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Jan 19 2014 11:58pm

Sherlock and John in The Empty HearsOnce upon a time, a hero who feared losing everything—including those most dear to him, though such individuals were few and far between—died in order to bring down a criminal mastermind who had brought far too much evil into the world.  The hero was believed to have been defeated utterly by his friends, was duly mourned but never forgotten, and London life continued in all its glory and chaos.  The hero, meanwhile, descended (as heroes do) to the hellish underworld, where he was faced with many challenges along his path back to life and to redemption.  Eventually, however, after years of toil, the hero returned a changed man; and his companions rejoiced to have him back among the living, fighting the powers of darkness that beset innocent people once more.

Of course, all this happened in the year 1903.  Sherlock Holmes, a man for whom Sir Arthur Conan Doyle cherished about as much affection as he did for the clogged hair that accumulates in even the cleanest household drains, brought his world-famous detective back from the grave that year with the publication of “The Adventure of the Empty House.”  Previously, Doyle had waffled about with The Hound of the Baskervilles, claiming cattishly that Holmes wasn’t undead, he was merely starring in an earlier case, one which happened before that unfortunate incident in which a maths professor weighing about a buck twenty soaking wet nudged a martial artist and amateur boxing champion off a cliffside in Switzerland.

[Not the most dignified way for the man to go out...]

Jan 12 2014 7:00pm

In a recent interview with Digital Spy writer Catherine Earp posted on the fifth of January, BBC Sherlock’s Martin Freeman is quoted as saying of the program, “No-one is a buffoon in it, and what I really like about it is that it’s writing for grown-ups, where you're not having to cheat the audience.  I’m purely trying to play this part the way I approach everything, which is to be truthful.  I was trying to make Watson a feasible soldier, a feasible doctor.  I wanted to give him a strength and a vulnerability.”

According to the vast majority of Sherlock’s fans—even those who find co-star Benedict Cumberbatch’s cold-blooded Sherlock Holmes a bit like dry ice on the palate from time to time—Freeman’s Dr. (or Captain, depending on your mood) John Hamish Watson is one of the most feasible, strong, and indeed vulnerable Watsons we’ve yet delighted in onscreen.  Those of us preoccupied by the original character as penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (and I count myself “preoccupied” at levels approaching Captain Ahab’s enthusiasm for whales, if not quite Humbert Humbert’s interest in nymphettes) adore the Good Doctor for any number of reasons, of which kindness, bravery, and loyalty are but a few attributes nestled within a deliciously complex person.  He is a man who can bear insults with dignity and wit without ever being diminished by them, a man who can forgive his closest friend (those insults I mentioned? yep, they came from that dude) for faking his own death for a period of years, a man who can both shoot a spectral hound and help wean his best friend (that death thing and those insults I mentioned? same guy) off a drug habit that at one point threatens to “check his remarkable career.”

And it seems as if, at long last, BBC’s Sherlock Holmes is coming round to our view of the matter: John Watson is by far the best and bravest chap to wander the streets in plaid button-downs and avuncular pullovers.

Editor's note: There be episode spoilers ahead, laddies...

[Take me to the woolens and champagne...]

Nov 26 2013 9:45am

We all know that Sherlock lives, but the biggest mystery is why that caterpillar calmly resting upon John's upper lip how? It looks like Sherlock doesn't care what the affect his apparent death has had on his friends, but he is more than happy to share with the world that he is indeed living, much the same way he let the city of London's press know that Lestrade was all wrong.  What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?

Sep 20 2013 8:45am

Martin Freeman as John Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes smile over the scriptThe Season 3 premiere date is still a few months off, slated for a January 2014 airing, but Sherlock fans have something to ogle while they wait with the first official Sherlock Season 3 set photos. The photos don't give much away outside of the fact that our sleuth is indeed alive and John Watson is once again at his side at 221B Baker Street. Click here to view the rest of the revealed set photos.

In addition, we have the first two episode titles to speculate on. The first, obviously, is “The Empty Hearse” which will explain how Sherlock survived his fall, although there are already many theories out there. Like last season the creators, Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis, released three words to sum up the season: Rat, Wedding, Bow. While some bloggers have speculated that “Wedding” refers to the story, “The Noble Bacherlor,” others think it may refer to the Watson's marriage to Mary Morstan. It has also been revealed that the episode two title is “The Sign of Three,” which is similar to the story where we met Morstan in “The Sign of Four.”

Where do you see Season 3 going? What do you think of the new photos? Do you see an HEA for the serial-dater Watson?

Sep 7 2013 11:00am

Issues of the Baker Street JournalI recently met a lovely woman. She was young, and attractive, and smiling, and redheaded—in short, she seemed perfectly normal.  After about five minutes, however, I’d identified that the object cradled in her lap was an issue of the Baker Street Journal—the unbelievably specific, scholarly publication devoted exclusively to essays about the Great Detective, the periodical that embodies Christopher Morley’s remark, “Never has so much been written by so many for so few.”

She had fooled me, this effortlessly groomed and seemingly sane woman. Like calls to like, however, and I saw through her charade. Like her, I enjoy summer dresses and kitten heels. Like her, I can pass for normal. But I’d contributed to the Baker Street Journal she was holding, for the love of tumblr and all its otters. We are both Sherlockians, hardcore full-frontal triple-X Sherlockians with journal subscriptions, masquerading as… well. 

As not-nerds.

We are not quite normal, we Sherlock Holmes fanatics, supposing normalcy exists. Of late, however, there are a lot of us. There are a very, very great many, in all shapes and sizes and colors and ages, and we daily gain recruits to our geekish hordes. Brainy, you could argue, is the new sexy. Which leads me to ask two questions.

Why now?  And why Holmes?

[Let your nerd flag fly!]

Aug 23 2013 4:39pm

Miscellaneous Bullet Pointed Items, Jammed Together like Mismatched Socks!

•   Are you in the UK? Are you a fanatic for TV's Sherlock, Midsomer Murder, Miss Marple, Poirot, Inspector Morse, and Inspector Lewis? Then would you like to appear on a trivia segment for a TV show, The Crime Thriller Club? (insert shrieking here): “...each week we will be leading up to the Crime Thriller Awards to be aired on ITV3 in October... The filming will be done in our studios in Clapham, South London – we will arrange and pay for taxis for people involved. We have two filming dates the first is the 8th September (second still to be confirmed)... The idea is to bring our enthusiasts to the studio to showcase their knowledge on a particular programme in a quiz format which is currently scheduled to be at the end of the programme...”

You must e-mail the charming Hannah Wilson at Cactus TV if you're game— hannah [dot] wilson {at sign} cactustv then don't forget to end with

•    This cool TV news comes from our own Death Row blogger Ty Treadwell: “I've been invited by CNN to sit on the mock jury for the Jodi Arias sentencing phase next week on HLN After Dark, so please check it out Monday night!“ (Not sure what kind of voir dire goes into mock jury selection, but we appalud the court's wisdom.)

•   We're still swabbing off the gooey flecks of geeks who exploded upon hearing Ben Affleck will be the newest movie Batman. This news has thrilled and dismayed—we're dying to know which for you—but the some of the best ”[blank] would be better as Batman” casting choices we've heard include Tilda Swinton and a spatula. The big question: will this version of Batman whisper throughout the film, because that could get wicked annoying.

•   If all this big-and-small screen news leaves you hungry for culture, we humbly offer this moment of sexy, suave elegance. Now put a rose between your teeth and a smile in your heart, dammit—it's Friday!

Aug 19 2013 8:45am

In a total misreading of the BBC hit...or not...a South Korean channel, OCN ran trailers for Sherlock, with a little editing.

For those of you who are Sherlock and Watson shippers, you might want to tune into the OCN run of the show because who knows where else the editors will take the plot line—will Moriarty be the interloper that breaks these two apart? Is Mycroft actually an interfering, matchmaking brother? The trailers were shared late last week on Buzzfeed and I absolutley fell in love with it, right along with John and Sherlock! See the above video for two season 1 trailers with some perfect Watlock moments and a reimagining of season 2!

Jan 13 2013 6:00pm

A few Victorians, a woman with a riding crop, and the Great Mouse Detective walk into an art gallery...

It is a rare occasion that brings together 75 Sherlock Holmes aficionados, their friends, and significant others in one place, but that’s exactly what happened on January 10 at the Salmagundi Club in Manhattan for the First Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Charity Ball. To boot, it was all in the name of a good cause, benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps combat-injured soldiers, their loved ones, and care givers. It was a most appropriate charity considering the Sherlockians’ most treasured Wounded Warrior—Dr. John Watson. 

The event was hosted by the Baker Street Babes, and it had the distinction of being the biggest collection of Babes in one place since the women behind the popular podcast are spread out around the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe (with several here in New York, including our very own Lyndsay Faye).

[Let the deductions (and charitable giving!) begin!]

Jul 8 2012 11:00am

Crime fighters range from the absolutely well-dressed to those who can’t even manage to get the crumbs off their shirts. Can you imagine Magnum without his Hawaiian shirts or Columbo without his trench coat? Clothes make the detective, or help turn an ordinary character into an icon.  Below you’ll find the Crime Fighter Fashion Awards, the good, the bad, and the super sloppy.

The Watchman by Robert Crais featuring Joe PikeDon’t Mess with Me Award

Winner: Joe Pike from the books of Robert Crais.

Joe Pike always wears his sunglasses— always—so you can never see his eyes, but the real fashion choice that delineates his character is the famous red arrow tattoos on his arms. His natural scowl and man-of-few-words-style doesn’t hurt either.

Honorable Mention: Ranger from the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich.

Ranger might have made it to number one, but since we always see him through Stephanie’s eyes, his description is always a bit biased. According to Stephanie, “Ranger only wears black, smells warm and sexy and is one hundred percent pure perfectly toned muscle. He gets his dark complexion and liquid brown eyes from Cuban ancestors.”

Kyra Sedgwick as Brenda Leigh Johnson with her huge purse in TNT’s The CloserMost Feminine Wardrobe

Winner: Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, The Closer.

Instead of hiding her femininity to succeed in the male dominated world of law enforcement, southern belle Brenda Leigh Johnson wields it like a weapon. Pastel colors, flouncy flowery skirts, and twin sets make for a wardrobe that helps her lull suspects into a false sense of security while she wrings confessions out of them. And of course there is the fabulous big black bag that she carries everywhere fit to hold Twinkies and hand guns alike.

**Wouldn’t you like to have an amazing purse like Brenda Leigh’s? Keep reading, because you can win one right here!

[Bring on that Bottomless Black Bag. It’s Criminally Fashionable!]

May 21 2012 11:45pm

Sherlock and The Reichenbach Fall Benedict CumberbatchAren’t ordinary people adorable?
 —Jim Moriarty to Sherlock Holmes

You know the type he means: the ones who are certain that good is good, bad is bad, and dead is dead. Truly adorable, those gullible, fallible creatures.

Moriarty would keep them as pets. And Sherlock? Well Sherlock is facing a bit of dilemma over this ordinary people thing. At one time he’d have agreed readily with Moriarty. Problem is, he’s coming to realize that ordinary people—the ones who actually feel; the ones who actually care—aren’t necessarily inferior. They have their uses; even their advantages (although he’s loath to admit it). That’s never been as clear to him as it is in “The Reichenbach Fall,” the final episode of Sherlock series 2 on PBS’s Masterpiece Mystery.

As Sherlock goes head-to-head (brain-to-brain?) with his archnemesis Moriarty, the ordinary people in the drama provide us with the landmarks we need to find our way through. We identify with them. We understand them. And we recognize their strengths.

[Oh, the humanity!]

May 18 2012 9:45am

More mash-up goodness! Sherlock, Watson, Mulder, and Scully investigate...

May 14 2012 7:30pm

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock HolmesA 20-year-old disappearance.  A monstrous hound. Wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Literally climbing the walls—or at least the furniture—for lack of a case (it’s positively been minutes since his last one!) Sherlock is bored /nonplussed/ repelled /intrigued by the scenario Henry Knight presents to him: 20 years earlier, Henry’s father was mauled to death by a “gigantic hound” at a place called Dewar’s Hollow. Henry, just a little boy at the time, saw the whole thing happen. Now he’s gone back to visit the site—on the advice of his therapist, no less—and he’s seen the hound again. If he’s to unravel this mystery and come to terms with his childhood trauma, he’ll need more than a shrink to help him: he’ll need Sherlock Holmes.

Upon a nanosecond’s reflection, Sherlock agrees to take the case, and before you can say “weekend in the country,” he and Watson are off to the wilds of Dartmoor in the picturesque county of Devon.

[Emphasis on “wilds” . . .]

May 7 2012 7:00pm

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman“What are you typing?”
“A blog”
“You mean me.”
“You’re typing
a lot.”

Sherlock and Watson (as if you couldn’t guess).

As we begin Season 2 of Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery, Holmes has become an Internet phenomenon. He’s learning to deal with the fame.

Meanwhile, my friends at CrimeHQ have presented me with the monumental task of blogging about the new series of Sherlock airing on PBS this month.

Monumental for two reasons:

1) The deeply Sherlockian, immensely talented Lyndsay Faye watched the U.K. feed of Sherlock Season 2 and provided commentary here. With my limited knowledge of the Arthur Conan Doyle/Sherlock Holmes canon, there is no way I can surpass her insights. (Here’s what she said about “A Scandal in Belgravia.”)

2) I’m dazzled by “A Scandal in Belgravia” (Season 2, Episode 1) and I’m still trying to sort it all out. If Dr. Watson has trouble keeping up, where does that leave me?

With those caveats in place, I commence.

[Yes, do get on with it. . .]

May 4 2012 9:45am

Yes, I really did name my puppy after Sherlock Holmes’s assistant Watson. And yes, this was an excuse to look at pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch without his shirt. Enjoy.

Apr 29 2012 1:00pm

Sherlock has seen a few different incarnations lately. I’m mostly thinking about the modernization with the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and the action hero we see in Robert Downey Jr.’s Holmes and soon Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu will enter the Sherlock universe. But there’s one more new Sherlock that will join the ranks—Indian Sherlock.

While the movie so far is being called The Indian Sherlock it’s looking more like Sherlock-esque detecting in modern India. The way the character is described he’s not really going to be anything like the Sherlock we’ve come to know and love—quite the opposite. According to a NY Daily News article our Indian Sherlock, Vish Puri, is “portly, persistent and unmistakably Punjabi.”

Now to some, that name might sound familiar. That’s because he is. The screenplay for The Indian Sherlock, is based on the novels by Tarquin Hall.

The man producers hope to play Vish Puri, Anil Kapoor, is a semi-familiar face outside of the Indian film industry as he was in 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire. Anand Tucker is the director behind The Indian Sherlock and is equally familiar to American audiences as he directed Leap Year and Shop Girl a few years back.

There seem to be a lot of variables still up in the air about this particular Sherlock movie, but it’s definitely got us thinking! What about you? What do you think about a Holmes away from Baker Street?

Jennifer Proffitt is a Midwest transplant to New York City. She spends most of her time reading and writing about romance and watching crime shows, but you can follow her other adventures on Twitter @JennProffitt.

Read all Jennifer Proffitt’s posts on Criminal Element.

Apr 27 2012 2:00pm

A few weeks ago we presented to you the Cumberb-otter sensation. Now we’re gearing up for a whole new season of Sherlock on PBS in just about a week and as we prepared our pipes and hunting hats, we happened to Google Sherlock and what to our wondering eyes should appear but... Sherlock pick-up lines. It tickled us so much that we thought we’d share a few here. Give us your best Sherlock Pick-Up Lines in the comments!

[I would follow you anywhere, even with a psychosomatic limp.]

Apr 16 2012 1:00pm

Sorry, this sweepstakes has ended.

Stay tuned on our Sweepstakes page for more offers!

Sherlock Season 1 from the BBC and Masterpiece MysteryClick here to enter for a chance to win!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE DOES NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING. You must be 18 or older and a legal resident of the 50 United States or D.C. to enter. Promotion begins April 16, 2012, at 12 pm ET, and ends April 23, 2012, 11:59 am ET. Void in Puerto Rico and wherever prohibited by law. Click here for details and official rules.

[About the prize...]

Apr 13 2012 9:45am

Friday the 13th could prove lucky for you! Sure, there’s intentional crossover between crime and horror, but during Undead April, we thought it would be grody-good fun to combine zombies with some of our site’s other favorite themes. For that, where else could we turn but to geekdom’s geniuses at that mecca of mash-ups, Draw2D2?  Our first fan-tastic offering is by artist Jason Welborn and shows Sherlock’s Team Freebatch confronting the zombie horde. Text Message: splatter.

Oh, yes, it is awesome, measured in megatonnage. But if you’ve gone all clammy-palmed and covetous, let us not delay mentioning someone will win it from us! For your chance to win a copy of this original work (hi-res, poster or portrait-sized, your choice), comment on this post and tell us the perfect place to hang this masterpiece! We’ll pick one winner at random.

This sweepstakes has ended. For current opportunities, see our Sweepstakes feature page.

To enter for a chance to win the original fan art of “Sherlock Meets Zombies” by Jason Welborn, make sure you’re a registered member of the site and then simply leave a comment below.

NOTE: Only comments from registered users will be tabulated—so if your user name appears in red above your comment—STOP—go log in, and try commenting again. If your username appears in black above your comment, you’re in!

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Apr 8 2012 12:30pm

Sherlock as Lego HeroGenius can be dangerous. Who understands that better than the Great Detective?

If you haven’t yet seen Season 2 of BBC’s Sherlock, watching the incredible video below—where a critical 9 minutes of the season’s final episode “The Reichenbach Fall” are re-enacted with the original soundtrack and Legos—will be the most GIANT SPOILER you could have INFLICTED UPON YOURSELF *

*For those already prepped who watched, magnificent, isn’t it?!

The three episodes which make up Season 2 of Sherlock will air for the first time in the U.S. on PBS stations, beginning May 6th, so not much longer now!  And if you can’t safely watch this Lego masterpiece (yet), below is a consolation trailer from Masterpiece Mystery that’s COMPLETELY UNSPOILED, and still exciting, FOR ALL VIEWERS.

Hat tips: Lyndsay Faye and Baker Street Babes.

Mar 21 2012 9:45am

Benedict Cumberbatch and otters share remarkable similarities...

You know, that Sherlock Holmes is one weaseley little character. Always ferreting out the bad guy and such. Never one to be skunked when he is on the job, Sherlock is always there with his friend and flat-mate, John Watson.

Okay, I think all the bad puns are out of our system now. I hope the above picture brought as much enjoyment to your morning as it did to ours here at Crime HQ.  If you want to see even more Cumberbatch/Otter comparisons, be sure and check out tumblr user Red Scharlach who put this all together. And if you haven’t gotten enough of our furry, semi-aquatic neighbors, be sure and check out Criminal Element’s own otter-themed cozy mystery ideas.

And if it’s the less-furry, predatory mammal that has your attention, check out our collected articles about BBC’s New Sherlock.