30pm

Frankly, these potatoes do look pretty f***ing great.There’s a scene in the movie Hamburger Hill that rings so true, I can’t help but remember it every time I hear someone say pass the potatoes. Usually at Thanksgiving or Christmas, someone will say it and I’ll smile privately, remembering the actor Michael Boatman who played the part of Private Ray Motown telling a story about how he went home and couldn’t keep from acting like a jerk.

To set up the scene, Motown is trying to convince one of the other men who is a short timer that he isn’t ready to go home. Motown is trying to explain that the military changes you, it indoctrinates you, it makes you do things for a reason that have no place at home… and sometimes there’s no reason at all. So he’s talking to the man and telling about how he went home on leave:

I smile at my Mamma. Great meal, Ma. Would you please pass the f**king potatoes? The ham is f**king A, Ma. You don't know how... how f**king great it is to be home. How you going to act, huh?

The scene is silent for a few long moments as each one of the men imagines how they’d act. You can almost see it in their eyes as they all realize that they’d probably act the same. And it embarrasses them. In fact, they’d rather be at war.

I remember this scene so well because I did the same thing. It was 1986 and I had just returned from my first duty assignment and a year in Korea. I hadn’t been home for more than 14 months and I was on leave between duty stations. I can see it in complete and utter horrifying clarity in my mind’s eye as if it were yesterday. There I was, sitting at the dining room table at our (then) home in Ooltewah, Tennessee, with my little brother, my mom and my dad.

[Get ready for a real Hallmark moment...]

Oct 22 2013 12:00pm

Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal LecterDon Draper may have his own Banana Republic line, but he's not the only well-dressed antihero on TV today.  Hannibal Lecter has made the transition to the small scene on NBC's Hannibal, and he's got more style than the MLA Handbook.  Not to mention he's a culinary connoisseur who has perfected the art of preparing delicious, savory… human meat.  What does Don make?  Cocktails?

Ok, enough Draper comparisons.

When watching a thriller with a backdrop of cannibalism, one might think it would be a whole lot messier.  But this is not the case in Hannibal.  Sure, there's a muted and gritty ambience like in most crime thrillers, but Hannibal brings a new flavor to the table (literally): a main character who isn't the worn, tired crime-stopper who's had one too many cases.  Instead, he's a well-groomed, flawlessly-dressed, calculating genius who just so happens to have a peculiar appetite.

[Mostly things that go well with fava beans and chi-anti]

Oct 15 2013 8:45am

And the eyes have it! At least for this fun Halloween treat. Make your guests' stomachs squirm with this finger food! Hat tip to Party City for creating these lovely favors and giving us many more ideas of how to have a ghoulish Halloween.

Oct 14 2013 8:45am

When you really, really like Cheetos, sometimes extreme measures will become necessary. Deep inside, we all probably suspected that, but here's more evidence.

The delectably crunchy, cheesy dominatrix of your taste buds doesn't care what she makes you and your orange fingers do.

H/T: the Cheezburgery

Oct 3 2013 8:45am

A Jar of Bompas & Parr's Occult Milk Jam, made with just a speck of Princess Diana's hairThis is not a joke, but an actual, edible product created as surreal art by Bompas & Parr.

The ingredients of their Occult Milk Jam are “milk, cream, caster sugar, Hendrick's Gin infused with a speck of Princess Diana's hair.” But if the thought of that is unsavory, they also made Absinthe & Pineapple Jam infused with sand from the Great Pyramids, and Plum & Oak Jam with wood from Nelson's ship The Victory. Via CNN:

Word of the jam that may include the golden locks of the beloved has spread globally online - with instant reactions ranging from stomach-inducing nausea, outrage of a publicity stunt or just straight confusion. Long term, Bompas hopes the public will be appreciating his creations as works of art.

Still Life with all three of Bompas & Parr's Occult Jams

We missed this installation, but since beginning with jelly-making, the studio has expanded to culinary research, architectural installations and designing immersive food experiences including an inhabitable cloud of gin and tonic and a chocolate climbing wall.

We'll take the cloud of gin, the chocolate, and a piece of toast just in case.

Sep 24 2013 10:30am

If you missed this year's Bouchercon, the international crime convention, we've brought back two fistfuls of titles with something for everyone—and even enough to share!

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[Learn more about the books...]

Sep 11 2013 8:45am

Witch finger cookiesThere are lots of versions of these out there—even necrotized zombie ones—but here are the instructions from Karen Pack's Pinterest board (thanks!) with this great picture.

Simply roll out some sugar-cookie dough into a thin line, apply an almond sliver, draw knuckles with a knife, then bake as directed. Brush with a little cocoa-powder to make the hands look dirty.

Oh, do that, please. We're peckish for elevenses already.

Sep 4 2013 8:45am

Ignoring the fact that chocolate strawberries and fire trucks don't go together, and ignoring the fact that the aforementioned fire truck image has been ripped off from, don't you think the cake decorator would have thought that adding splattered chocolate and red sprinkles and frosting might, just might, give the effect of blood splatter over your (we're sure) delicious cake?

There are just some circumstances that when faced with cake or death...we might choose death.

See this and other cake disasters at

Aug 30 2013 4:45pm

Recent surveys show that men and women have different mindsets when it comes to dieting, and apparently, not even death row can erase that disparity between the sexes. Counting calories when you’re also counting down your last days on earth wouldn’t occur to most men, but half the women who have been executed over the past 35 years have requested no last meal at all. Maybe they were too nervous to eat, or maybe they dreamed of going six feet under in a size six—nobody knows for sure. The following five women, however, chowed down just like their male counterparts before starting their permanent, state-sponsored crash diet. 


5) Teresa Lewis

At the age of 32, Teresa Lewis—who had already married and divorced as a teenager—met and married her second husband, Julian. Eight months later Julian’s adult son Charles, an Army reservist, purchased a life insurance policy with a payout of $250,000 after he was assigned a tour of duty in Iraq. Julian was named as the primary beneficiary, with Teresa as the secondary. Shortly afterward, Teresa began a sexual relationship with two college-aged men she met at a local Wal-Mart—a popular scenario from blue-collar romance novels that rarely ends well in real life. Teresa hired the men to kill both her husband and her stepson so she could collect the insurance money. The two Wal-Mart Romeos killed Julian and Charles with shotguns during a staged home invasion, but less than a week passed before Teresa confessed to orchestrating the crime. As the mastermind, she was given a death sentence and executed in 2010. Her last meal was two fried chicken breasts, sweet peas with butter, German chocolate cake, and Dr. Pepper.


[More Last Meals from Death Row's Women...]

Aug 30 2013 1:00pm

Clammed Up by Barbara Ross, the debut food cozy in the Maine Clambake Mystery seris.Clammed Up by Barbara Ross is the debut of a new cozy mystery series set in coastal Maine, featuring struggling family-businessowner Julie Snowden, a killer at a wedding party, and traditional seafood and clambake recipes (available September 3, 2013).

Clammed Up by Barbara Ross has a lot going for it. It’s a brilliantly set up and cleverly executed mystery. It’s a book that perfectly captures the sights, sounds, and feel of small-town Maine. And it contains what look to be some truly killer recipes for a number of New England culinary classics (lobster mac and cheese, anyone?).  

If I had to pick just one way to characterize it, though, it would be this:  Clammed Up by Barbara Ross is a master class in character development.

To a person, the cast members who populate Ross’ fictional town of Busman’s Harbor read like they stepped straight off the coast and onto the page. How does she accomplish this? With a variety of techniques actually. Some are simple, like this metaphor, which succeeds on almost too many levels to count:

[Get your calculators and your chowder pots!]

Aug 22 2013 8:45am

This is no way to treat family or quality bakeware. As MLive reports:

According to Cramer, she and [her niece] Meyer attended a mutual relative’s baby shower then returned to Cramer’s Kawkawlin Township residence.

A dispute erupted over some property that had previously been exchanged between the two, Cramer having lent Meyer a fish tank and Meyer having lent her niece a light-up table to entertain the children she babysits. As they argued, Meyer retrieved a 9-by-13 Pyrex casserole dish containing banana cake and brought it down on Cramer’s head, Cramer told troopers.

Cramer said her aunt struck her with the dish three times. On the third blow, the glass shattered and sent banana cake all across the kitchen floor, Cramer said.

The two wrestled on the floor until relatives separated them, court records indicate.

You're right, Angry Monkey. Uncool way to treat banana cake, too.